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Deadly Cyclones Affect Thousands of People in Yemen

Posted by feww on November 12, 2015

Cyclones CHAPALA and MEGH kill dozens, destroying or damaging thousands of homes

The two cyclones killed at least 26 people in all affected areas of Yemen including 18 people on Socotra Island, and left 6 others missing, according to various reports.

The cyclones affected thousands of people in Yemen , destroying or damaging thousands of homes, said UN OCHA.

More than 500 houses were completely destroyed, and about 3,000 houses damaged on Socotra. “The number of displaced on Socotra is still estimated at 3,000 families (18,000 individuals), with part of the population of Abdo Al Kori, a small island off Socotra, evacuated to Hadramaut. Several food warehouses have been damaged by flooding, most roads are still closed and there are fuel shortages and no electricity. Despite improvements in the weather, many fishermen are unable to go out to sea due to extensive damage to boats.”

Access to all the affected areas, including Abyan, Shabwa, Hadramaut, Al Mahara and Socotra, is difficult, and  aid organizations  cannot determine the total number of people in need of assistance. as a result of the two cyclones. ”

In Shabwah, WFP estimates that the number of people affected by the cyclone could reach 18,000. This is in addition to those already in need of some form of humanitarian assistance from the ongoing crisis. This includes over 440,000 people in Shabwah and almost one million people in Hadramaut.”


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Powerful Cyclone Heading Toward Yemen and Oman

Posted by feww on October 30, 2015

CHAPALA Becomes a Super Cyclone in Arabian Sea

Super Cyclone CHAPALA (TC 04A), currently packing sustained winds of about 260 km/h, is expected to continue strengthening to about 275km/h.

Super Cyclone CHAPALA (TC 04A)

Warning Position at 14:00UTC [30 Oct 15]
Location: near 14.2°N 60.4°E
Moving: W (270 degrees) at 12 km/h
Min pressure: 912 mb [FIRE-EARTH estimate]
Max sustained wind: 260 km/h, strengthening to about 275 km/h  [FIRE-EARTH estimate]
Max wind gusts: 315 km/h, strengthening to about 330 km/h  [FIRE-EARTH estimate]
Max significant wave heights: 13m – 15m

Super TC CHAPALA-jpeg
SUPER CYCLONE CHAPALA – VIS/IR Satellite Image – 30 Oct 2015 at 12:30UTC. Source: UW-CIMSS

Links to satellite images are posted at

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Deadly Quake Prompts New Island to Rise Off Pakistan Coastline

Posted by feww on September 25, 2013

Death toll from powerful quake rises to 100, with more than 200 others injured in Pakistan

The quake measuring 7.7Mw struck 66km north-northeast of Awaran, a remote part of the Baluchistan province in southwestern Pakistan.

The quake and its aftershocks destroyed scores of mud houses near the epicenter in sparsely populated Baluchistan region.

EQ Details

  • Event Time: 2013-09-24 11:29:48 UTC
  • Location: 27.000°N, 65.514°E
  • Depth: 20.0km (12.4mi)
  • Nearby Cities
    • 66km (41mi) NNE of Awaran, Pakistan
    • 116km (72mi) NW of Bela, Pakistan

New Island Emerges from Arabian Sea

The powerful quake caused the seabed to rise and form a small island in the Arabian Sea, about 500 meters off Pakistan’s coastline.

EQ forms new island in Arabian Sea
Powerful earthquake hits Baluchistan, forcing the sea bed to rise and form a new island in the Arabian Sea. Image sourced from

EQ Location Map

eq location map - Pakistan

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