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Finnish Oil Spill Threatens Baltic Coast

Posted by feww on March 30, 2009

Naantali Oil Spill Spoils Åland Islands

Oil from Sunday’s spill near Naantali, south-western Finland, has drifted as far as the Åland Islands. Officials suspect that it leaked from one or more ships. Image: YLE Uutisgrafiikka. Image may be subject to copyright.

Location Map. Image credit: For licensing details click here.

A long slick of light fuel oil extending for more than 100km has been detected off southwestern Finland in the Baltic archipelago, according to officials.

It’s believed that ship traffic was the likely source of the spill because of the  slick’s location which in shipping lanes stretching from the port of Naantali to the Åland Islands.

“The oil is in the ice, but it has not hit shore yet,” Reijo Salminen, a local fire brigade chief, said.

he added that the oil sightings began in Naantali and ran parallel to a shipping lane to Ledsund, located south of the Åland Islands,  local media reported.

“The oil that found its way into the sea is either fuel oil or diesel oil. It floats on the surface and evaporates quickly, therefore not contaminating sites as badly as heavy oil does,” he added.

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Misogynist Finland: How did our colleague know?

Posted by feww on September 25, 2008

Eight of the ten Finnish massacre victims were female!

A 9th woman was seriously wounded in the shooting

Soon after our colleague TERRES posted Misogynist [coldhearted, sad] Finland: Torn Apart by Violence [and Vodka,] we received a few private emails asking whether we knew the sex of the victims. We didn’t. But we knew how the fiendish mind of the misogynist Finn worked.

The following day, September 24, 2008, we read in the CNN report Finnish police identify massacre victims that 8 of the 10  victims were in fact female students whose bodies were burnt beyond recognition.

The other two victims were a male student and a male teacher, the report said.

The gunman—identified by authorities as Matti Juhani Saari—reportedly shot himself in the head.

Had he been slightly more intelligent, he could have saved a lot of pain and heartache for the victims families by pulling the trigger in the correct sequence, i.e., shooting himself in the brain first!

Matti Juhani Saari – He could have earned himself a posthumous medal by shooting himself first!

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How Do You Say ‘Duck-n-Cover’ in Finnish?

Posted by feww on January 20, 2008

World’s Most Powerful Nuclear Power Plant Under Construction at Olkiluoto [At least 2 years behind schedule; US$1.5billion over budget!]

Finland’s Prime Minister recently declared: “I don’t see that nuclear plants can be a global answer [to climate change.]” He added: “It can not be the only answer.”

Is he pained, frustrated and bitter because just a few days ago his country’s biggest power plant had a reactor scram [rapid emergency shutdown of a nuclear reactor] due to the “wrong” type of ice blocking the cooling system inflow (see below)? OR does he whine and lament because Finland’s Olkiluoto 3, their fifth nuke plant, is at least 2 years behind schedule and about 22 percent, €700million (~ US$1billion), over budget (and that doesn’t include the cost of decommissioning)?

Production cost of electricity from the 1600MW Olkiluoto 3 plant? Take a guess, any figure higher than US$4,000/kW could do. [That would be pure speculation, of course!]

TVO Press Release 5 January, 2008

[quote] Production break at the Olkiluoto 2 unit

The Olkiluoto power plant unit OL2 had a reactor scram this morning when frazil ice at the sea water intake screens weakened sea water flow. Warm water is circulated to the intake channel to melt down frazil ice. During the production break also other prepair work will be done at the unit and the unit is expected to be reconnected to the main grid on Sunday.

The incident did not have any safety or environmental impacts.

For further information, please, contact:

Mr Mikko Kosonen, Senior Vice President, Production,
tel. + 358 50 358 9266.

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[Updated January 20, 2008]

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