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Army of ‘giant rats’ invade Goodna, Australia

Posted by feww on June 10, 2011

First Came the Floods

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Rats ‘the size of possums’ plague Goodna in flood-stricken QLD, Australia

“Some are as big as possums, they’re massive things,” a Goodna resident said.

“My greyhounds have caught a few big ones.”

“With so many abandoned properties around and mess everywhere, rats are bound to thrive.”

Giant rats are running amok in the flood-stricken suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. Photo: The Advertiser/via Image may be subject to copyright.

“People are intimidated by them, some get pretty comfortable if there’s enough of them around,” a pest control expert said. “One woman rang and said there was one on her front step, it just sat there looking at her.”

Moderator Notes:

Goodna is a suburb located on the eastern edge of Ipswich about 20 km from Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

The largest possum species is the Bear Cuscus, which could weigh up to 20lb.

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Ozone Hole, Fracking and Other Issues

Posted by feww on April 22, 2011

NY Officials Suspend Fracking

New York officials have suspended all horizontal, high-volume hydraulic fracturing until July,  awaiting safety ruling by environmental regulators.

Chesapeake Energy suspends fracking in Pennsylvania after blowout spills toxic fluid into river

The Chesapeake well spewed thousands of gallons of toxic fracking fluid into a nearby waterway immediately after the blowout on Wednesday, said the Bradford County emergency management officials.

“The company said it still did not know the cause of the blowout a day and a half after it occurred.” More…

Ozone Hole Harming Australians

Climate models developed by Columbia University indicate the impact of the Antarctic Ozone Hole is very strong over Australia.

“The ozone hole results in a southward shift of the high-latitude circulation – and the whole tropical circulation shifts southwards too,” researchers said.

The ozone hole has resulted in rainfall moving south with the winds, they said.

“In terms of the average for [the region], about a 10% [of the] change [is caused by by the ozone hole, ] but for Australia, it’s about 35%,” a researcher told BBC. More…

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