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BINGIZA Pummels N. Madagascar

Posted by feww on February 15, 2011

Cyclone BINGIZA captured by AIRS on AQUA Satellite

Cyclone Bingiza.  An infrared satellite image of Cyclone Bingiza dated Feb. 14 at 10:23 UTC (5:23 a.m. EST) shows the storm covering  northern Madagascar. ” Although the storm is still at hurricane strength, no eye is visible in this infrared image. Strongest thunderstorms and coldest (-63F/-52C), highest cloud tops appear in purple. Bingiza is moving west and entering the Mozambique Channel.” Source: NASA/JPL

Full extent of the damage caused by Cyclone BINGIZA is not yet known.

“‘We expect this to be a Type 2 emergency, with over 100,000 people affected by wind damage and/or flooding, and over 30,000 severely affected,’ CARE International, an NGO focusing on poverty eradication, said in an emergency alert.” Said a report.

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