Fire Earth

Earth is fighting to stay alive. Mass dieoffs, triggered by anthropogenic assault and fallout of planetary defense systems offsetting the impact, could begin anytime!

Editorial Policy

FEWW Editorial Policy

Unsolicited Comments

1. FEWW moderators invite intelligent comments.
2. However, they have no obligation to publish unsolicited comments.
3. Comments may be edited or rejected.
4. Moderators strongly discourage comments that are considered to be

  • Hostile, thretening, derogatory, uncivil, lewd, puerile, nebulous, petulant
  • Jingoistic, chauvinistic, racist, xenophobic;
  • promoting violence, religious, or extreme agendas
  • Fallacious arguments (Ignoratio Elenchi, argumentum ad verecundiam, Petitio Principii, Circulus in Probando, Non Sequitur, Plurium Interrogationum, argumentum verbosium…)
  • Uninformed, inappropriate (irrelevant, monotonous, interminable)
  • Misleading, nonsensical
  • Govt disinformation
  • Sci-fi, extra terrestrial, cult fodder (Planet X/Nibiru, bible prophesy, ancient mythology, Mayan calender, or the Egyptian equivalent, New Age …)
  • Commercial ads.

You are, of course, perfectly entitled to your opinion. If FEWW editorial policy is not to your liking, consider starting your own blog and have your say, unedited!

Good Luck!


1. FIRE-EARTH is a private, non-commercial blog. Commercial reproduction of any and all materials posted on the blog is prohibited.
2. To avoid ‘follow-on’ submitters’ names/handles may be replaced by initials, or modified, if comment published.
3. Commercial links may be removed from comments to prevent advertising.
4. Comments pointing to advertising sites are invariably added to the spam list.

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This blog has been repeatedly hacked. Hackers have removed/altered data and images posted on FIRE-EARTH.

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