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Air New Zealand Jet Windscreen Cracked Midflight

Posted by feww on January 11, 2010

Submitted by TEAA

An Air New Zealand jet windscreen cracked midflight between Auckland, New Zealand and Cairns, Australia

The plane carrying 118 passengers was forced to divert to Brisbane airport for emergency landing.

Air New Zealand Passenger Jet.

An Australian passenger was reported as saying:

“There was a moment when the airplane suddenly slowed down and we lost a lot of altitude,” she said.

“The seat light came on.

“The air hostesses were very firm in telling us to go back to our place and put the rubbish away and clear the path.

“It was enough to wake my child up – she was sleeping.”

It took  another long, heart-stopping 40 minutes before the diverted plane finally made an emergency landing in Brisbane.

“We were going very slowly at very low altitude when we landed – he’d dropped right down to below the clouds,” she said.

“We saw the windscreen when we left the airplane – they let us have a look out the front and it looked like an enormous slug trail across the windscreen with a Y shape.

“It was on the left hand side of the plane … it was a fairly scary looking crack, that’s for sure.”

Air New Zealand have not confirmed whether the passenger jet was an Airbus.

On June 2, 2009 MSRB said:

The probability remains that the next major air disaster would occur as a result of an Air New Zealand Airbus crashing into the sea [with a certainty of 0.74]

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NASA Finds Cheeseburgers on the Moon

Posted by feww on September 27, 2009

submitted by a reader

No they haven’t; neither have they any usable water!¹

These are just hypes and excuses trying to rekindle taxpayers’ interests in unnecessary manned flights to the moon, with a new commercial twist.

But beware also of the blue-ribbon panel, which equally condemns flights to the moon, while recommending that NASA should be privatized beyond anything previously envisaged.

Prodded by a powerful corporate lobby, certain elements within NASA are trying desperately to please a group of super-wealthy investors by way of resuming flights to the moon.

Is there really water on the moon? So what!

water on the moon
Dark shadows obscure craters on the moon’s south pole in a picture from NASA’s 1994 Clementine mission.  Scientists have long suspected the moon might have water, possible hidden in these permanent shadows. Now a trio of satellites have confirmed that water does exist in trace amounts over the entire lunar surface, scientists said in September 2009. Picture courtesy NASA. Caption: National Geographic

The group, which includes the bosses of companies like Google, Oracle, Saatchi and Saatchi, Virgin Galactic, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Space Exploration Technologies Corp … [Tattaglias will guarantee security, Mike,] … are  planning highly lucrative commercial space flights, and ultimately tourist moonshots.

They see NASA as an indispensable “partner” in their joint venture. NASA (the US taxpayer) would fit the flight bill, most of it anyway, while the Virgin Atlantic consortium, assuming they keep the same name, would reap unprecedented profits, making ever larger fortunes from the flights, as they continue to rape the moon.

Unfortunately, the abuse of the system won’t stop there. One day soon, everything to do with space would be highly commercialized, and some of the things you currently take for granted, like free access to space photos and satellite imagery, become available only at a price.

A blue-ribbon panel … called the Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee, headed by former Lockheed Martin Corp. Chairman Norman Augustine … calls for sweeping changes in the way NASA does business and envisions a dramatically expanded role for private enterprise in human space flight in the coming decades beyond anything proposed previously.

A new report by the panel “calls for sweeping changes” in the way NASA is administered and “envisions a dramatically expanded role for private enterprise in human space flight in the coming decades beyond anything proposed previously.”

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1. REM: Probably traces of water do exist on the moon because  water exists in many celestial objects in the Universe. Even comet nuclei are made up of ice, dust and other particles. But, would the water excuse make going to the moon good science anymore than mining comets for water does?

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