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Japan radiation: “serious situation”

Posted by feww on March 21, 2011

Fukushima Nuclear Crisis “very serious”—IAEA

Japan food radiation “serious situation”—WHO

Engineers at Fukushima NPP have restored power to all six reactors, but have managed to start the cooling pump at only one reactor.

IAEA says the situation remains very serious, despite the progress. “There have been some positive developments in the last 24 hours but overall the situation remains very serious,” said a senior IAEA official.

Meanwhile, some of the engineers were evacuated from the plant after a gray plume of steam and smoke escaped from the Reactor 3. The incident was followed by a large plume of steam and smoke rising from Reactor 2.

“The crisis has still not been resolved and the situation at Fukushima [nuclear power plant] remains very serious,” Yukiya Amano, the IAEA boss has announced.

I have no doubt that this crisis will be effectively overcome.” He added.

Contaminated Water

Residents living near the plant have been told not to drink tap water because high levels of radioactive iodine has been detected.

Radioactive contamination detected in the water exceeds three times the legal safety limit, according to local reports.

Food Contamination

“The World Health Organization said it had no evidence of contaminated food reaching other countries. However, China, Taiwan and South Korea have announced plans to toughen checks of Japanese imports.” BBC reported.

However, a spokesman for the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) regional office for the Western Pacific told Reuters that the situation “it’s a serious situation.”

“It’s a lot more serious than anybody thought in the early days when we thought that this kind of problem can be limited to 20 to 30 kilometers … It’s safe to suppose that some contaminated produce got out of the contamination zone.”

The health officials in Tokyo earlier reported that abnormal levels of iodine were found in edible chrysanthemum flowers.

Rising Death Toll

The official death toll in the mega quake and tsunami twin disasters has now climbed to about 8,500, with up to 13,000 reported as missing.

The Humanitarian Crisis

Up to half a million people have been left homeless as a result of the Tohoku Megaquake and the ensuing deadly tsunami. Most of the surving victims are in thousands of emergency shelters, where there are still severe shortages of water, food, heating fuel, warm clothes and other basic essentials.

Up to a million homes are reportedly without water.

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Turkey Deadly Quake Update

Posted by feww on March 8, 2010

Quake Death Toll Reaches 62: Local Sources


As of posting at least 3 dozen aftershocks have rocked the region where the deadly 6.0-magnitude quake struck earlier today.

At least 6 villages have been damaged in the quake, with three reportedly “flattened.”

The villages of Okcular,  Kayali and Yukari Kanatli have been the hardest hit.  A number of villagers are trapped under rubble. Many of the affected villagers lived in mud-brick structure built on hillsides that are particularly prone to collapse in the event of earthquakes.

About 120 people were reportedly injured, as of posting.

Villagers search for bodies among the rubble in a village near the city of Elazig. Photo: AFP. Image may be subject to copyright. See FEWW Fair Use Notice.

European-Mediterranean Seismological Center reported details of the aftershock as follows:

Magnitude: mb 5.6

Date time: 2010-03-08 at 07:47:42.3 UTC
Location: 38.82 N ; 40.22 E
Depth: 10 km

  • 87 km E Elazig (pop 298,004 ; local time 09:47 2010-03-08)
  • 22 km SE Karakoçan (pop 29,735 ; local time 09:47 2010-03-08

For Details of Mainshock, Additional Maps and Information Click: Deadly Quake Kills Dozens in Turkey

10-degree Map Centered at 40°N,40°E

EQ Location Map. Source: USGS/EHP. Image Edited and Enhanced by FEWW.

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