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Planet of the Abe’s Membership of Zoos & Aquariums Suspended

Posted by feww on May 10, 2015

Cruelty to dolphins: Japan’s membership of Zoos and Aquariums suspended

The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) has suspended Japan’s membership following a unanimous vote by its council.

WAZA is the “umbrella” organization for the world zoos and aquariums, with its  permanent Executive Office based in Berne, Switzerland.

WAZA said it regards the dolphin drive hunting, a brutal fishery method practiced in Taiji  (Wakayama Prefecture), “cruel” to dolphins and has therefore suspended Japan’s membership.

Dolphin drive hunting is a method of hunting dolphins by driving them together with boats into a bay where they are encircled and their escape route to the open waters is blocked with nets. The dolphins are then harpooned, or clubbed to death, with a few captured (live takes) and sold to aquariums (dolphinariums).

However, WAZA itself has been the target of a court action launched by conservationists for “effectively approving the cruel dolphin hunts,” said a report.

Taiji Sea of Red. Click image to enlarge. Sea Shepard

The Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums (JAZA), which takes dolphins from the hunt, had rejected a WAZA proposal for a two-year moratorium on drive hunting.

JAZA has 153 zoos and aquariums in Japan, with 30 of the outlets holding dolphins in their dolphinariums, according to reports.

Some 5,000 dolphins have been viciously killed at Taiji, with a further 750 live takes sold to dolphinariums worldwide since 2010, according to the whale and dolphin database Ceta Base.

WAZA suspended Japan’s membership on April 21.

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How Emily May Harper Was Killed in NZ

Posted by feww on December 10, 2009

With Thanks to TEAA whose blog has been hacked


American Woman Killed in New Zealand while Swimming with [Agitated] Dolphins

A 27-year-old American woman on an “eco-tour” was killed on October 20,2009 while swimming with a school of dolphins in Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand.

Emily May Harper, 27, had a cardiac arrest while swimming with dolphins in Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand, October 20, 2009. Matthew Hawkins had proposed to Emily Harper. (Courtesy Matthew Hawkins )

In December last year, Moko, a three-year-old bottlenose dolphin,  who had been swimming off a local beach for more than 18 months, bringing fish and seahorses for people, was reported as being abused.

How Did Emily Harper Die?

There was much speculation about her death. At first the coroner said she had died of “natural death.” Then someone whispered in her ear that healthy 27-year-old women don’t die of natural deaths.

Then, her boyfriend, Matthew Hawkins, 28,  told The Denver Post that the coroner’s preliminary report had indicated that Harper might have been died of a cardiac arrest.

There have been many reports on Moko lately:

But the one that really caught our eye was this one researched by our friend TEAA:

The 8-min video is a must watch; it illustrates how playful dolphins, let alone agitated ones,  could harm humans just doing what dolphins do. Tens of thousands visitors, some extremely ignorant,  drive the dolphins in New Zealand waters to the edge, all year round.

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