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Peru Earthquake Warning

Posted by feww on March 5, 2010

Large Earthquake Could Strike Peru

Fire-Earth’s EarthModel simulations indicate that a large earthquake could occur in Peru.

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Deadly Landslides in Peru Causes Many Deaths, Injuries

Posted by feww on December 18, 2009

Deadly Landslides in Peruvian city of Ayacucho Kills a Dozen People, Injures Dozens More with Many Missing

Mudslides triggered by heavy rain have killed about a dozen people, injuring dozens more in the southern Peruvian city of Ayacucho.

The death toll is expected to rise, the authorities said.

5 people were reportedly killed when a torrent of mud swept their cars and buried them.

The torrential rainfall, which lasted for about 20 hours, washed thousands of tons of mud and rock from the surrounding hills and filled the streets of Ayacucho, transforming them into rivers of mud, and destroying many structures in their paths.

Bodies are still being dug out of the mud, as meteorologists forecast even more intense  seasonal rains.

Peru is probably experiencing a mild El Nino effect, a number of climatologists have suggested.

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