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U.S. Northeast Entombed in Ice

Posted by feww on February 14, 2016

Deep freeze plagues U.S. northeast

A bitterly cold airmass has invaded the eastern U.S this weekend bringing the coldest temperatures of the season. Gusty winds will combine with these cold temperatures to create dangerous wind chills well below zero in many parts of the Northeast. Meanwhile, a developing storm in the Plains will bring wintry precipitation to the Midwest and Ohio Valley on Sunday. —NWS

“Life-threatening” freeze has gripped the NE U.S., with Wind Chill Warnings, and Wind Chill Advisories issued for more than a dozen states extending from North Carolina to Maine.

Meanwhile, a blizzard contributed to a 50-plus-vehicle pileup on a Pennsylvania highway, causing multiple fatalities.

Deep freeze from the Great Lakes to New England

Forecasters say multiple record low temps could be set this weekend, with the coldest weather of this winter impacting a vast region from the Great Lakes to New England.

Arctic air will be the big story across the northeastern U.S. through Sunday night. An eddy of the polar vortex over southeastern Canada, along with strong cold air advection, is bringing the coldest weather of this winter season from the Great Lakes to New England. Wind chill warnings and advisories are in effect for these areas, along with some record low temperatures. Actual temperatures will be frigid with highs in the single digits and teens, and subzero lows across much of upstate New York and New England. It will also be quite cold from the Ohio Valley to the Mid-Atlantic region.

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Europe’s Big Freeze Deepens: Hundreds Dead

Posted by feww on February 4, 2012

Deepening freeze in eastern and central Europe claims at least 300 lives

As the death toll from the deepening big freeze climbs into the hundreds, with  thousands of others hit by hypothermia and frostbite, more countries enact states of emergency.

Disaster Calendar 2012 – February 4

[February 4, 2012]  Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.  SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,502 Days Left to the ‘Worst Day’ in Human History

  • Central and eastern Europe.    Death toll from the big freeze in central and eastern Europe has climbed to at least 300, with thousands of others afflicted with hypothermia and frostbite.
    • Serbia. The government has extended its emergency declaration to cover at least 23 municipalities across the country.
      • More emergency measures are being considered including the closure of schools, a report said.

Other Global Disasters

  • South Sudan. About 40 people were killed in South Sudan during a peace meeting, which was held to end recent killing in the region, officials said.
  • NSW, Australia.  The state government in Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) has declared Gunnedah in northern NSW a disaster area as heavy rain and severe flooding continue devastating the state .
    • Gunnedah is the 17th Local Government Area to be declared a disaster zone.
    • Other areas recently declared as disaster zones are Local Government Areas of Bellingen, Byron, Kyogle, Lismore, Richmond Valley, Clarence Valley, Coffs Harbour, Inverell, Nambucca, Kempsey, Tweed Shire, Tenterfield, Greater Taree, Moree, Narrabri and Gwydir, a report said.
  • Alabama, USA. The Disaster President has declared a major disaster exists in the State of Alabama. Severe storms, tornadoes, straight-line winds, and flooding during the period of January 22-23, 2012 brought great devastation to Chilton and Jefferson Counties.
  • Idaho, USA.  Selenium contamination from a phosphate mine in southeastern Idaho is responsible for fish deformities such as two-headed trout, and the disaster would worsen if discharge limits into the Snake River were to be relaxed, according to a new official report.
    • “The toxic effects of selenium pollution drew widespread attention and study in the mid-1980s, when the chemical was found to cause deformities like protruding brains in 65 percent of ducks, herons and other birds and a massive fish die-off at Kesterson National Wildlife Refuge in California.”
  • Obama’s War on Afghanistan.   Civilian deaths in Afghanistan has risen for the fifth year in a row to a record high, a U.N. report said.
    • A record 3,021 noncombatants were killed in 2011, a rise of 8% over the previous year.
    • The number of internally displaced people, driven from their homes due to the war violence, also rose sharply by a whopping 45%, the report said.

Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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Europe Freezing to Death!

Posted by feww on December 19, 2010

As the North Atlantic Current of the Gulf Stream Slows Down, the Big Freeze Could  Become ‘Permanent’

Third Wave of Arctic Blast Continues to Bring Snow and Cold to Much of Europe

London’s Heathrow Airport, Europe’s busiest hub for air passengers, has canceled all arrivals, with only a handful of departures, as temperatures plunged to -5.2C overnight. This winter could turn out to be the coldest on record (since 1910).

Fresh snow has brought much of Britain to a standstill. Traffic queues in the snow on the A3 near Guildford, in southern England December 18, 2010.  Reuters/Luke MacGregor. Image may be subject to copyright.

The Temp lows in Britain:

Loch Glascarnoch (Scotland) : -17.2C
Norwich (England) : -14.4C
Tredegar (Wales) : -10.2C

“For the first 15 days of this month, the average has been -0.7C. So far this month there have been five nights in Edinburgh when the mercury dropped below -10C, once hitting -16C. On December 7, the maximum temperature reached in the daytime there was -8C,” a report said.

“In Manchester and London, 11 out of 16 nights were below freezing, the coldest in Manchester -12C and in London -5C.”

Rest of Europe

In Paris, Charles de Gaulle’s air traffic was cut by about 50 percent as heavy snow blanketed the French capital. At Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport there were many cancellations and long delays.

At Frankfurt airport, Germany’s busiest, nearly half of the planned total of 1,350 flights, departures and arrivals, were canceled Sunday.

Heavy snowfall covered much of Scandinavia, where temperatures dipped to -22ºC (-8ºF).

Heavy snow and ice storms affected as far south as Italy. Tuscany was blanketed in several inches of snow, forcing the closure of Florence’s airport on Sunday.

Heating Oil Shortage

Up to 3 million homes, schools and hospitals face fuel rationing this winter, as the UK  government warns of ‘very serious’ shortage of heating oil during the cold snaps.

The price of heating oil in the UK has skyrocketed by 63% since June, to  71 pence [USD1.10] per liter today.

The Great Ocean Conveyor Belt

The Thermohaline Circulation (THC)

The great ocean conveyor belt delivers warm water into the north Atlantic, making Europe warmer than it would otherwise be. The slowing down or stopping of these currents could result in catastrophic changes in the world’s climate.

FIRE-EARTH believes that the North Atlantic current of the Gulf Stream is slowing down and could stop entirely in the very near future.

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Snow covers 70 pct of the U.S.

Posted by feww on February 1, 2010

About 70% of the US blanketed in snow; winter’s largest snow cover

Late Spring, Summer and Fall May Well Prove to Be Entirely Different Scenarios with Soaring Temperatures throughout North America. Prepare for primordial, swampy weather!

The United States has recorded its most extensive snow cover of the winter.  Moderate to heavy snow and ice has covered up to 70% of the country in the past few days extending the snow coverage from 47.5% on January 27th to the largest snow cover of the winter at 69.7% on January 31st, the National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center (NOHRSC) reported.

Source: National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center (NOHRSC)
Click image to enlarge and update.

January 31, 2010 (Metric Units)

Area Covered By Snow: 69.7%
Area Covered Last Month: 60.3%
Snow Depth
Average: 19.1 cm
Minimum: 0.0 cm
Maximum: 2341.7 cm
Std. Dev.: 27.1 cm
Snow Water Equivalent
Average: 3.9 cm
Minimum: 0.0 cm
Maximum: 1154.8 cm
Std. Dev.: 6.8 cm

January 31, 2010 (English Units)

Area Covered By Snow: 69.7%
Area Covered Last Month: 60.3%
Snow Depth
Average: 7.5 in
Minimum: 0.0 in
Maximum: 921.9 in
Std. Dev.: 10.7 in
Snow Water Equivalent
Average: 1.5 in
Minimum: 0.0 in
Maximum: 454.6 in
Std. Dev.: 2.7 in

Snow Cover Animations:

Snow Reports

Top Ten: English Units…
Station ID Name Elevation
Report Date / Time(UTC)
37.6075_077.4772 LAKESIDE (528387LA) 56 35.560 1 2010-01-30 22
37.7589_077.4803 ASHLAND (703ASHL) 66 35.560 1 2010-01-30 22
37.5947_078.0622 TRENHOLM (616122TR) 107 33.020 1 2010-01-30 21
37.6503_077.6128 SHORT PUMP (195SHOR) 91 33.020 1 2010-01-30 21
37.9586_076.7583 WARSAW (673WAR) 43 33.020 1 2010-01-31 03
37.6756_077.2911 STUDLEY (719417ST) 53 32.512 1 2010-01-30 19
37.5183_077.6433 SALISBURY LAKE DAM (467531SA) 96 31.750 1 2010-01-30 22
37.5500_077.3667 HENRICO COUNTY (456HEN) 48 31.242 1 2010-01-31 02
37.7258_077.6786 ROCKVILLE (2068ROCK) 95 30.480 1 2010-01-30 18
37.5058_077.6494 MIDLOTHIAN (603MID) 110 29.972 1 2010-01-31 0

Click Station ID links above for detailed information including charts and graphical analysis of snow measurements at each monitoring station.

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