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Posted by feww on May 29, 2015


Major Earthquake measuring up to 8.8Mw could strike Alaska Peninsula

FIRE-EARTH Models show a mega earthquake measuring up to magnitude 8.8Mw could strike Alaska Peninsula between now and June 2015 with a probability of 0.7.

Forecast Details

Magnitude: 8.8Mw
Depth: 18km
Time: May – June 2015
Region: Alaska Peninsula
Probability: 0.7

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Alaska: Magnitude 6.6 Quake Strikes Fox Islands

Posted by feww on October 2, 2009

Details are still coming in … As of posting, USGS had not reported this event.

GFZ Potsdam – Earthquake Bulletin

Region: Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands
Time: 2009-10-02 01:15:25.3 UTC
Magnitude: 6.6
Epicenter: 170.54°W 53.35°N
Depth: 10 km
Status: automatic

Earthquake Location Map. Source:  GFZ Potsdam – Earthquake Bulletin. Image may be subject to copyright.

fox islands eq location
Earthquake Location – Google maps. Image may be subject to copyright.

About 7 minutes before the above event occurred, a magnitude 6.3 shock struck Tonga region near 16.579°S, 173.274°W,  at a depth of 10 km.

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Alaska Earthquake Forecast: Update 3

Posted by feww on August 29, 2009


Alaska Earthquake Forecast: Update 2

New estimate for Alska earthquke forecast

  • NEW Magnitude: 8.4 ~ 9.2
  • Probability of occurrence: 0.8
  • Estimated date of occurrence: November 19, 2009
  • Date uncertainty: +/- 90 days.
  • NEW Estimated Location: 60°56’37.03″N 150°12’7.37″W
  • Location uncertainty: Radius of about 35 km from the estimated epicenter
  • NEW Estimated depth: 12km [+/-3.2km]

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FEWW: Alaska Earthquake Warning

Posted by feww on August 6, 2009

A powerful earthquake could strike Alaska anytime

Based on the FEWW ‘EarthModel’ simulations, Moderators believe a powerful earthquake may strike Alaska anytime [probability of 0.8]

Previous FEWW Forecast

FEWW Forecast: An area within approximately 300-km radius of Anchorage would be one of the seismic zones in Alaska to experience continued intense seismic activity this year possibly including a magnitude MW 7.9 or larger quake close to Anchorage  (south of the city, north of Rugged Island).

Alaska earthquake forecast
FEWW Alaska Earthquake Forecast. Approximate location. Source of original map: Google Earth. Map may be subject to copyright.

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