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Significant Earthquake Strikes Tokyo Bay Area

Posted by feww on September 12, 2015

M5.4 earthquake strikes SE Tokyo, Japan

Centered at 35.487°N, 139.948°E the quake occurred at a depth of about 47.2km, reported USGS/EHP.

The quake measured 5 – (five minus) on Japan’s seismic scale (0 – 7) and reportedly shook buildings around the Tokyo Bay Area.

EQ Details
Magnitude: 5.4Mw
Location: 35.487°N 139.948°E
Depth: 47.2km
Time: 2015-09-11 at 20:49:06 UTC
Nearby Cities:

  • 12km (7mi) WSW of Ichihara, Japan
  • 20km (12mi) SW of Chiba-shi, Japan
  • 32km (20mi) SE of Tokyo, Japan

Other Significant Quakes (September 12)

5.3 90km NNW of Lae, PNG 2015-09-11 23:51:52 UTC 11.7 km
4.5 130km SW of Mapastepec, Mexico 2015-09-11 21:34:44 UTC 20.0 km
5.5 89km NNW of Lae, PNG 2015-09-11 21:19:19 UTC 30.3 km
5.2 142km SW of Mapastepec, Mexico 2015-09-11 21:16:12 UTC 25.7 km
4.6 42km SE of Iwaki, Japan 2015-09-12 02:44:52 UTC 25.7 km
4.7 216km ESE of Kuril’sk, Russia 2015-09-12 02:29:11 UTC 42.3 km
5.0 3km NE of Nueve de Julio, Argentina 2015-09-12 08:13:49 UTC 10.0 km

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Powerful Tornado Destroys Dozens of Homes in Chiba, Japan

Posted by feww on September 7, 2015

Tornado tears through central Japan

A powerful tornado tore through central Japan, destroying or damaging more than 100 homes and injuring about a dozen people in Chiba city, near Tokyo.

The tornado reportedly uprooted scores of utility posts, and damaged cars and trains.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm ETAU moved closer to Kii Peninsula, Japan, threatening to dump up to 20 inches of rain on the western part of the Kansai region, which would trigger severe flooding and landslides.


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Japan Starts Whale Hunt Season

Posted by feww on June 27, 2014

Baird’s Beaked (Hyperoodon ) Whale – AFTER

“Here in Wada we eat whales. Every family eats whale at least once during the summer whaling season,” said a school teacher. “If we are eating whales, we have the responsibility to see and learn how they’re prepared.”

“For us, whale is food. Whaling is a good tradition, and I want to pass on the trade before I die,” said a butcher whose firm processes and sells whale.

The area of Wadaura in Wada (Chiba Prefecture) is infamous for whaling, and is one of several areas in Japan where whaling is highly promoted as a national tradition [symbol against the cultural imperialism of Western nations.”]

whaling in wada
Butchers gleefully carve a 9-meter long Baird’s Beaked whale as school kids look on at Wada port in Japan’s coastal town of Minamiboso June 26, 2014. (Source: More images …

“The court [International Court of Jokers] ruling doesn’t say anything about any kind of whaling except scientific research. Other types of whaling are allowed,” said the butcher.

In the past week alone, his company has butchered six Baird’s beaked (bottlenose) whales, said the report, and plans to o catch 24 more before whaling season ends in late August.

“It’s our right to take and eat whale within our waters,” he added.

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Magnitude 5.5 Quake Shakes Tokyo

Posted by feww on December 14, 2013

Significant earthquake strikes offshore eastern Japan

Quake Details [USGS/EHP]

Magnitude: 5.4
Event Time: 2013-12-14 04:06:14UTC
Epicenter: 35.621°N, 140.686°E
Depth: 36.0km (22.4mi)
Nearby Cities
11km (7mi) SSE of Asahi, Japan
90km (56mi) E of Tokyo, Japan

Quake Details [Japan Met]
Magnitude: 5.5
Time:  13:06 JST 14 Dec 2013 (JST)
Epicenter: 35.6ºN, 140.8ºE ( Chiba-ken, Toho-oki)
Depth: 50 km
Max JMA Seismic Intensity: 4

Earthquake Location Map

google logo of the day 2
Earthquake Location Map. Source: USGS/EHP.

google logo of the day 2
Earthquake Location Map. Source: Japan Met

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