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Intense rains affect 1 in 10 Pakistani

Posted by feww on August 12, 2010

Inordinate monsoon rains impact about 10% of Pakistan’s population

Indus River basin floods have now become Pakistan’s worst ever natural disaster, leaving as many as 4,000 people dead and severely affecting the lives of about 10 percent of the population.  This image based on NASA’s TRMM satellite depicts rain rates between August 1 and August 9, 2010, compared to  long-term average rates. Blue shows areas with much more intense rain than normal; brown indicates less intensity. “Dark blue spots cover the regions of Pakistan, India, and China where the floods and landslides occurred. These regions received as much as 24 millimeters of rain per day above normal daily rainfall. A broad swath of very intense rain also covers Indonesia and parts of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.” Source: NASA E/O. Click here for caption in full. Click image to enlarge.

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