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‘I fight for Merkel’

Posted by feww on April 22, 2010

Submitted by a reader

Quotes of the Week:

“Why are we fighting in Afghanistan?”

As four more German soldiers are killed, and five others critically injured in Afghanistan last week, the German troops are asking their leader, “why are we fighting in Afghanistan?”

Some troops are now wearing a badge that reads:

‘I fight for Merkel’

At least 43 German troops have been killed and dozens more maimed/injured since they joined the foreign occupation forces in Afghanistan in 2002.

‘I fight for Merkel’ badge worn by some of the German troops in Afghanistan to protest their presence in that country.  Source:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her husband, posing with the War-Racketeer-in-Chief President B.O. and his spouse in Rathouse, Baden-Baden, Germany.

Germany’s National Zeitgeist: 80 percent of Germans want their troops to exit Obama’s War on Afghanistan

Some other  related quotes:

Bild Zeitung, Germany’s largest daily:

“They want the Chancellor, their ultimate boss, to finally find the clear words to put the war against the Taliban into black and white.”

My party has “growing doubts” about German presence in Afghanistan, said Ottmar Schreiner, a member of the opposition Social Democratic Party (SPD). “If things haven’t improved in Afghanistan by next year then I don’t see where a majority for a new extension of the mandate is going to come from.”

The Financial Times Deutschland:

“With every dead German soldier in Afghanistan, the calls for an immediate withdrawal grow louder. This reflex shows that the German public is still not clear about the character of the mission.

“The politicians are largely to blame. Since the beginning of the mission eight years ago they suppressed a realistic description of the situation… Deaths, injuries, battles and heavy weaponry — none of these suit the picture that was painted back then.”

Germany’s Berliner Zeitung:

“Why are German soldiers in Afghanistan at all? As the chancellor and her government are still sticking to the military mission there it is their duty to explain it. But she has failed to do so.

“This can be explained by her basic attitude – it is only worth talking about problems when they become virulent.

“In the case of Afghanistan this is particularly catastrophic. Because the government has failed to make its case in what is the biggest foreign policy and security policy challenge in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany.”

Germany is finally at war with its conscience. Obama’s America is yet to look up the word in a dictionary.

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