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NASA: Not Another Shameful Admission

Posted by feww on September 19, 2007

NASA re-doctored data (again!) after they were exposed by Fire Earth yesterday!

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NASA’s minimum ozone figure of 173 DU (Dobson Units) for September 15 (see updated graph above) remains wildly inaccurate and misleading. Fire Earth estimate for the minimum ozone on September 15 is in the range of 95-105 DU.

The minimum stratospheric temperature, which is marked at 183K, may have been doctored to account for the sudden rise in the minimum ozone on September 15.

NASA is under enormous pressure to prove Montreal Protocol has been “a resounding success,” despite the fact that the Antarctic ozone hole keeps on growing!

“The goal now is to ensure that CFCs and other emissions continue to fall to below the levels that produce an ozone hole,” said Goddard’s Anne Douglass, the deputy project scientist for Aura. “This won’t happen until about 2070.”

The taxpayers and their representatives (as if they had anything to do with anything) are reminded that at least 95% of all NASA ‘scientific’ activities could be carried out accurately, honestly and responsibly at a fraction of their enormous current budget (and without involving

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NASA Practices Extreme Voodoo

Posted by feww on September 18, 2007

Here we go again! NASA’s latest frantic attempt at Voodoo to make the Antarctic Ozone Hole disappear!

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NASA’s Re-Doctored Data: More “Acceptable!”

Posted by feww on September 12, 2007

Having sounded the alarm bell on detecting the flagrant anomaly in NASA’s data for the Antarctic Ozone Hole, FEWW is happy to announce that NASA has now re-doctored its data to make it look more “acceptable!”

Below images show the doctored, “Before,” and re-doctored, “After,” computer generated graphics for the Antarctic Ozone Hole on September 7, 2007.


Now you see it! Now you don’t!

Before: The Antarctic Ozone Hole shrank by 11 million sq km (4,248,940 squared miles), a 45.8% reduction, on September 7, 2007.

After: The Antarctic Ozone Hole (for September 7, 2007), after FEWW screamed bloody murder, grew by 11 million sq km (an increase of 84.6%) on September 11, 2007.


And the 64 billion dollar question why NASA attempted to “fix” the ozone hole:

Cui bono? Who benefits from NASA’s disinformation about the Environment?

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NASA’s Ozone Hole Data Doctored?

Posted by feww on September 10, 2007

What’s Wrong With NASA’s Antarctic Ozone Hole Data?

Current entries: Ozone Hole Watch!

Previous data:  July 1979 – Present

NASA’s Antarctic Ozone Hole Data

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