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Amazing Images: Coking Plant, Shanxi Province

Posted by feww on September 6, 2009

“It’s got to get worse, before it could get better [sic]”

A worker walks along a railway track at a coking factory in Changzhi, Shanxi province August 28, 2009. REUTERS/Stringer. Image may be subject to copyright.

Chairman Mao (1940 speech):

For the purpose of attaining freedom in the world of nature, man must use natural science to understand, conquer, and change nature, and thus attain freedom from nature.


There is, indeed, another and a better path: that of becoming a member of human community, and, with the help of a technique guided by science, going over to attack against nature and subjecting her to human will.

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New York Cognitive Dissonance

Posted by feww on June 19, 2009

New York Counts GHG?

New York Cognitive Dissonance: Keeping Wall Street alive AND showing concern for global climate change!

A carbon counting sign on the side of the Deutsche Bank building in New York, June 18, 2009, displays the running total amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. REUTERS/Eric Thayer. IMAGE MAY BE SUBJECT TO COPYRIGHT.

Mauna Loa CO2 monthly mean data

May 2009, [Decimal date:  2009.375] – Monthly average:  390.18 ppm

Based on the above data, total atmospheric CO2 TODAY:

3,044,617,608,327.73 MT [3,044,617.61 MMT]

Combined impact of Nitrous Oxide (N2O), Methane (CH4) and CFC 12 ( CCl2F2) calculated at their full global warming potential: 30.59% of the CO2 Impact, or the CO2 equivalent of

931,380,216,898.77 MT CO2e [931,380,22 MMTCO2e]

Effective Total: 3,975,997,825,226.50 MTCO2e

[MT: Metric Tons;  MMT: Million Metric Tons; CO2e: Carbon Dioxide Equivalent ]

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China birth defects rise steeply

Posted by feww on February 2, 2009

China’s rapid development comes at an unaffordable cost

The number of birth defects in China rose by at least 40 % since 2001

Chinese media quoting a senior family planning official report that the number of birth defects in China is increasing rapidly.

China’s National Population and Family Planning Commission official, Jiang Fan, stated that environmental pollution was a cause of the increase.

“The number of newborns with birth defects is constantly increasing in both urban and rural areas,” Mr Jiang said to China Daily newspaper.

Benxi: Pollution from steel mills blows over residential buildings [July, 2007.] Photo:
Gilles Sabrie/Corbis. Image may be subject to copyright.

According to the report:

  • The coal-mining Shanxi province recorded the largest number of birth defects.
  • A 2007 commission report covering the five-year period from 2001 to 2006 recorded a 40% rise in the rate of defects from about 105 per 10,000 births to 146.
  • A child is born with physical defects every 30 seconds because of the environmental pollution. [See NOTE below.]

Researchers believe emissions from Shanxi’s massive coal and chemical industry, including carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulates, is responsible for the problems. Mr Jiang said a child was born with physical defects every 30 seconds because of the degrading environment.

“The problem of birth defects is related to environmental pollution, especially in eight main coal zones,” said An Huanxiao, the director of Shanxi family planning office.

[NOTE: Estimated Population of China in 2008 was 1,330,044,544; birthrate 13.71 per 1,000 population, according to CIA World Factbook. If the true defect rate for China is about 146 per 10,000 births, then a child is born with physical defects every two minutes not every 30 seconds, though that’s hardly any relief.]

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