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TC Paul – Latest Rainfall Image

Posted by feww on April 1, 2010

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Paul is Still Dumping Heavy Rain Over NT, Australia

TRMM satellite passed over PAUL, which has been weakened to a tropical depression, on 31 March 2010 at 08:00UTC. PAUL was still dumping rain over a large area of the Northern Territory, Australia, as the TRMM rainfall analysis shows . About 50 mm/hr (~2 inches) of rain was being produced along the southwestern coast of the Gulf Of Carpentaria. Source: NASA/TRMM

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Cyclone Paul – TRMM Images

Posted by feww on March 31, 2010

Cyclone PAUL Rainfall Measured from Space

A 3-
D perspective of Paul at 9:08 UTC on March 28 was created from TRMM’s Precipitation Radar. The most prominent feature is a deep convective tower (shown in red), which penetrates up to 9 miles (15 km) high. This corresponds with an area of intense rain in the northwestern eyewall. Source: SSAI/NASA. Click Images to enlarge.

The image above shows the horizontal distribution of rain intensity inside the storm. Rain rates in the center of the swath are from the TRMM Precipitation Radar (PR), while those in the outer portion are from the TRMM Microwave Imager (TMI). The rain rates are overlaid on infrared (IR) data from the TRMM Visible Infrared Scanner (VIRS). Although Paul does not have a visible eye in the IR data, the center of the storm’s circulation is clearly evident in the rain pattern over the coast (white circular area without rain).  The center is bordered by a band of moderate intensity rain to the northwest (green arc along the coast) and surrounded by outer rainbands that spiral inwards to the south and east (blue and green arcs indicating light to moderate rain, respectively). Embedded within the rainbands are occasional areas of heavy rain (red areas). Source: NASA/GSFC/TRMM

Where’s Paul Now?

Cyclone Paul ‘Kangaroo Track’ issued by BOM at 11:03 am CST Wednesday 31 March 2010. Somewhat less technical than the top image, but it gives you the general idea.

BOM Report

Synoptic Situation: On March 31, 2010 at 9:30 am CST Ex-Tropical Cyclone ‘Paul’ 998 hPa was near latitude 13.8S, longitude 134.9E, about 115 kilometres north northwest of Port Roper, moving south at 6 kilometres per hour.

Heavy rain currently falling over the Arnhem and Roper-McArthur District is expected to cause significant stream rises and flooding of low lying areas today. A Flood Threat Advice is current for the eastern Top End and Roper-McArthur District.

Locally damaging wind gusts up to 90 km/h are expected in the Roper-McArthur and Arnhem Districts with squally showers and thunderstorms. Large waves and abnormally high tides are expected along the Top End coast and nearby islands between Maningrida and Port McArthur.

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Animations from Digital Typhoon

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