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Australia: Catastrophe Continent

Posted by feww on November 28, 2018


  • TIA [September 24, Confidential 10]
  • TNWG [October 22, Confidential 10]

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200 fires burning across Queensland, Australia

Catastrophic Fire Warning has been issued for the first time in Queensland

Queensland bushfire forces mass evacuation from Gracemere

Nearly all residents have fled the central Queensland town of Gracemere after authorities issued a state of emergency as a fast-moving and dangerous bushfire burnt toward the town.

  • Catastrophic fire threat declared for Capricornia, Central Highlands and Coalfields


Record-breaking heatwave

Devastating Impact: Sydney has had its wettest November day in 34 years

Significant raised dust observed in southern inland QLD this morning

[Report Australia: Catastrophe Continent 112802 prepared by FIRE-EARTH Science Teams and affiliated scientists.]

  • Presentation available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.

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Ex-Tropical Cyclone DEBBIE – UPDATE 000402

Posted by feww on April 2, 2017

Record-Breaking Flood Forecast for Central Queensland, Australia

Residents central Queensland city of Rockhampton have been warned to leave low-lying areas ahead of a potentially record-breaking flood this week, as after-effects of ex-Tropical Cyclone DEBBIE loom, with major flooding expected in the Fitzroy River on Monday.

Some  5,400 properties, including 3,000 homes, face inundation when Fitzroy River reaches major flood levels on Monday and then peaks as high as 9.4 meters on Wednesday — its highest flood peak in more than 60 years.

Earlier, the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) declared Cyclone DEBBIE a catastrophe and warned that, based on previous cyclones, the damage could cost billions of dollars.

FIRE-EARTH Disaster Models Show that the cost of damage caused by DEBBIE could exceed $8billion.

  • City of Lismore in northeastern New South Wales described as “a disaster zone” as receding floodwaters reveal damage
  • Towns between Murwillumbah and Stotts Creek are isolated
  • Residents returning to properties in Tweed Heads, Lismore are told to look for wildlife, vermin and snakes that may have taken refuge in the property.

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American Kakistocracy Headed Toward Catastrophe

Posted by feww on January 27, 2017

  • CJ Members
  • EAC
  • OC Teams

Government’s dead, it’s locked in the basement. Will the real shadow government please stand up?

[Prepared by affiliated political scientists]

  • Presentation is available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.

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Disaster, Catastrophe, Tragedy, Atrocity

Posted by feww on April 30, 2015

Ukraine Atrocity & Nepal Disaster

The 7.8-magnitude earthquake [and its strong aftershocks] that struck Nepal on April 25 has wreaked a mega disaster across the impoverished nation, especially in the densely-populated Kathmandu Valley.

  • Fatalities: At least 5,057 soles in Nepal as well as about 100 in neighboring countries (as of April 29).
  • Injuries: more than 10,915 (6,000+ “hospitalized”) in Nepal and dozens more in India, Tibet and Bangladesh.
  • Homes destroyed or damaged: 600,000 (at least 70,000 houses were destroyed and another 530,000 homes damaged across 39 of Nepal’s 75 districts —UN)
  • In need of food assistance: At least 8.5 million people.
  • Living in the open: Some 500,000 people remain in the open amid the damp, cold weather.
  • Drinking water and sanitation:  Up to 4.2 million people urgently need  safe drinking water and sanitation facilities —UN.

Ukraine Atrocities

At least 6,116 people have been killed (April 17, 2015) and 15,474 others wounded in the Ukrainian conflict, which began in April 2014, said the UN.

[It’s not known whether the UN figures include the victims of the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. All of the 283 passengers and 15 crew were killed on July 17, 2014, when the plane was apparently shut down over the Ukraine airspace, presumably to widen the scope of the conflict and involve more of the EU member countries in the conflict. See also: “9/11 Mafia” make Malaysian Airlines an offer… ]

As of April 20, 2015 at least 1,236,495 people in Ukraine had registered as IDPs across the country, said the Ministry of Social Policy (MoSP). Additionally, about 801,000 Ukrainians have sought asylum, residence permits or other forms of legal stay in neighboring countries. By April 24, 2015, the total included 659,143 individuals in Russia, 81,044 in Belarus and 47,589 others in Poland, reported UNHCR.

The conflict began after the new government in Kiev sent troops to the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine (Donetsk and Luhansk) because the people refused to recognize the new coup-imposed president.


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ITA Caused at least $1B in Damage

Posted by feww on April 14, 2014


Cyclone ITA affected 1,000km of QLD Coastline

Damage from Super Cyclone ITA has been estimated at $1bn, after the massive cyclone hit the Queensland coast near Cooktown in Queensland on Friday.

The cyclone severely affected the  coastline areas with high winds, and torrential rain, causing widespread flooding and destroying thousands of hectares of crops including bananas, beans, corn, capsicums, cucumbers, melons, sugarcane and tomatoes.

Much of the sugarcane crops in Ingham region were devastated and the town cut off by flooding.

About 90% of the region’s income depends on sugarcane, authorities said.

ita NOAA
Super Cyclone ITA approaching QLD coast. Credit NOAA

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80 Percent Chance of Major Catastrophe at Fukushima NPP

Posted by feww on November 7, 2013


Scale of potential catastrophe at Fukushima could dwarf a limited nuclear war

Four major factors would contribute to the probability of a major nuclear catastrophe occurring at Fukushima NPP during the fuel rods extraction operations at the plant’s No.4 reactor. —FIRE-EARTH Assessment

1. Probability of  significant earthquakes causing further damage to the reactor building during the recovery cycle: P≥ 0.9

2. Record of disastrous errors by the operator, TEPCO, especially after the 2011 Mega quake and tsunami struck: P≥ 0.9

3. State of fuel rods after the building was damaged by a hydrogen explosion in March 2011: UNKNOWN

4. Suitability of the  new “common pool” used for cooling the fuel rods: UNKNOWN

Based on the two known factors alone, the probability of a major catastrophe can be calculated at ≥ 0.81 [rounded down to eighty percent. ]

Fuel rod extraction process is scheduled to begin tomorrow, November 8, 2013, and would take about 14 months to complete, according to the operator.

The Spent Fuel Pool (SFP) at No. 4 reactor located on the upper floor of the building contains 1,533 units, includes 1,331 spent fuel units still emitting high levels of radiation, with the remaining units being unused fuel rods. The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) is about to extract and relocate the rods.

TEPCO says removal of the fuels rods, which are currently in a precarious state due to an explosion in the reactor building caused by hydrogen buildup in 2011, is the first step in the decommissioning of the nuclear plant which has so far been subject to triple meltdowns.

fukushima NO4 pool
The Spent Fuel Pool (SFP) at No. 4 reactor located on the upper floor of the building. Image shows debris scattered over spent fuel assemblies at the reactor’s storage pool as a result of a large explosion caused by buildup of hydrogen in the reactor building in March 2011. The explosion may have damaged some of the fuel rods, and cause them to fuse together. Image source: Handout – Tokyo Electric Company (TEPCO).

FIRE-EARTH has a 100% record of forecasting disasters at Fukushima NPP. See blog content.

More details to follow…

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Final Eviction Notice to Australians?

Posted by feww on January 28, 2013


[January 28, 2013] Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.

  • SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,139 Days Left to the most Fateful Day in Human History
  • Symbolic countdown to the ‘worst day’ in human history began on May 15, 2011 …


Global Disasters/ Significant Events

You’ve overstayed your welcome!

Forced evacuations of about 5,000 people are under way in flood-hit city of Bundaberg (pop: ~ 72,000), with authorities warning people could die if they stay.

Severe flooding continues to bury large areas in Queensland, destroying or damaging thousands of properties and forcing mass evacuation of residents in the city of Bundaberg.

flood map
Queensland flood map. Source: Bureau of Meteorology

  • Floodwater is surging through some parts of the city at  a speed of about 40 knots (~ 75kmh).
  • “The velocity of the water, and the rises in the water levels, means that literally houses, particularly in north Bundaberg, and maybe other locations, could be swept away,” said Queensland premier.
  • “The communities of Gympie and Maryborough are flooding, Gladstone had suffered severe flooding downstream from Awoonga dam, and Rockhampton was braced for a significant flood from this weekend.”
  • The storm is heading to NSW, while floodwaters threaten two major cities of Brisbane and Sydney.
  • Earlier this months hundreds of fires in New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria burnt more than 750,000 hectares of the state, destroying dozens of properties and forcing the government to declare disaster in at least 43 local government areas.

Meantime, the Australian PM, who was visiting bushfire-ravaged states of Victoria and NSW, said: 

  • “Whether it’s bushfires, whether it’s floods we are being challenged by nature…”
  • “Across Queensland the wild weather has broken a lot of hearts. It’s a very tough period…”
  • “To those right now, in the grip of this disaster, I say to you: `You are not alone’. This state and its people will rise to the challenge I am supremely confident of that.” Ms. Gillard said.
  • “We’ll do whatever we can to protect you, in some cases to rescue you, and to do everything to stand by you in the days, weeks and months ahead. Together we will get through this.”

Challenged by nature? We beg to differ!

We believe you have overstayed your welcome, as far as Mother Nature is concerned.

In the words of Queensland police commissioner:  “Do not wait. Move now. Yr life depends on it.”


Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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Statewide Catastrophe Declared in Queensland, Australia

Posted by feww on January 27, 2013


[January 27, 2013] Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.

  • SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,140 Days Left to the most Fateful Day in Human History
  • Symbolic countdown to the ‘worst day’ in human history began on May 15, 2011 …


Global Disasters/ Significant Events

Australian Army Called to Help as QLD Flood Disaster Intensifies

Flood and storm damage across the Australian state of Queensland has prompted a statewide catastrophe declaration from the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA), said a report.

  • ‘‘Insurers are greatly concerned about extreme weather expected over the next few days in Queensland, with severe inundation already having been experienced in several towns and cities, and major flood warnings now in place for every river from Cairns to the border,’’ said ICA chief executive.
  • ‘‘Unfortunately, this catastrophe declaration is the result of the first cyclone to come close to the coast this season, and the weather bureau has warned it’s highly possible we will see more before the end of summer.’’

Meantime, the Queensland Government has asked the Australian Army to help amid extreme rain events, worsening flood disaster  and tornado outbreaks.

Local rainfall daily records in central and southeast Queensland are tumbling after falls of 461mm at Boolaroo Tops, 454mm in Walla and 272mm in Gayndah since yesterday morning.”

  • A giant storm cell is slowly moving southeast toward the population centers, dumping at least 200mm of rain, and destructive winds and tornadoes are expected along the Sunshine Coast and Bribie Island, reports said
  • A 5-meter wall of  water is pouring over the spillway of the Awoonga Dam into the Boyne, south of Gladstone.

awoonga dam spillway
Awoonga Dam on January 26. Source: Reece Ireland, Gladstone/ via The Australian

  • A saddle dam off the Awoonga Dam is close to overflowing, which would put 500 homes in peril, the authorities said.
  • “Water continues to spill from Wivenhoe dam in preemptive releases.”
  • Forecasters have warned more than 300mm of rain could fall in Wivenhoe Dam catchment, upstream of Brisbane, in the next few days, with coastal areas receiving about 500mm, isolating additional communities.
  • Authorities have issued an evacuation order for north Bundaberg after the Burnett River broke its banks.
    • The Burnett River is now forecast to peak at 9 meters—well above the levels recorded during the 2010/11 floods, reports said.
  • Residents in the Gympie area, north of Brisbane, are being rescued from rooftop, as Mary River continues to rise to a forecast peak of  peak at 17m.

United States

The deep freeze persists throughout much of the Northeast as forecasters warn of looming ice storms. Severe ice storm are expected to hit Northern Illinois, southern Michigan, NE Missouri, large swathes  of the Midwest as well as mid-Atlantic, and Ontario.

US weather HAZMAP- NWS
U.S. Weather Hazards Map. Source: NWS

  • Tennessee has declared state of emergency as the eastern portion of the state continues to see significant icing, reports said.
  • Michigan governor has declared state of emergency to boost propane deliveries.


Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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