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Proteobacteria Don’t Burp?

Posted by feww on August 25, 2010

BP GOM Oil Plumes Spinning Out of Sight

Fast-eating species of microbes ate a Manhattan-sized oil plume spewed from BP Macondo well: Report


“The micro-organisms were apparently stimulated by the massive oil spill that began in April, and they degraded the hydrocarbons so efficiently that the plume is now undetectable, said Terry Hazen of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,” according to a dubious report.


Which one of you greedy guys ate all the oil?

Original caption: This undated handout image shows microbes (C) degrading oil (upper right) in the deepwater plume from the BP oil spill in the Gulf, a study by Berkeley Lab researchers has shown. Credit: Reuters/Hoi-Ying Holman Group

Is this serendipstickity or what? How about another  “independent” report to back this fantastic news up?

WORRY NOT! The intrepid NOAA scientists, having started a 3-week mission on August 18,  are conducting their Operation Dip**** [Dipstick.]

“We’re looking for hydrocarbons to see how things in the deepwater column are changing,” Tom Weber, chief scientist aboard the 35-meter boat Pisces, said. “Ever since the well has been capped, we haven’t seen that much.”


So the other scientists who don’t work directly for the govt must be lying!!!

University of Georgia researchers have reported that more than 75 percent the oil from the Macondo well disaster still lurks below the water in the Gulf of Mexico and threatens the ecosystem.

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UNEP ‘Sick Water’ Report: Corporate Trap

Posted by feww on March 23, 2010

News Agency Comes to the Aid of UNEP

If you thought news agencies are supposed to report news, rather than protect the ‘Matrix,’ you’d be right, of course.

And your next thought ought to be: Where did they get their information  from?

Previously Fire-Earth briefly mentioned about the new UNEP report titled Sick Water? and pointed out the huge error made on the report’s ‘Joint Statement’ page, which was signed by Achim Steiner, Executive Director, UNEP AND  Anna Tibaijuka, Executive Director, UN-HABITAT .  The Blog commented:

UNEP must clarify why they made such a huge error, otherwise their report is not worth the billions of tons of sewage and waste that are being dumped in the world’s waterways each and every day of the year.

Header of the Joint Statement page in UNEP Sick Water?

Full Page. Click to enlarge.

Within hours of posting SICK WATER? on this blog, elements within Reuters news agency came to the aid of their party:

Top portion of Reuters report: Waste water kills millions of children, pollutes sea. Text may be subject to copyright.

Full Page. Click to enlarge.

Moderators searched through the 88-page UNEP report, but did not find any information to support what Reuters had suggested:

In a report entitled “Sick Water” for World Water Day, UNEP said the two million tonnes of waste, which contaminates over two billion tonnes of water daily, had left huge “dead zones” that choke coral reefs and fish.

This begs the following questions:

1. What is the source of information used by the Reuters reporters?

2. If the source was NOT UNEP, which clearly could NOT have been, why is Reuters using external information to paraphrase the inaccurate UNEP report, which is meant to be the authority on the issue?

Isn’t it true that UNEP intentionally provided inaccurate figures to discredit own report on behalf of its friends?

As for the Reuters report, NOT even remotely close!

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