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Bali’s Mt Agung Volcano Continues Heating Up

Posted by feww on September 29, 2017

Mass Evacuation: 140,000 people flee Bali town of Amed turning it into a ghost town

Mt Agung Volcano continues to exhale a large column of steam, smoke and ash, while ominously eying the town of Amed.

The normally bustling tourist town, located about 4km outside Mt Agung volcano’s exclusion zone, has been experiencing  more than 1,000 tremors per day, prompting residents and tourists to abandon the town.

More than 100,000 others are expected to abandon nearby villages as fears of an “imminent eruption” mount.

Authorities has set up about 500 temporary shelters outside the exclusion zone around the volcano, said the National Disaster Management Agency.

However, the shelters may prove unsafe, if a large, explosive eruption occurs.

Vanuatu Volcano: State of Emergency Declared

Meanwhile, most of 11,000 residents in Vanuatu’s Ambae island have abandoned the volcanic island under evacuation orders, as the Manaro Voui volcano continues emitting ash, smoke and volcanic gases, stoking fears of an imminent eruption.

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