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Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster: Headline News

Posted by feww on June 26, 2010

1. As BP stock plunges to a 14-year Low, UK PM fears the firm’s “destruction”

“It is also in all our long-term interests that there is some clarity, some finality, to all of this, so that we don’t at the same time see the destruction of a company that is important for all our interests,” UK PM David  Cameron told Canadian broadcaster CBC.

2. Gulf braces for storm, halt to oil containment

“Federal officials Friday say a tropical storm or hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico could shut down spill-containment operations at BP’s leaking oil well for two weeks, a report said.

3. Govt asks appeals court to keep deepwater drilling ban

Enemy of Earth Judge Feldman had ordered the moratorium be lifted because he decided it was “too broad” and did not justify the impact on the economy. “On Thursday, he denied a stay request by the Obama administration.

4. BP oil spill: Suicide of fisherman ‘distraught at spill’

“Captain William Allen-Kruse was found dead with a gun on board his boat by fellow workers. Coroner Stan Vinson told US media that witnesses believe Mr Kruse, who had been a charter boat fisherman for 20 years, had been distraught at the spill.”

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Gulf Oil Spill Reaches Mouth of Mississippi River

Posted by feww on April 30, 2010

Oil Reached Shoreline Sunset Thursday

Fire-Earth Expects the Gulf Coast Damage to Dwarf Exxon Valdez Disaster

“It is of grave concern,” David Kennedy of NOAA told AP.

“I am frightened. This is a very, very big thing. And the efforts that are going to be required to do anything about it, especially if it continues on, are just mind-boggling.”

The oil slick is threatening hundreds of species of fish, marine animals, birds and other wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico and on the shorelines of the Gulf  States.

The crude oil spill also threatens the livelihood of many million of people directly and indirectly. The Gulf Coast is one of the planet’s richest seafood grounds for oysters, shrimps and many other marine species.

Cade Thomas, a fishing guide in Venice, whose livelihood depends on oil-free waters, said he was not sure who the blame, the Coast Guard, the federal government or  BP, the oil company who owns the well.

“They lied to us. They came out and said it was leaking 1,000 barrels when I think they knew it was more. And they weren’t proactive. As soon as it blew up, they should have started wrapping it with booms.” He said.

On April 24, Fire-Earth Moderators said: “… oil wells gushing at a rate of 8,000 barrels per day don’t heal automatically after a fire.”

Meanwhile, Bubbly Jindal, Louisiana Gov., declared a state of emergency on Thursday.

Top two images were released by NOAA. Click images to enlarge.

The above image is licensed under Creative Commons. Source: uscgd8’s photostream.

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