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Deadly Floods Hit the French Riviera

Posted by feww on October 4, 2015

Dozens Dead or Missing in French Riviera Floods

Powerful rainstorms and flooding along the Cote d’Azur have killed at least 13 people and left at least 10 others missing, said local report quoting local officials.

The city of Cannes received about 60mm of rain per hour, with a total of about 220mm recorded since Saturday, while the neighboring city of Nice received an estimated tenth of its average annual rainfall over a 36-hour period.

“‘Some cars were carried off into the sea,’ said Cannes Mayor Davis Lisnard, describing water levels reaching halfway up car doors and trees left uprooted on the city’s main drag,” according to a report.

“We have rescued a lot of people, and we must now be vigilant against looting,” he added.

“Camp sites are under water, and two helicopters are circling to ensure the public’s security, as some people are stuck on the roof of their caravans,” according to the fire brigade.

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‘State of Disaster’ in Nine Cities, 45 Towns amid SW China EREs

Posted by feww on September 14, 2014

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Deadly Rainstorms Wreak Havoc across SW China

Extreme Rain Events have left at least 9 cities and 45 towns in SW China in a “State of Disaster,” affecting millions of people, displacing hundreds of thousands, and killing or injuring scores of others. Many people are missing.

“Continuous heavy rains have battered Sichuan since Sept. 8, leaving about 2.5 million people in nine cities in a state of disaster and forcing 160,000 among them to relocate to avoid risks, said the flood control headquarters of Sichuan,” said China’s official news agency, Xinhua.

The rainstorms have destroyed at least 8,200 housing units in the province causing major rivers to flood, said the report.

Raging floodwaters have destroyed or damaged thousands of hectares of crops and swept away scores of livestock.

Extreme rains will continue to pound southwest and central China, according to the National Meteorological Center (NMC) forecast on Sunday.

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Deadly Floods Force Thousands of Evacuations in SW France

Posted by feww on June 21, 2013

Storms Devastate Lourdes Catholic Shrine, Thousands Evacuated

Unseasonal stormy weather across France continued dumping heavy rain over large areas of the country, triggering flash floods in the southwest that killed at three people on Thursday, said a report.

The floods have devastated the Catholic pilgrimage site of Lourdes, forcing the authorities to evacuate at least 2,000 people since Tuesday.

The Roman Catholic shrine at Lourdes has been evacuated after flash floods struck SW France.


High winds and inch-wide hail batter central Switzerland

Winds of more than 130 kph and golf ball-sized hail tear down trees and leave piles of ice 20cm deep, said reports.

Road, train and air traffic were disrupted, according to MeteoNews. “… in the space of just a quarter-hour, near 20 litres of rain per square metre fell between Geneva and Nyon. Normally, all of June sees 70 litres per square metres.”

High winds also drove swept through Geneva’s international airport,” causing one plane on the tarmac to crash into a container.”

Several people were hurt, some seriously, by falling trees, reports said.

Geneva attacked by a significant hail storm.

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