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Australia: Sickly Canary in Planet Coalmine

Posted by feww on March 7, 2017

205 Weather records broken in 90 days: Climate Council of Australia


The Australian summer of 2016/17 marked the return of the Angry Summer with record-breaking heat especially in the east of the nation. The Angry Summer was characterised [sic] by intense heatwaves, hot days and bushfires in central and eastern Australia, while heavy rainfall and flooding affected the west of the country.

Key Findings:

  • More than 205 records were broken across Australia in 90 days.
  • New South Wales (NSW) experienced its hottest state-wide mean temperature on record with temperatures 2.57°C above average.
  • The 2016/17 extreme summer heat in NSW was at least 50 times more likely to occur due to climate change.

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156 Weather Records Broken in 90 Days across Australia

Posted by feww on March 10, 2014


Climate change already increasing intensity and frequency of extreme weather events in Australia

“Continuing hot on the heels of the ‘Angry Summer’ of 2012/2013, Australians again endured record breaking extreme events this summer.” —Climate Council of Australia

Intense and prolonged heatwaves and record hot days, severe drought and rainfall deficiency, and bushfires dominated the 2013/2014 summer, according to the latest “Angry Summer” report issued by the Australian Climate Council.

The report finds that many of Australia’s largest population centers face increased risk from extreme weather events, including heatwaves, drought and bushfires, impact of which are serious and costly on people, property, communities and the environment.

Examples of the extreme weather events include

  • Eight of the hottest summers on record in Australia have occurred in the last fifteen years
  • Sydney had its driest summer in 27 years
  • Canberra experienced 20 days of at least 35°C
  • Melbourne experienced its hottest ever 24 hour period (average 35.5°C)
  • Adelaide had a record of 11 days of 42°C or more during the summer
  • Perth had its second hottest summer on record
  • 38 spots in New South Wales and 45 in Queensland saw their driest summer on record
  • More than 280,000 hectares of Victoria’s land were consumed by  February fires

Record high maximum temperatures plagued more than 8.8 percent of Australia during the first four days of January, including 17 percent of New South Wales, 17 percent of the Northern Territory, 16 percent of Queensland and 8 percent of South Australia, said the report.

Record-breaking heatwaves significantly impacted Australia’s major population centers.

  • Victoria experienced its hottest four days on record from 14–17 January,
  • Melbourne set a record for four consecutive days at 41°C or higher (14–17 January)
  • Adelaide experienced a record-breaking five consecutive days of 42°C and above
  • Canberra had a record run of four days of 39°C and recorded 20 days of at least 35°C

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