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Earth is fighting to stay alive. Mass dieoffs, triggered by anthropogenic assault and fallout of planetary defense systems offsetting the impact, could begin anytime!

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Dozens Killed in Mozambique by Back-to-Back Storms

Posted by feww on January 28, 2012

Twin storms leave dozens dead, more than a million people affected in Mozambique

Tropical depression Dando and Cyclone Funso, striking within days of each other, have left dozens dead and hundreds of thousands of families affected.

Disaster Calendar 2012 – January 28

[January 28, 2012]  Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.  SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,509 Days Left to the ‘Worst Day’ in Human History

  • Mozambique. Tropical depression Dando and Cyclone Funso, striking within days of each other, have destroyed thousands of homes, killing dozens of people and leaving a quarter of a million families affected.
    • Thousands of hectares of crops have also been destroyed or damaged.

Other Global Disasters

  • Yemen.  Half a million children in Yemen could die or become ill from malnutrition, said a report.
    • Trailing behind Afghanistan, Yemen has the world’s 2nd highest rate of chronic malnutrition among children, with more ore than 58 per cent of the children stunted, UNICEF reported.
    • “Conflict, poverty and drought, compounded by the unrest of the previous year, the high food and fuel prices, and the breakdown of social services, are putting children’s health at great risks and threatening their very survival,” said UNICEF’s Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa.
    • “Acute malnutrition affects as many as 30 per cent of children in some parts of the country, close to the levels observed in south Somalia, and twice as high as the internationally recognized emergency threshold.”
    • Measles killed 74 children from among 2,500 affected by a recent outbreak of the disease, Government figures show. “While most children recover from measles within two to three weeks, children with malnutrition can suffer serious complications which can lead to death.”
    • Some 69,000 Yemenis children die each year before their fifth birthday.
    • With 77 deaths per 1,000 live births, Yemen has one of the highest death rates among children under the age of five in the Middle East and North African regions.
    • are food insecure, and the number is expected to rise.
      • The term “food insecurity” is used when people go to  bed on an empty stomach or have no idea where their next meal may come from.

Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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