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FIRE-EARTH Alert: Mass Evacuation Underway in New Zealand amid Major Seismic, Tsunami Threats

Posted by feww on November 14, 2016

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Thousands of people evacuated amid powerful aftershocks, threat of tsunamis, dam collapsing on the Clarence River

Large Earthquake, measuring 7.8Mw, has killed at least 2 people in New Zealand and caused extensive damage to private and public property, destroying roads and other infrastructure, according to the government and local news.

  • Significant aftershocks, measuring up to 6.5Mw, have struck eastern and central New Zealand tonight, leaving thousands of residents and tourists stranded.
    • M6.5 struck about 38km WSW of Kaikoura, New Zealand, at a depth of about 10km at 00:34:22 (UTC) today (2016-11-14).
  •   More than 500 aftershocks have struck the region, since a large 7.8 magnitude quake struck the South Island.
  • Up to a hundred buildings have been damaged in Wellington Central Business District, hundreds of kms from the epicenter.
  • A navy boat is on its way from Auckland to help evacuate thousands of stranded tourists. Authorities are also considering using Air Force aircraft.
  • Tsunami alerts are in place for ALL coastal areas of New Zealand.
  • Tsunami waves of up to 5 meters are expected.
  • FIRE-EARTH Forecast is available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.

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Strong Quake Strikes Off Coast of NI, NZ

Posted by feww on September 1, 2009

Magnitude 6.0 [Richter Scale] Quake Strikes 60 km north of White Island, NZ

For FEWW NZ Earthquake Forecast See:

New Round of Geo-Assualt at Kermadec Trench

New Zealand Earthquake Report – Sep 1 2009 at 00:18 UTC

Details of This Earthquake [GNS Sighence]

Reference: 3147526/G
Date/Time: September 1 2009 at 0:18 UTC
Location: Latitude 37.01°S, Longitude 176.95°E
Depth: 250 km
Richter magnitude: 6.0
Region: Raukumara Plain
+ 60 km north of White Island
+ 100 km east of Whangamata
+ 100 km north-east of Tauranga
+ 190 km east of Auckland

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Another large quake strikes NZ

Posted by feww on October 19, 2008

Global Earthquake Watch

Large earthquake strikes 20 km north of Rotorua, New Zealand

Quake Details (from GNS Science)

Date and Time:  October 18, 2008 at 23:13UTC
Coordinates: 38.00°S, 176.24°E
Depth:  200 km
Magnitude (Richter scale):  5.6
Region:  Rotorua
Location :

  • 20 km north of Rotorua
  • 180 km south-east of Auckland

Isoseismal Map

Map: GeoNet. Image may be subject to copyright.
Note: This quake has not been confirmed by USGS Earthquake Hazards Program.

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