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Another NASA White Elephant Launch

Posted by feww on June 22, 2009

Lunar or Lunatic?  YOU decide!

Why Should All the Taxpayer Money Go to the Greedy Banks?

… When NASA can build white elephants and shoot them to the moon?

The NASA caption for the above image reads:

Does a permanently shadowed crater at the Moon’s South Pole harbor frozen water?

Who really cares, when it’s most of the country that’s running out of water!

Enough to supply a lunar outpost?

Are you **** serious? Between the war budget and NASA extravaganza, who’s going to feed the nation, provide health and education?

How much ultraviolet and cosmic radiation would astronauts be exposed to if they stayed on the moon for a week or longer?

If you don’t have an answer after 40 years of moon experience …

Where are the best—and worst—landing sites on the Moon? These are some of the questions that NASA plans to answer with its two new lunar missions.

That works to about $125 million dollars a question. Have you thought of designing a lottery machine that could predict the winning numbers…

Above : Artist rendering of the LRO spacecraft.

The point of these lunar missions is to collect the kinds of information we need to return astronauts to the moon. But the point of going to the moon is to learn about the Earth and our solar system (and ultimately, the universe). More than four billion years ago, as our solar system was forming, a planetary object roughly the size of Mars smacked into the Earth. The collision shattered the small planet and probably vaporized the upper layers of Earth’s surface. The debris—part Earth, part destroyed planet—remained in orbit around the Earth. Eventually, the debris aggregated into the Moon. If this theory, widely accepted among astrophysicists, is correct, then the formation of the Earth is inextricably tied to the formation of the Moon. And because the Moon’s surface has not been endlessly remodeled by plate tectonics, volcanoes, or erosion, it should be able to tell us things about how the Earth came to be that our planet itself never will.

Expensive theories indeed! Let’s see, the only way you can prove these “Beverly Hills” hypothesis is by being there on the moon, right? An the only people qualified to get there, of course are, let me guess, “the NASA experts.” And can’t achieve that without bailing out NASA, as it were, year in, year out. Right?

Launching an Open Challenge to NASA

FEWW has decided to launch the NASA [no holds barred] CHALLENGE and hereby challenges NASA executives to provide the following information:

Show the taxpayers without whose dollars you’d have to go out and work for your money

1. In what way(s) have the hundreds of billions of dollars spent by NASA in the past4 decades made the taxpayers home planet, Earth, a sustainable space base?

2. How much more money and how many more years would it take to do all of the things you say you could do on the moon and Mars?

3. How many of the taxpayers would you ever allow to escape to Mars or even the moon?

4. If NASA was to be wound up [or shut down] tomorrow and you were told to do something useful on this planet with the annual bailout money you currently receive, on what would you spend the existing NASA budget?

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