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Airbus Pakistan Crash Update

Posted by feww on July 29, 2010


Pakistani officials have confirmed that all 152 people onboard the Airblue Airbus A321 plane were killed after the airliner crashed near Pakistan capital Islamabad killing dozens

Earlier reports of up to 40 people having survied the crash were fictitious and poor reporting by major news agencies.

Based on Airbus crash fatalities of 99.5 percent, NO survivors should have been expected.

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Another AirBus Crashes, Dozens Killed Near Islamabad, Pakistan

Posted by feww on July 28, 2010


Airbus with 152 people onboard crashes near  Pakistan capital Islamabad killing dozens

The plane, an Airbus A321 with 146 passengers and 6 crew, was  flying from  Karachi to Islamabad’s Benazir Bhutto International Airport.

At least 20 bodies were recovered, as of posting. Reports say some of the people onboard the Airblue flight may have survived the crash.

“They are badly mutilated and burnt,” an eyewitness described the victims,  “and there are two women among the dead.”

Other Airbus Crash Stats

On January 16, 2009 the Moderators warned: “If you really have to fly because your life depends on it [sic,] and if you are flying an Airbus, then fly on odd days of the month because the Airbus is statistically twice more likely to crash on even days!”

Approximate No. of Aircraft Currently Operational

  • Airbus: 5,558
  • Boeing 10,837

Number of Airliner Crashes Resulting in Fatalities (January 2009  to present)

  • Boeing: 2
  • Airbus: 4

[NOTE: About twice as many Boeing commercial aircraft are thought to be operational, which makes Airbus at least four time more likely to crash.]

Percentage of Fatalities  (overall average)

  • Boeing: 53.4 %
  • Airbus: 99.5 %

Google Information Suppression

Our readers are reminded that the information posted on this blog, such the one in this report, are heavily censored, blocked, or buried (hidden) by Google, Inc., thus denying the people the ability to make informed decisions concerning their travel plans, activities, lifestyles and so on.

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Plane Crash Kills 104 in Libya

Posted by feww on May 12, 2010


The Afriqiyah Airways flight from Johannesburg to Gatwick, UK, crashed in Libya, killing at least 104 people on board

The Airbus 330 carried at least 93 passengers, and 11 crew. Most of the passengers are believed to have been British and South African nationals, while the crew were reported to be Libyans.

Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330 – 200 like the one that crashed in Tripoli earlier today. Source: Afriqiyah Airways website. Image may be subject to copyright.

“Afriqiyah Airways announce that our flight 8U771 had an accident during landing at Tripoli International airport,” the airline said on its website.

“At this moment we have no information concerning possible casualties or survivors. Our information is that there were 93 passengers and 11 crew aboard. The competent authorities are conducting the search and rescue mission.”

The initial news of the crash was released by Al Arabiya television, citing official sources, Reuters said.

The statement posted on the airline’s website reads:

Afriqiyah Flight 771 crash

Afriqiyah Airways ,Announce that our flight 8U771 had an accident during landing at Tripoli International airport at 04:00 UTC. (06:00 AM Tripoli time) Today Wednesday 12 May.

At this moment we have no information concerning possible casualties or survivors. Our information is that were 93 passenger and 11 crew aboard. The competent authorities are conducting the search and rescue mission.

Further statements will be announced in due course.

UPDATE 12 MAY 2010 – 11:00UTC

  • Sixty-one of the passengers were Dutch nationals
  • A Dutch boy is said to be the sole known survivor (unconfirmed reports, however, Libyan Transport Minister was quoted as saying that the Dutch boy was being treated for minor injuries).
  • Relative seeking information on passengers should contact: From Libya:0213341181 AND Intrnational:+44 203 3552737 Afriqiyah Airways website said.
  • The cause of crash is as yet unknown, however, a Libyan security official told news agency AFP: “It exploded on landing and totally disintegrated [very close to the runway.]”
  • Weather at the time of crash was “sunny and clear ” report say.
  • The air distance between Johannesburg and Tripoli is 6,730km (4,181 miles).

Utter carnage

Rescue teams search the site of the Libyan Afriqiyah Airways plane crash in Tripoli, Libya Wednesday, May 12, 2010. A Libyan Afriqiyah Airways plane with 104 people on board crashed on landing Wednesday at the airport in the Libyan capital Tripoli and a search and rescue operation was under way, the airlines said. (AP Photo/Abdel Meguid al-Fergany). Image may be subject to copyright. See FEWW Fair Use Notice.

Airbus Crash Stats

If you really have to fly because your life depends on it [sic,] and if you are flying an Airbus, then fly on odd days of the month because the Airbus is statistically twice more likely to crash on even days!

Shame on Google, Shame!

Fire-Earth Moderators verily believe that some of the victims of the doomed flight might have still been alive today had the  information concerning the safety record of Airbus 330 that is posted on this blog, but is invariably filtered and buried by Google, reached them.

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Airbus Says Change Speed Sensor Switch

Posted by feww on July 31, 2009

The latest recommendation by Airbus is a positive step in airliner safety, but Airbus should go further and replace its ‘faulty’ on-board computers, too!

The following news item was published by BBC UK, which in view of its public safety features is reproduced in full.

For background information see: Airlines & Aviation Industry, Airline Safety, Air Travel …


Airbus urges speed sensor switch

Airbus A340 (file image)

The move will affect about 200 long haul Airbus jets

Page last updated at 22:25 GMT, Thursday, 30 July 2009 23:25 UK

Plane manufacturer Airbus has urged airlines to change the make of the majority of speed sensors on about 200 long haul aircraft.

Airbus has issued a bulletin to airlines recommending that they switch the parts, also known as pitots, to those made by US manufacturer Goodrich.

The moves comes as investigations continue into the cause of the fatal crash of an Air France Airbus in June.

Investigators have said speed sensors, or pitots, may have been a factor.

“Airbus has decided to recommend that A330/A340 operators with Thales pitot tubes, exchange at least two of them with Goodrich probes,” the company said in a statement sent to the BBC.

The company said it was making the recommendation “on the basis of the very limited available information” from the Air France accident, and “despite the fact that the pitot tubes meet the certification objectives”.

“This precautionary measure will allow our customers to benefit from the greater in-service experience of the Goodrich tubes on the A330/A340,” it said.

The move would affect about 200 of the A330 or A340 planes which were fitted with sensors manufactured by France’s Thales company, reported Reuters.

No deadline has been issued for the change to be implemented.

Earlier, the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) said it was to make the same recommendation.

All 228 people on board the Air France plane were killed when it plunged into the ocean en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris on 1 June.

French investigators have said faulty speed sensors were “a factor but not the cause” of the crash.

In the wake of the crash, Air France accelerated an existing programme to replace speed monitors on its Airbus planes.  BBC © MMIX

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Airbus Crashes in Comoros

Posted by feww on June 30, 2009

Yemenia Airbus A310 with 153 People Crashes in Comoros

Yemenia-Airbus-A310A Yemen Airways (Yemenia) Airbus A310 with 153 people onboard crashed in the Indian Ocean near the archipelago of Comoros earlier today, according to an airline official.

Most of the 142 passengers  (total of 153 people onboard) were Comoran or French. There are no report of  survivors.

Yemenia Airbus A310. Source: Image may be subject to copyright.

The downed Yemenia Airbus A310 passenger jet was flying from Sanaa, Yemen,  to Moroni, in the Comoros, carrying also a 11-strong crew, Reuters reported an official as saying.

The Comoros (Population of 800,000), which consists of four small volcanic islands (Anjouan, Grande Comore, Moheli and Mayotte) in the Mozambique channel, about 300 kilometers northwest of Madagascar, is not believed to have any sea rescue capabilities.

Comoros map

Map of the Comoros Islands. Original map: UN.

“We still do not have information about the reason behind the crash or survivors,” the deputy general manager for Yemenia operations, said.

“The weather conditions were rough; strong wind and high seas. The wind speed recorded on land at the airport was 61 kilometers an hour. There could be other factors.”

“Two French military aircraft have left from the islands of Mayotte and Reunion to search the identified zone, and a French vessel has left Mayotte,”the director general of Moroni International Airport was reported as saying.

“The plane has crashed and we still don’t know exactly where. We think it’s in the area of Mitsamiouli,” Comoros Vice-President Idi Nadhoim told Reuters.

“We think the crash is somewhere along its landing approach,” Mr Kassim a representative from regional air security body ASECNA said. “The weather is really not very favorable. The sea is very rough.”

Reuters sketch showing the flight path of downed Yemenia Airbus. Image may be subject to copyright.

Who owns Yemenia?

Yemenia is 51 percent owned by the Yemeni government and 49 percent by the Saudi Arabian government. Yemenia’s fleet includes four Airbus A310-300s, two Airbus A330-200s and four Boeing 737-800s, according to the airline site.

Airbus Crash Stats

If you really have to fly because your life depends on it [sic,] and if you are flying an Airbus, then fly on odd days of the month because the Airbus is statistically twice more likely to crash on even days!

The Next Airbus Crash?

The probability that the next major air disaster would involve an Air New Zealand Airbus has now increased to 0.78.

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Airbus Catastrophic Failure a Fatal Design Flaw

Posted by feww on June 2, 2009

Breaking News: Cockpit Fire Forces Airbus A330 to Land

Airbus EFIS fails catastrophically when facing unforeseen circumstances

Airbus electronic flight instrument system and onboard computers fail catastrophically in rough conditions

FEWW Moderators believe that Air France flight AF 447 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris most likely crashed as a result of catastrophic flight system failure caused by  a fatal design flaw in the Airbus 3xx series electronic flight instrument system, EFIS, and its onboard computers.

While the system seems to function in normal conditions, the computers seem unable to deal with ‘extreme’ situations that are caused by either the pilot error, as in the case of Air New Zealand Airbus 320 that plunged into the Mediterranean sea, or in above normal weather conditions, similar to the turbulence that Air France plane  most likely experienced en route from Brazil to France.

EFIS manages pilot’s selections and repeats the input to all necessary control units within the flight control system. When the difference between the data obtained from the air data computer and the input selected by the pilot exceeds the “permitted” range, the range within which the system can successfully function, a catastrophic failure caused by a fatal design flaw seems to occur which disables the system and prevents it from generating the appropriate warnings, which would enable the pilot to respond accordingly. The aircraft goes out of control and crashes.

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