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Killing Life in Beijing

Posted by feww on March 26, 2014


‘The great virtue of Heaven and Earth is creating life’  —I Ching

China issued a “yellow alert” yesterday amid 5th consecutive day of deadly air pollution in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Provinc . Beijing AQI reached a peak of of 417 at 11:00 am local time on Wednesday.

“Foggy weather will appear in north China and areas along the Yellow and Huaihe rivers, while some parts of Beijing and Tianjin, and the provinces of Hebei, Shandong and Liaoning will see heavy air pollution until Wednesday morning, the National Meteorological Center (NMC) said on Tuesday,” Xinhua reported.

“Yellow” is the 2nd lowest [despite the life-threatening smog] of a four-tier alert system—red, orange, yellow, blue—indicating the severity of air pollution.

The reoccurring heavy smog episodes have been described as “Apocalyptic” by Beijing residents.

beijing aqi 26-03-14
AQI for Beijing and surrounding areas. Source:

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Winter Olympics: With Glowing Hearts Burning to CO2 and Soot

Posted by feww on February 16, 2010

Olympics: Recurring Environmental Holocaust!

What part of sustainability do people find difficult to understand?

XXI Olympic Winter Games, or the 21st Winter Olympics, is an commercial global media event held on February 12–28, 2010, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The operating budget for the Vancouver Organizing Committee is about $1.6 billion.

How Many and How Much?

  • About 2,630 “athletes” have attended the games
  • So did another 5,000 officials, coaches, trainers, referees, doctors, performance enhancing drugs experts…
  • Also 10,000 reporters, photographers and other media representatives
  • Up to 2 million people from 80 countries could visit Vancouver during the games
  • Worldwide TV audience to exceed 3 billion

Carbon Footprint for the 21st Winter Olympics: ~ 1.8MMT of CO2

[Note the Carbon FT is based on (i) about 1 million attendances from US  and Canada, (ii) 1/2 million attendances from other countries, and (iii) operating budget and venue development of about $2billion.]

A 2010 Winter Olympics Logo. Image may be subject to copyright. See Fair Use Notice.

There’s nothing to stop true athletes from competing locally and using existing technology to compare results.

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