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Haiti: Let Them Eat High Energy Biscuits

Posted by feww on January 19, 2010

Haiti Quake Disaster Update – Day 7

Bill Clinton’s New Assistant to Help Raise [and Divert] Haiti Quake Relief Funds

Can you believe this?

How could G.W. Bush be pathologically capable of doing good?

As the “former tenants of the White House” Join forces eying quake relief  funds that are being raised for Haiti, a news report confirmed yesterday that up to 40,000 high energy biscuits had been distributed among the two or so million starved residents of Port-au-Prince.

A Brief summary of events on Day 7 of Haiti quake :

Looters and scavengers are attacking any place they can find food, clothes, toys or other goods, then fighting over the loot among themselves.

Hungry, frustrated crowds are swarming locations used by the UN, U.S. military and international relief agencies, pleading for food, water and jobs, Reuters reported. “Jordanian peacekeepers kicked Haitians and fired in the air over a crowd clamoring outside the Port-au-Prince airport, witnesses said.”

Let Them Go Back to Africa

As various countries promised more cash the President of the African country of Senegal suggested that African nations should give Haitians the opportunity to resettle in “the land of their ancestors”.

“Africa should offer Haitians the chance to return home. It is their right,” Wade has reportedly said on his website.

Local media in Senegal quoted the officials as saying the West African country was willing to allocate fertile land to Haitians, Reuters reported.

“We haven’t moved for four days, only God knows how long we can survive like this, but there are no jobs and no houses,”  a single mother with four children, sheltering at one improvised camp said, Reuters reported.

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Let’s Bulldoze Port-au-Prince, If We Really Care!

Posted by feww on January 18, 2010

Haiti Quake – Update 18 January

UN boss urges starving Haitians to be patient

The worst thing that can now happen to Haiti in the short term is for another major disaster to strike elsewhere in the world.

United Nations Boss pleads with a couple of million  starved survivors to be patient merely five days after the quake struck (!)

Banki Moon visited UN mission, where at least 37 UN staff were killed after the quake struck, and some 300 workers are still missing.

“I appeal to the Haitian people to be more patient,” Mr Moon said, wondering if he might be attacked by mobs of starved, homeless survivors outside the mission.

Relief has reportedly only started to trickle through five days after the quake struck.

But no sooner a food distribution point is set up, the aid workers are mobbed with swarms of starving survivors.

A Partial Picture of the Haiti Quake Aftermath:

  • Most of up to 2 million hungry survivors are roaming streets of partially destroyed Port-au-Prince looking for food or anything they could swap for food.
  • The Haitian government is Not functioning.
  • There are no restaurants, shops, markets or the likes where people could buy food, assuming  the survivors had any money with them.
  • The level of violence amog the frustrated survivors is increasing.
  • UN has launched a near $600m appeal intended to help about three million people for up to six months, though it doesn’t seem to have any plans on how to use the money.
  • Very many people could die of starvation and gang violence, and a few would benefit handsomely from the aid money.
  • “The Haitian airport now is overwhelmed,” said a senior UN Peacekeeping Operations officer.
  • Fuel is desperately needed to carry aid from the airport, help the wounded and restore [even partial] order in the capital city, but it’s in short supply.
  • Three Haitian ministers and a half dozen senators are reported to have been killed.
  • “There are no doctors, no surgeons. I was supposed to get delivery this morning of medical supplies from abroad, but they never arrived. On my own, I cannot even cope with the toilet arrangements for all these people.”  The sole trainee-nurse at the Port-au-Prince’s General Hospital told Reuters.
  • The nurse said she had run out of  supplies, antibiotics and pain killers.


“The aftermath of Haiti quake catastrophe

“IF you regard the Haiti quake as a “natural” disaster, and the blog has previously made its position clear about the impact of human activity on natural disasters, then you must consider the aftermath of the quake as a human-made disaster.

“It’s hard to imagine how Port-au-Prince, and therefore Haiti, could survive the aftermath of the quake catastrophe.

“IF the United Nations, the United States and EU care about Haiti, and it’s difficult NOT to be highly skeptical, they they should bulldoze the old Port-au-Prince into the ground and help those of the Haitians who care about the future to build sustainable communities.

” And remember, we believe the first wave of the world’s collapsing cities may have already started.”

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Haiti Quake Disaster [Update 17 Jan]

Posted by feww on January 17, 2010

Fight Over Food!

Looters Reign in Haiti Quake Aftermath

A looter holds a knife as he fights for products after Tuesday’s earthquake in Port-au-Prince January 16, 2010.  Credit: REUTERS/Carlos Barria. Image may be subject to copyright. Reuters image gallery.

More than 100 hours after the massive earthquake destroyed large areas of the capital, Port-au-Prince, up to two million Haitians are still without help.

For many of the survivors, food, water and shelter remain high priorities. Their very survival is at stake. Fighting for what little scraps of food they can find.

Sporadic looting, which occurred almost immediately after the earthquake dust had settled, now appears be widening as survivors become even more desperate.

“On the city’s shattered main commercial boulevard near the port, hundreds of looters swarmed over the wreckage of stores, carrying off T-shirts, bags, toys and anything else they could find. Fighting broke out between groups of looters carrying knives, ice-picks, hammers and rocks.” Reuters reported.

As our colleagues in EDRO predicted two years ago, as a city nears collapse most of its inhabitants abandon the place  and head for other population centers.

“Even as aid poured into Port-au-Prince airport, thousands of Haitians streamed out of the city on foot with suitcases on their heads or jammed in cars to find food, water and shelter in the countryside and flee aftershocks as well as violence.” Reuters reported.

Just how many dead?

FEWW’s initial estimate of the dead and injured was pegged at twenty thousand (20,000) victims. The Moderators haven’t observed any evidence to suggest their estimate is grossly inaccurate.

Yet the Haiti ruling lords, continue to claim they have buried more than 50,000 victims (dead victims, hopefully), about a quarter to a half of the final toll [sic], without a shred of evidence to substantiate their ridiculous claim. There’s NO evidence, of course, because there can’t be any. Their claim is physically impossible.

The 50,000 figure first surfaced on day 3  after the quake struck. Given the initial state of shock, most (99%) of the dead bodies must have been “collected” and buried on the the third day. It would also mean that:

  • Fifty percent of the victims who were killed by the collapsing buildings, where thrown out of the rubble [sic.] No digging was necessary to recover their corpses.
  • The corpses of between a quarter and a half of all the earthquake victims were recovered and buried within 72 hours [sic] after the quake struck.

Given the decayed state of Haitian infrastructure and the government’s total inability (NO inference drawn to the theological doctrine) to deal with emergencies in the past, the claim is a physical impossibility.

Haitian authorities must realize that there are an average of about 15 different, but easily calculable, physical parameters  associated with each and every step of the scenario implied by their claim.

For anyone with a short memory, the initial estimates of the casualties after Hurricane Katrina struck were pegged at a minimum of 10,000 dead. The actual number of the dead were less than 1,900.

Why do TV Networks and Multinational News  Corporation Go Along with Govt Figures?

The truth is they have too much at stake. TV ad networks like ZNN have a whole army of reporters, disaster ‘experts,’ producers and production crew committed to the disaster area and are making a meal of it. The number of casualties is directly proportional to their audience numbers.

The extent of disaster, of course, must not be underestimated. The poverty stricken nation of Haiti needs all the help it can get.

According to various news reports:

  • Several incidents of violent looting has occurred in Port-au-Prince. “It’s anarchy there now, total chaos, the police have gone away [and the people] are fighting, hitting each other, throwing stones at each other.” Reuters photographer Carlos Barria was quoted as saying.
  • Mobs armed with hammers ice-picks, knives, machetes and rocks were fighting over just about any  items they could find in collapsed houses, shops and garages.

“The scene an hour’s drive west of Port-au-Prince is apocalyptic. Almost every single building on the road I’m driving on now has been flattened.” A BBC report said.

Yet their 2-minute video only showed what appeared to be a collapsed building, several houses and garages with their roofs intact, a squashed bicycle and a woman who claimed both her legs were broken, as she laid comfortably chatting the reporter.

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Haiti Quake Aftermath [Update 16 Jan]

Posted by feww on January 16, 2010

Politics of Corruption Worse than the Earthquake

“We have already collected around 50,000 dead bodies. We anticipate there will be between 100,000 and 200,000 dead in total, although we will never know the exact number,” Interior Minister Paul Antoine Bien-Aime told Reuters.

In 3  days without a single organized team and with no heavy earth moving equipment?

Does this follow the “If you don’t believe me, go count the bodies for yourself!” line of proof?

NO WAY, Mr Minister!

About 40,000 bodies have been buried in mass graves, Reuters quoted the Secretary of State for Public Safety Aramick Louis as saying.

Well that’s a discount of 20 percent, but isn’t it a massive jump in less than 24 hrs from the very rough figure of 7,000 your president had quoted?

FEWW Moderators estimate that between nil to 50 bodies were buried one day after the quake struck. In the second day between  a few  to 200 bodies, and in the third day up to 700 corpses may have been dumped in mass graves.

Chaos: Worse than Earthquake

A man points a gun at the crowd while standing on the rubble of a store in Port-au-Prince, January 15, 2010. Credit: REUTERS/Kena Betancur. Image may be subject to copyright. For more image from Reuters click here.

About 4,500 inmates have escaped an over-crowded Haitian prison. Among the escapees are murderers, rapists and dangerous criminals who are presumed to be armed and dangerous.

Gangs of armed robbers had begun preying on vulnerable survivors “living in makeshift camps on sidewalks and streets strewn with rubble and decomposing bodies, as quake aftershocks rippled through the hilly neighborhoods.” Reuters reported.

More Highlights of Reports of Haiti Quake Aftermath:

“We are sending our police into areas where bandits are starting to operate. Some people are robbing, are stealing. That is wrong … The people in the refugee places, once they do not find food and assistance, they are getting angry and upset. Our message to everyone is to stay calm.” Aramick Louis was quoted as saying.

But, how could they stay calm, when most of the survivors haven’t had much, if anything to eat for more than 80 hours?

No Water

At least eight hospitals and medical clinics in Port-au-Prince had collapsed or were otherwise unable to provide any service due to quake damage.

“We have no supplies. We need surgical gloves, antibiotics, antiseptic, disinfectant. We have nothing. Not even water. We have children out here with dry mouths and no water to give them,” Reuters quoted a doctor with the Pan American Health Organization as saying.

Piles of decomposing bodies that haven’t been buried despite the Ministers’ number games could cause outbreaks of contagious diseases, posing  a serious health threat to the traumatized survivors.

Escaped Haitian Inmates on the Run, Fear of Rampant Crime

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Please help the victims, anyway you can. There are many ways to help the survivors. But donate money only to the organizations that you know and trust.

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