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PayPal Poll

Enough is Enough! NO PayPal!

Time to Stop the Ripoff Merchants!

The moderators are collecting information about customer abuses by PayPal and would like to hear from users with horror stories.  All messages will be treated in strictest confidence, unless you specifically ask for your comment to be published for public viewing.

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Top 3 PayPal Questions

1. Can PayPal hold my money with no explanation?  
The answer is YES.

2. Can PayPal freeze my account for no reason?  
The answer is YES.

3. Can PayPal take money out of my account without my knowledge?  The answer is YES.


For a selection of PayPall horror stories see: PayPal Warning

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5 Responses to “PayPal Poll”

  1. Kimberly S. said

    Another scam by PayPal:

    PayPal Redirects Charitable Contributions Without Consent, Lawsuit Says

  2. Raymond said

    PayPal started out as one of the only legitimate and secure methods to pay for something over the internet at a time when it was very scary to give out personal information online. Back then, there were basically no fees for anything. I assume they made their profits from their cash holdings, advertising, and business sign-ups. Now, they have come up with fees for anything and everything. It’s corporate greed gone wild. They are collecting from all directions; individuals, businesses, cash investments, advertising, etc… However, they are not unlike all the other thousands of large American corporations feeding off those of us that do not have the knowledge, resources, or status to fight back…

  3. Blogger J said


  4. […] PayPal Poll […]

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