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Native Hawaiian Severely Beaten by ‘Chinese’ Cop for Trying to Heal Monk Seal

Posted by feww on January 28, 2016

Submitted by a reader

‘Chinese’ policeman attacks native Hawaiian after he uses his mana to ‘heal’ a seal

“Jamie Kalani Rice, a native Hawaiian, has filed a federal complaint against Honolulu police for an unprovoked beating he received from Officer Ming Wang, which was captured on videotape,” according to a report.

Rice, satisfied with his healing ceremony, walks away from the seal. However, the cop follows him making demands.

He picks up his belongings, and tries to leave the beach, but the crazy policeman decides to punish him, anyway.

“Wang runs from behind Rice and pepper sprays him in the face, and then strikes Rice’s hand repeatedly at full force with his baton. Rice stands there without flinching, calmly taking the beating from this maniacal cop,” said the report.

“This lack of reaction infuriates Wang even further, as he pepper sprays Rice again and again. Then he strikes Rice’s other hand at full force with the baton, causing him to drop his bag. Wang continues striking Rice with the baton until Rice collapses in the sand. Wang gives him a final blow to the back and then stomps on the limp man’s body.

“Rice suffered broken bones in his right hand from this beating. He rightly claims that Wang used excessive force, and the defendants “took steps to write reports that altered the events as they actually took place so as to justify Wang use force [sic] against the plaintiff to effectuate his arrest.” Wang deceptively attempted to charge Rice with resisting arrest too.”

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