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Landslides Kill at least 44 in South China

Posted by feww on June 4, 2010

Rain-triggered Landslides Leave 44 Dead, with 150,000 Evacuated in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, South China

Rescuers search for trapped persons in Beigeng Township, Xincheng County, south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, June 3, 2010.  (Xinhua/Zhou Hua). Image may be subject to copyright. See Fire Earth Fair Use Notice.

Most of the deaths have occurred in Cenxi County,  Tengxian County, Donglan County and Fangchenggang City, the official news agency Xinhua reported.

“More than 600 residents in two villages in had been evacuated because of land subsidence Thursday. Four pits and cracks were reported near the villages, with the biggest having a diameter of more than 70 meters and depth of 20 meters.”

The subsidence may have been caused by increased water flow in underground streams caused by torrential rains, a Laibin municipal government official was quoted as saying.

Torrential rains have pummeled Guangxi region since Monday triggering large-scale landslides since early Wednesday, the report .

“Across Guangxi, the rainstorms had battered 27 counties and 144,800 people had been evacuated by 4 p.m. Thursday, the regional civil affairs bureau said.”

Some 8,123 houses have collapsed and 161,830 hectares of crops destroyed or damaged, with the damage estimated at about $180 million, the report said.

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NE U.S. Blizzard, Rainstorm GOES Movies

Posted by feww on March 26, 2010

Late winter rainstorms pummeled  NE U.S.

And the severe weather season hasn’t even begun yet!

The northeastern U.S. was pummeled by blizzards, swamped by heavy flooding, and battered by late winter storms. Two movies of the events were captured by NASA Satellite GOES-12 between February 1 and 16, and March 8 and 16, 2010.

This is a still image of the well-developed storm on March 15, 2010 at 2115 UTC (4:15 p.m. ET) the New England coast. Source: NASA GOES Project

“Following the Nor’easter ‘parade of blizzards’ in February this year, another week-long parade of storms flooded the upper Midwest and Northeastern U.S. in March,” said a NASA GOES Project official. “The merge of three storms in the Midwest was unusual, where the normal pattern is a series of spring storms carried by the prevailing westerlies (winds).”

“The movie was created by overlaying the clouds observed several times per hour by NOAA’s GOES Imager onto a true-color map previously derived from NASA’s Moderate Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) land-mapping instrument. The infrared channels on GOES detect clouds day and night, which are portrayed as grey for low clouds and white for high clouds. The movie compresses nine days into two minutes. It illustrates how continental-scale land/sea/air phenomena come together to make large late winter storms.” NASA Website said.

“Heavy rains that hit the northeast cause flooding, fatalities, power outages and damages. Downed trees from rain-soaked roots toppled power lines. Outages were reported in Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Literally thousands of trees were reported felled in Connecticut and New York. Flooding forced evacuations and put roadways under water. As far north as Maine, parts of the state received more than eight inches of rain. ”

Total rainfall for the first 19 days of March:

  • Boston: 7.45″
  • Bridgeport, Conn: 4.02″
  • Newark, NJ: 5.24″
  • New York City: 4.72″
  • Portland, Maine: 3.57″ of rain.

Most of that rainfall was caused by the storms.

The link to the movies: (Unfortunately, the movie were available only in one format, MP4, as of posting.)

  1. GOES Movie of the Northeastern US Floods
  2. GOES Blizzard movie

    Note: The second movie linked to above, is a 2-minute movie compressed from GOES satellite data recorded February 1-16, 2010, capturing two blizzards which hit the Baltimore, Md. and Washington areas.

    During the first two weeks of February, Washington, DC,  was put out of action by two blizzards which dumped heavy wet snow as follows:

    • 5 inches fell on February 3
    • 24 inches fell on February 6
    • 12 inches on February 10.
    • A second, back-to-back storm followed on February 16 dumping 10 inches on Philadelphia and New York, but spared Washington and Baltimor.

    “These storms are called Nor’easters because the counter-clockwise circulation around a low pressure system on the Atlantic coast pushes moist sea air from the north-east into arctic air over the land. This windy mixture creates a very efficient snow-making machine from Boston to Washington. ‘The GOES movie illustrates how succeeding storms form along the Gulf coast, travel up the Atlantic coast, pause over the mid-Atlantic states, and finally slide out to sea,’ said a NASA official with GOES Project.” Source: NASA/EO website.

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    Deadly Storm Strikes Northeastern U.S.

    Posted by feww on March 15, 2010

    Storm Kills 7, Damages Many Buildings and Leaves Up to a Million Homes Without Electricity

    At least 7 people were killed many buildings were damaged and up to a million homes lost electricity after a torrential rainstorm battered northeastern United States.

    Most of the damage occurred in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, where strong winds and torrential rains uprooted trees, snapped power lines and flooded many of the streams in the weekend.

    Three people were crushed to death by falling trees in Greenwich, Conn, Westport, Conn., and Hartsdale, N.Y.

    Doppler Radar National Mosaic
    NWS Radar Mosaic. Click Image to enlarge and update. (24-Hr FE ED).

    “In Teaneck, N.J., two neighbors were killed by a falling oak tree as they headed home from a synagogue at 7 p.m. on Saturday.” A report said.

    A police officer was killed in Rhode Island, after his car hydroplaned in a pool of water formed by the weekend storm.

    “In New Hampshire, a large pine tree fell on a car travelling on a highway on Sunday afternoon, killing a man and injuring his wife and child, police said.”

    In Ocean Grove, N.J., five homes were consumed by a large fire that was fueled by strong winds which also damaged a historic inn, reports said.

    Storm advisories and flood warnings are in place in many areas throuought the Northeast and elsewhere.

    Predominant Weather. Click Image to enlarge and update. (24-Hr FE ED).

    Hazards. Click Image to enlarge and update. (24-Hr FE ED).

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    Calif Rainstorm, Mid-Atlantic Snowstorm Update

    Posted by feww on February 10, 2010

    Southern California Buffeted by another Major Rainstorm

    Another powerful rainstorm buffeted Southern California yesterday afternoon local time triggering flash-flood warnings and more evacuations in the Sierra Madre area.

    The storm was accompanied by lightening, thunder storms,  snow and hail and in both the Cajon Pass and the Grapevine. “The snow level was expected to drop below 4,000 feet this evening.” LA Times reported.

    The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a flash-flood warning for foothill areas scorthched in the Station fire. NWS was reported as saying that “trained weather spotters had recorded very heavy rainfall and hail around La Cañada Flintridge.”

    More mudslide in the foothill communities are expected.

    National Weather Service Radar Mosaic Loop. Pacific Southwest Sector

    Click image to enlarge.

    Mid-Atlantic Snowstorm Update

    • The second blizzard in less than a week has struck the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.
    • Snowfall intensity is increasing
    • Up to 41cm (16 inches) of snow expected in the region.
    • Federal government offices are closed Wednesday, the third day this week.
    • No bus services in the Washington DC area.
    • Only limited Metrorail system (underground) trains will operate on Wednesday.
    • Airlines in th eregion have grounded all flight for 24 hours.
    • Philadelphia region is set to break its record for winter snow of  166.4cm (65.5) which was set in winter 1995-96. The region has so far received 143cm (56.2 inches) and is expecting up to  46cm (18 inches) by Wednesday night.
    • The storm pushed into New York metropolitan area, prompting the Mayor to  close the schools on Wednesday.
    • As of posting, public schools in all major cities along the Eastern Seaboard including Baltimore and Maryland to Boston and Philadelphia have also closed.
    • Metro Area Winter Storm Warning for Wednesday [map]

    National Weather Service Enhanced Radar Mosaic. Northeast sector.

    Click image to enlarge.

    Image of the Day:

    Knock, Knock! Who is there?

    It’s Mud, Mudslide making a forceful entry! A resident carts away mud out of a home on Manistee Drive, one of the streets hardest hit by Saturday’s early-morning mudslides. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times / February 8, 2010). Image may be subject to copyright.

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