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Catastrophic Superstorm to Smash into Britain Shortly

Posted by feww on February 7, 2014



Gigantic Atlantic storm to crash into Britain in a few hours

Britain braces for possibly the worst ever hurricane-force winds and extreme rain events.

atlantic superstorm about to strike britain
An Atlantic Superstorm packing major hurricane force winds of 240+km/hr is about to smash into Britain in the next few hours [Image Source:]

More Intense than the Great Storm of 1987

Forecasters say the superstrom about to hit Britain is more intense than the Great Storm of 1987, which left at least 22 people dead in Britain and France, causing substantial damage over much of England, and uprooting an estimated 15 million trees.

Giant Waves

Colossal storm surges generating 25-meter waves are forecast to bury coastal areas along the entire west coast this weekend triggering unprecedented flooding and widespread destruction.

UK Met Office

The UK Met Office said: “An Atlantic frontal system will bring a band of rain quickly eastwards during Friday night and early Saturday, with the heaviest rain again likely to be across parts of southern England, followed in turn by heavy showers.”

“Winds will also be a feature during Friday night and Saturday with severe gales possible around coasts in the south and southwest of England.The low pressure system is expected to sweep past the Irish coast on Saturday before smashing into the UK.“The deep area of low pressure will move east into Ireland during Saturday,” said the Met Office.

“Severe gales [are] likely to develop on the southern flank, with parts of southwest England and coastal districts bordering the Bristol Channel and English Channel bearing the brunt of the strongest winds, particularly through Saturday afternoon and evening.

“These winds will also whip up large waves over the eastern Atlantic which will affect southwest facing coasts during Saturday.”

“Weather forecasters say the exceptional low pressure driving the storm threatens to whip up gales which could exceed 100mph – way off the Beaufort scale,” said a report.


In November 2009,  EDRO/FIRE-EARTH Models showed climate change could directly affect about half the UK population within 3 to 5  years. Our Forecast and most of the links posted below have since been filtered, censored, blocked or buried by Google, WordPress and others.

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Defective Roman Gene Responsible for Higher HIV Rates?

Posted by feww on September 4, 2008

Roman Empire ‘raised HIV threat’

BBC News Bulletin – September 4, 2008

The spread of the Roman Empire through Europe could help explain why those living in its former colonies are more vulnerable to HIV.

The claim, by French researchers, is that people once ruled by Rome are less likely to have a gene variant which protects against HIV.

This includes England, France, Greece and Spain, New Scientist reports.

Roman marble statue of Apollo from the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. The god is depicted with his attributes, the lyre and the sacred snake Python. The tree trunk around which the snake is wrapped is inscribed with the words “Apollonios made it”. Circa 150 AD, restored c. 1790. Item number IN 1632.

Copyleft: Credit: ChrisO.


Others argue the difference is linked to a far larger event, such as the spread of bubonic plague or smallpox.

The idea that something carried by the occupying Romans could have a widespread influence on the genes of modern Europeans comes from researchers at the University of Provence.

They say that the frequency of the variant corresponds closely with the shifting boundaries of the thousand-year empire.

In countries inside the borders of the empire for longer periods, such as Spain, Italy and Greece, the frequency of the CCR5-delta32 gene, which offers some protection against HIV, is between 0% and 6%.

Countries at the fringe of the empire, such as Germany, and modern England, the rate is between 8% and 11.8%, while in countries never conquered by Rome, the rate is greater than this.

Legionnaire’s disease

However, the researchers do not believe that the genetic difference is due to Roman soldiers or officials breeding within the local population – history suggests this was not particularly widespread, and that invading and occupying armies could have been drawn not just from Italy but from other parts of the empire.

Instead, they say that the Romans may have introduced a disease to which people with the CCR5-Delta32 variant were particularly susceptible. This tallies with some other theories of why some have the gene variant, and some do not.

Researchers at the University of Liverpool had suggested that the variant could have offered protection against pandemics such as the Black Death which swept Europe on a regular basis during and after the Roman era.

These, said the Liverpool researchers, were viral illnesses which were lethal to people without the gene variant, raising its frequency from one in 20,000 people to approximately 10% in Northern Europe.

Dr Susan Scott, one of the researchers, said that the idea of Roman occupation being the driving force behind this was another theory to be considered.

“We just don’t know. This is just another piece of the jigsaw, but we’re waiting for the big piece of evidence which will solve this.”

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