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The Problem with SoCal

Posted by feww on September 4, 2009

Breaking News: Station fire arson; homicide investigation underway

“No-Good” for “Lifestyle” and fires cost too much to “fight!”

A [Neanderthal ] took up residence [in SoCal], dug a cellar [deep inside the forest] and built a log house on top of it; paved up large tracts of the forest and mountainside and bought two cars. After 20 years he decided SoCal was no good for living, for most of his forest had gone, the water table had dropped by 8 yards and he didn’t have enough water to spare the fish [and the cost of ‘fighting’ the fires had become unaffordable.] —Adapted from My Life, My Trees, by Richard St. Barbe Baker [Quoted by EDRO]

Station Fire 38% Contained

This UPDATE was posted on September 3, 2009 at 5:32 PM PDT (September 4, 2009 at 00:32 UTC)

Some 4,735 fire crew have contained about 38 % of the Station Fire, estimated at 144,743 acres.

Five other fires are still burning in SoCal:

  • Oak Glen 3 (San Bernardino Unit, Cal Fire): 1,159 acres at 75 percent contained. This fire is four miles north of San Bernardino. Minimal fire activity was reported.
  • Morris (Angeles National Forest): 2,168 acres at 95 percent contained. This fire is five miles north of Azusa.
  • Big Meadow (Yosemite National Park): 6,283 acres at 60 percent contained. This fire is two miles northeast of El Portal. Structures remain threatened and roads are closed. Precipitation fell on the fire yesterday.
  • Pendleton (San Bernardino Unit, Cal Fire): 860 acres at 95 percent contained. This fire is burning two miles east of Yucaipa. Fire activity was minimal.
  • Red Rock (Klamath National Forest): 1,382 acres at 90 percent contained. This fire is 15 miles west of Fort Jones. Minimal fire activity was reported.

Year-to-date statistics:
Fires: 65,483; Acres: 5,459,428

10-year average
Fires: 62,862;  Acres: 5,754,861

Cost of fighting “wildfires?”
(CALFIRE Budget)

1998/9:  $44 million
2008/9: Just under $1.7 billion
2009/10: $2.0 billion (?)
A rise of  more than 45 folds!

Problem with SoCal:
“No-Good” for “Lifestyle” and fires cost too much to “fight!”

SoCal Fires: “Nothing personal; it’s just business, folks!”

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2008: Year of the Fire

Posted by feww on May 23, 2008

Raging Fire Forces Evacuation in Silicon Valley

As the wildfire consumed more than 3,000 acres with no containment, the governor issued an emergency declaration for Santa Cruz County.

About 300 people whose homes are in the path of the rapidly spreading fire have been evacuated under a mandatory order, according to officials in city of Gilroy, California.

It’s believed that the fire, which is moving southeast toward the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, could grow to 10,000 acres before it burns out.

Acording to CalFire at least 12 structures have been burned, but no injuries have been reported. Power is out in much of the area due to falling trees.

Some 600 firefighters are fighting the blaze and another 2,000 are expected to arrive soon. (Source)

Sun through the smoke! (Credit: Michael Congdon, via Mercury News.) Image may be subject to copyright. See FEWW Fair Use Notice!

The experts at Creating A Sustainable Future (CASF) believe that 2008-2010 would be the worst ever period for catastrophic wildfires throughout the United States and elsewhere on the globe!

  • Acres burned: 3,000, including at least 15 structures. (Fire officials say it could grow to 10,000 or more.) No injuries reported.
  • Evacuation information: Evacuation facilities set up at Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, 2601 East Lake Ave., Watsonville. For information, 335-6717, 335-6718, 335-6719.
  • Volunteer:Volunteer Centers of Santa Cruz County, call 427-5070
  • Animal Services: Santa Cruz Animal Services helping with large animal evacuations. For information, 454-7303.
  • Evacuation checklist

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