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Rick Strengthens to a Major Hurricane

Posted by feww on October 17, 2009

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Rick Strengthened to an Extremely Dangerous Category 4 Hurricane

At 10:15 UTC the center of hurricane Rick was near latitude 14.0°N, longitude 102.3°W,  or about

  • 40 km southwest of Acapulco, Mexico
  • 595 km south-southeast of Manzanillo, Mexico

rb-l  - Hurricane Rick
Rick is Now a Cat 4A Hurricane on FEWW New Hurricane Scale ( Cat. four hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale). GOES Satellite Image. Rainbow Enhancement – Still Frame. Date and time as inset. Click image to enlarge and update.

Coastal Watches/Warnings and 5-Day Track Forecast Cone

Coastal Watches- Warnings and 5-Day Track Forecast Cone
Rick’s 5-day Track Forecast. Click Image to enlarge and update.

Tropical Storm Force Wind Speed Probabilities – 120 Hours
Tropical Storm Force Wind Speed Probabilities - 120 Hours
Hurricane Rick Wind Speed Probabilities – 120 Hours

Direction and Speed

  • Rick is moving in a west-northwesterly direction at 19 km/hr
  • Expected to stay on its forecast track for the next 48 hours
  • Will remain off-shore, moving parallel to the southern coast of Mexico

Wind Speed

  • Maximum sustained winds: 215


Rick is now an extremely dangerous category 4A on FEWW New Hurricane Scale ( Cat. four hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale).

Further Strengthening Forecast:

  • Rick will Most probably strengthen to a category five hurricane in the next 12 – 36 hours.

Wind Forces and Pressure

  • Hurricane force winds: Extend 55 km
  • Tropical storm force winds: Extend 165 km from the center
  • Minimum central pressure: 71.09mm Hg (948 mb).

Rain Potential

  • Rick’s outer rainbands will continue to affect the Southern coast of Mexico, NHC said.

FEWW Comment:

Rick enlarged image
Hurricane Rick looks organized, symmetrical and extremely dangerous. Warm coastal waters off the Mexican coast will most likely help Rick to become a Category 5 hurricane. Rick could devastate Baja and coastal areas of western Mexico.

As Typhoon LUPIT (currently located near Philippines) and Hurricane Rick grow stronger,  the question on many people’s mind must now be whether the 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season will end with  a whimper, or the “mother of all hurricanes” could still form there …

Other Satellite Images

GOES Satellite: East Pacific Hurricane Rick(EP20)

Additional Images:

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TS Grace Heading Towards Ireland

Posted by feww on October 5, 2009

Tropical Storm Grace is Getting Stronger as it Heads Towards Southern Ireland

TS Grace is now slightly stronger,  heading rapidly NE over the NE Atlantic in the Direction of Southern Ireland.

TS Grace vis-l
Tropical Storm Grace – EUMETSAT – Visible Image – Still  Frame – Date and Time as Inset. To update and enlarge, click on image. Source: NOAA/NHC/NWS

Grace WSP
Grace Wind Speed Probabilities.
Still Frame. Click on image to update and enlarge.

Details of Grace

  • Location: At 09:00 UTC center of TS Grace was 43.0 N, 18.0 W about 940km NE of the Azores.
  • Direction: Grace is moving at about 44 KM/HR, and is forecast to continue this motion until making a gradual turn to NNE Monday night and Tuesday, as it slows down.
  • Max Sustained winds: 110 km/h with higher gusts, but expected to weaken in the next 24 hours.
  • Tropical Storm Force winds: 85km from the center
  • Estimated Min Central Pressure: 742mm Hg (989 Mb)
  • Source: NHC

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