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10,000 times the normal radiation at Fukushima R3

Posted by feww on March 25, 2011

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Continues to Unfold

Dangerously high radiation levels detected in water at Reactor 3: TEPCO

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) says it has detected dangerously high radiation levels of radiation at Fukushima NPP Reactor 3, which could mean the core has been damaged.

Japanese government says it’s doing all it can to establish the cause of radiation leak at the stricken nuclear complex, and have asked residents living within 20-30km (12-18 miles) of the nuclear plant to leave voluntarily. Until today, residents had been asked to stay indoors.

Two workers at the nuclear facility who were exposed to dangerous levels of radiation remain in hospital. Apparently they had not been wearing protective boots and had ignored a radiation alarm, according to Kyodo news agency.

“As of 24 March, 19:30 Japan time, the number of workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant found to have received more than 100 millisieverts of radiation dose totalled 17 including the three contract workers. The remaining fourteen are TEPCO’s employees.” IAEA said.

Meanwhile, two Japanese tourists from Tokyo who arrived in China were taken to a hospital after being found contaminated with high radiation levels, Xinhuanet said.

Mystery surrounds the case as to how the two men became contaminated as neither of them had been within 240km radius of the Fukushima NPP, BBC said.

This news came amid an earlier report that  higher than normal radiation had been detected on a Japanese merchant ship entering the Xiamen port in Fujian province, Xinhua news reported.

Japanese Government has confirmed that levels of radioactive iodine detected in Tokyo’s tap water earlier this week  have since dropped to about normal levels, however radiation levels are still high in various areas of northern Japan.

Decommissioning of older nuclear plants big problem: IAEA

Many of the 441 nuclear reactors operating worldwide were built in the 1970s and 1980s, with an average lifespan of about 35 years (including those at Fukushima plant).

“Their decommissioning peak will occur from 2020 to 2030 which will present a major managerial, technological, safety and environmental challenge to those states engaged in nuclear decommissioning,”  according to a draft safety report by IAEA.

Is it Safe?

Construction of 4 pressurized water reactors at Cattenom Nuclear power plant in France began in 1979. CC-License.

Countries with 10 or more nuclear reactors:

The United States: 104  (Highest number of operational units)
France: 58
Japan: 54
Russia: 32
S. Korea: 21
India: 20
UK: 19
Canada: 18
Germany: 17
Ukraine: 15
China: 13
Sweden: 10

The Basic Points that are Overlooked by the International Atomic Energy Clan

1. Earth is a seismic planet and earthquakes regularly strike various regions.

2. The Pacific Ring of fire is particularly prone to earthquakes, some of them large earthquakes [Megaquakes.]

3. Larger quakes  can and do rip through ALL structures.

4. Offshore megaquakes are invariably followed by large tsunamis.

5. Large tsunamis invariable inundate vast areas, starting with coastal areas.

6. Nuclear power plants use electrical devices to operate vital cooling systems.

7. When inundated, electrical systems invariably fail.

All of the above, of course, is academic.

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Japan Megaquake Tragedy: A Silver Lining?

Posted by feww on March 15, 2011

Germany to  shut down all seven of its older nuclear power plants

German government has announced that it will shut down all seven of its nuclear power plants that were commissioned before 1980 for at least three months, a report said.

The 3rd explosion at Fukushima NPP.  Freeze frame from an NTV news clip. Image may be subject to copyright.

It’s unclear whether they will ever operate again in view of Japan’s nuclear crisis.

Chancellor Merkel has announced a nuclear policy moratorium, prompted by Japan’s unfolding nuclear disaster,  under which only the 10 newer nuclear stations will continue generating electricity, the report said.

“Power plants that went into operation before the end of 1980 will … be shut down for the period of the moratorium,” Merkel told a news conference. More …

As Japan’s government declares that the radiation has reached ‘harmful levels,’ the question arises:

Will Japan’s megaquake finally drive the international atomic energy mafia clan out of business?

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