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Deadly Tornadoes Attack U.S. Midwest

Posted by feww on November 18, 2013

“Particularly dangerous situation” for parts of central US: NWS

Up to 80 powerful twisters [unconfirmed total] wreak havoc in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky, causing deaths, injuries and destruction.

Sunday Storm Attacks

At least SIX people were killed and dozens more injured after 67 tornadoes [confirmed total] spawned by a massive weather system struck parts of 9 states, including Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky. Some 442 events have so far been reported across NINE states after Sunday storm attacks, which flattened large section of the city of Washington, Ill.


  • Indiana – The city of Kokomo, Howard County, Greentown, and Russiaville have declared states of emergency after Nov. 17 storms swept through the state causing “significant damage.”
  • “A confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado” near Washington, Illinois, about 145 miles southwest of Chicago was reported to SPC, the National Weather Service said, adding that the twister was moving northeast at about 55 MPH.

“These storms will be moving very fast … They will be at your location and on to the next location in a matter of minutes. As a result, people cannot wait for visual confirmation of the threat.” —Russell Schneider, Storm Prediction Center.

The storm was moving east at dangerous speeds of up to 97 km/hr, reported the NWS’s Storm Prediction Center.

spc report 11-18-13
SPC Storm Reports [unfiltered] for 11-17-13 updated 11-18-13. Some 398 events  including 67 tornadoes
[filtered totals] so far reported across NINE states—IL, IA, IN, KY, MI, MO, OH, TN, and WI—during Sunday storm attacks. The bulk of the tornadoes struck Illinois.

Entire neighborhood wiped out

Washington is reportedly the hardest hit area, with one resident saying his neighborhood was wiped out by tornadoes in a matter of seconds, said a report.

“I stepped outside and I heard it coming. My daughter was already in the basement, so I ran downstairs and grabbed her, crouched in the laundry room and all of a sudden I could see daylight up the stairway and my house was gone,” resident Michael Perdun told the Associated Press.

“The whole neighborhood’s gone, the wall of my fireplace is all that is left of my house.”

Probability (%) of Tornado in November (1980 – 1994). Source: NSSL

“Pandemonium. It looks like a war zone”

I saw a “car completely mangled, the houses gone… telephone wires [are] down everywhere, live wires are still down.” Karen Harris, a food truck operator in Washington, told the BBC she saw  “I’m pretty traumatized  from what I saw”

“I actually saw a vehicle in the middle of the road, their left signal light turned on, like they were getting ready to turn, all the windows were out of it, blood was in the back seat. Pandemonium. It looks like a war zone,” Ms Harris added.

“From the window I saw this huge tornado, tonnes of debris flying through the air,” said Laura Nightengale, a reporter with the Journal Star newspaper in Peoria, Illinois, witnessed the approach of a tornado from inside a house in the town.

“I took shelter in the basement. The area that was hit, it’s just absolutely devastated – entire blocks where homes stood this morning right now are just rubble.”

NWS: “particularly dangerous situation”

The National Weather Service (NWS) has warned of a “particularly dangerous situation” for parts of Midwest.

“Several rapidly moving, intense tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, large hail events and damaging winds are expected in these watch areas,” reported the service.

Dark Storm

The fast-moving storm system darkened downtown Chicago an hour or so after the tornadoes devastated large sections of Washington city, forcing officials to evacuate football fans from a local stadium as a fierce twister swept through the city suburbs.

Tornado Probabilities [Monthly]

Any Tornado

Signif. Tornado (F2-F5)

Violent Tornado (F4-F5)

Java animation Java animation Java animation

Monthly frames

Monthly frames

Monthly frames

January January January
February February February
March March March
April April April
May May May
June June June
July July July
August August August
September September September
October October October
November November November
December December Dece

The probability of having one or more days with a tornado within 25 miles of a point sometime during a month. The base data for all tornadoes are the reports from 1980-1994 and for significant and violent tornadoes are the reports from 1921-1995. The values are probabilities in percent. Source: Severe Thunderstorms Climatology

us composite
US Composite. (Source: SSEC/Wisc-Uni). Map enhanced by FIRE-EARTH Blog.


This post will be updated throughout the day as more information becomes available.

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Central Oklahoma Tornadoes – Preliminary Damage Assessment

Posted by feww on June 2, 2013

 Preliminary Tornado Survey Results by NWS


Other Details:

  • Total number of buildings destroyed or damaged: Not known/undisclosed, as of posting.
  • Number of fatalities: VNV
  • Injuries: More than 100, according to media reports.
  • The violent storms triggered widespread flooding.
  • The first tornado developed around 5:55 pm CDT near El Reno. This storm then moved east to southeast into western and central portions of Oklahoma City, producing other tornadoes. (NWS)
  • Other storms developed to the west and moved over the same areas as the first storm. This produced significant flooding in the Oklahoma City metro. (NWS)

Missouri Tornado

Missouri Gov. Nixon declared a state of emergency due to severe storm damage and widespread flooding. An EF-3 tornado caused extensive damage leaving behind a 22-mile path of destruction from St. Charles County into St. Louis County on Friday.

Illinois Tornado

An EF-2 tornado hit Madison County in southwestern Illinois, causing damage to buildings.

A second tornado, also an EF-2, touched down in neighboring Macoupin County, causing damage to dozens of buildings buildings, said an emergency management official.

  • “We had houses twisted off foundations, houses with roofs taken off,” he said.

Tornado Tallies

  • A total of 20 tornadoes struck 7 states (OK, ND, KS, MO, IA, IN and IL) on Friday May 31, SPC reported.
  • At least 109 tornadoes struck 16 states (AR, NE, TX, NY, WI, WY, PA, MI, CO, OK, ND, KS, MO, IA, IN and IL) starting May 27 through May 31.

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Deadly Tornadoes Attack Oklahoma Again

Posted by feww on June 1, 2013

Tornadoes kill ‘VNV*,’ injure many more in central Oklahoma

Having declared a Tornado Emergency for parts of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area on Friday, the National Weather Service (NWS) warned early Saturday that “Life-threatening” flash floods were hitting much of central and SE Oklahoma and issued Flash Flood Warnings for five additional states.

Gov. Mary Fallin declared a state of emergency. “This has been a very large storm that hit a lot of communities,” she told reporters.

“An extremely unstable air mass has developed across much of Central & Eastern Oklahoma,” the weather service had earlier warned, describing weather conditions as “particularly dangerous.”

“This will likely result in rapid development of severe thunderstorms this afternoon and evening.” NWS said on Friday.

At least five tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma, including a mile-wide twister west of Oklahoma City, causing extensive damage. The tornado-ravaged city of Moore was hit again by a tornado, and experienced widespread flooding.

The tornadoes overturned trucks, tractor trailers and cars on I-40, downing utility poles and tossing livestock on the road, eyewitnesses said.

There were tornadoes on the ground and aloft also in the following places: Oklahoma city,  Joplin, Missouri and St. Louis, Missouri.

The storm system also dumped at least 6 inches of rain  across most of Oklahoma and Canadian counties, stranding thousands of frightened motorists in flood water.

Another tornado touched down Friday night 7 miles northeast of Moscow Mills, Mo., about 50 miles northwest of St. Louis. In St. Charles County, 24 houses were severely damaged or destroyed, said Mike O’Connell, communications director for the Missouri Department of Public Safety.”

The storm system knocked out power lines and left at least 250,000 customers without electricity across the Midwest.

“On Thursday, storms in Oklahoma and Arkansas killed at least three people, including Scott County, Arkansas, Sheriff Cody Carpenter, whose body was recovered early on Friday, said a spokesman for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission,” said a report.

Severe Weather Threat Shifts East on Saturday

Another round of severe weather on Saturday is expected, said the NWS Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma, with Ohio and Mississippi River Valleys being the areas for greatest concern. Large hail, damaging winds and isolated strong tornadoes are all possible.

SPC confirmed a total of 36 tornado reports in AR, OK, IL, ND, KS, IA and MO on Thursday and Friday, as of posting.

*[NOTE: VNV stands for a “variable number of victims.”  It is an unspecified number, often more than 5 and less than 250, used for reporting  the number of  disaster deaths, which would otherwise be denied by the state Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.]

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State of Emergency Declared in Missouri

Powerful storm system brings heavy rain, severe flooding, straight-line winds, and tornadoes to Missouri, following days of extreme rains that have prompted Flash Flood Warnings across much of the state.

“Much of Missouri is experiencing dangerous severe weather tonight, on the heels of several days of heavy rain,” said Gov. Nixon. “I urge Missourians to closely monitor weather conditions, so they can take shelter or move to higher ground if needed. The risk of severe weather remains with us well into tomorrow. The state of Missouri will continue to work closely with local officials to help protect lives and property from these storms.”

  • Parts of more than 200 roads were shut down due to widespread flooding.
  • Multiple tornadoes were spotted moving east across the St. Louis area Friday night, with reports of severe damage, said a report.
  • A massive tornado touched down near Bridgeton, causing extensive damage near Harvester, MO, and injuring several people, eyewitnesses reported.


State of Emergency Declared in San Miguel County, NM, due to Large Wildfire

Gov. Martinez has declared a State of Emergency in San Miguel County and activated the State Emergency Operations Center after Tres Lagunas fire threatened cabins and vacation homes, and closed a highway, prompting dozens of evacuations near Pecos, NM.

The fast-moving wildfire in New Mexico’s Santa Fe National Forest, located near the communities of Pecos and Tres Lagunas, about 25 miles east of Santa Fe,  has consumed at least 2,000 acres and is threatening the Santa Fe and Las Vegas watersheds.

The National Weather Service is forecasting Critical Fire Weather conditions throughout the State and has declared a Red Flag Warning for the northern half of New Mexico through Saturday.


Average CO2 at Mauna Loa: Last 5 days of preliminary daily average CO2

May 30: 399.99 PPM
May 29: 400.20
May 28: 400.27
May 27: 400.29
May 26: 400.45      


Apparent Temperature for Friday May 31, 2013

ApparentT1_conus - 05312013


Melbourne, Australia hit by flash floods after record rainfall

Record rainfall in Australia’ s second largest city Melbourne triggered widespread flash floods. The city received cumulative rainfall of 48.4mm between 9:00 am Friday and 8:00 am Saturday, the largest amount in a June day since 1904.

The one-day record almost equaled the average rainfall for the month June, currently 49.2mm, Australia’s BOM reported.


Flooding kills at least 2,  affects 16,000 others in Xinjiang , NW China

Heavy flooding triggered by extreme rain events in NW China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has killed at least two people and affected thousands of others, according to local authorities.

  • About 2,000 residents have been relocated.
  • Some 700 homes have been damaged or destroyed .
  • More than 13,000 livestock lost.
  • Thousands of hectares of crops in Kashgar Prefecture destroyed.
  • “The flooding also destroyed local roads, bridges and underground power lines in the region,” said a report.


Iraq Body Count, May 2013

Some 1,045 people were killed in Iraq during May, most of whom were civilians, U.N. reported. According to Iraq Body Count Org, the civilian death toll for may was 883.

In April more than 700 people were killed, according to U.N. figures; Iraq Body Count reported 561 civilian deaths.

[GW Bush, Tony Blair, Obama and the rest of their criminal gangs will be brought to justice, before the global collapse shifts into full gear.]

1,015 Days Left 

Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.

  • SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,015 Days Left to ‘Worst Day’ in the brief Human  History


Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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Powerful Tornadoes Strike in Six U.S. States

Posted by feww on May 20, 2013

State of emergency declared as deadly tornadoes tear through Oklahoma

Powerful twisters strike U.S. states of Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas and Illinois, and Oklahoma.

Governor Fallin declared a State of Emergency for 16 Oklahoma counties: Caddo, Cleveland, Comanche, Creek, Garfield, Grant, Greer, Kiowa, Lincoln, Logan, McClain, Okfuskee, Oklahoma, Pawnee, Payne and Pottawatomie.

The state of emergency was declared in the 16 counties because they sustained  the heaviest damage from the twisters, straight-line winds, fist-size hail and flash flooding, which began late Saturday evening.

The worst damage was caused by a deadly tornado that struck near the town of Shawnee, about 50km from Oklahoma City, leveling a mobile home park.

At least one person was confirmed dead in Pottawatomie County and two dozen others were reportedly injured.

In addition to Shawnee, several other towns and communities were severely affected by the extreme weather including Bethel Acres, Carney, Edmond, Little Axe, Norman and Wellston.

Storm-related injuries have also been reported in other parts of Oklahoma, as well as in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Illinois and Iowa.

SPC Filtered Storm Reports for May 19, 2013

spc storm reports 19may2013

spc storm reports 18may2013

Mega Tornadoes to Bombard U-S Tornado Alley

Severe Weather Threat to Continue Through Monday Across the Central States —NWS

After over 300 reports of severe weather on Sunday, another round of dangerous severe weather is expected Monday with the greatest threat once again in the southern Plains targeting Oklahoma and parts of Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas. However, severe weather is possible much further north towards Chicago and Madison as well.

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Deadly Tornadoes Attack U.S. Midwest

Posted by feww on April 15, 2012

Dozens of tornadoes tore through the U.S. midsection as Kansas declared disaster emergency

More than 120 tornadoes pummel Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Indiana leaving at least 5 people dead in Woodward, NW Oklahoma, and forcing Kansas governor to declare a disaster emergency.

  • Iowa.  About 75 percent of the small town of Thurman (Fremont County) has been destroyed. The town has been evacuated with an emergency shelter in a nearby town. No power in the town, SPC reported.
  • OklahomaNumerous reports of major structural damage on western and northern part of Woodward; at least 5 killed and many injured.
  • Kansas.  A tornado has caused widespread damage and power outages in Wichita, Kansas, but there were bno reports of deaths or injuries as of posting.
  • Tornadoes have damaged or destroyed many homes, businesses, a jail, a hospital and an Air Force base aaround the region, reports said.
  • Nebraska.  Baseball-sized hail tore siding from houses and shattered windows in Petersburg, about 130 miles NW of Omaha.
  • Sedgwick County, Kansas, declared a state of disaster and said the storm damage could top $280 million.
  •  Severe weather is expected to continue Sunday “from east Texas and Arkansas and up into the Great Lakes,” said Storm Prediction Center (SPC).

See also:

Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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State of Emergency Declared in Alabama

Posted by feww on January 24, 2012

Alabama Declares a State of Emergency in All 67 Counties

Deadly tornadoes and severe storms leave at least 2 dead, more than a hundred injured and hundreds of homes destroyed or damaged.

Disaster Calendar 2012 – January 24

[January 24, 2012]  Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.  SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,513 Days Left to the ‘Worst Day’ in Human History

  • Alabama, USA.Gov. Bentley has declared a state of emergency in all 67 counties after deadly tornadoes and severe storms left at least 2 dead, more than a hundred injured and hundreds of homes destroyed or damaged.
    • Heavy rains has intensified  flooding across North Alabama.

US Tornado Map Jan 23, 2012. (Source: SPC)

US Tornado Map Jan 22, 2012 -UPDATED. (Source: SPC)

Southern U.S. Wintertime Tornado Outbreak

Several damage surveys were completed today in the wake of a tornado outbreak in Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama last night. Most of the damage surveyed so far has been rated EF-2 on the Enhanced Fujita scale, indicating considerable damage with wind speeds reaching between 111 and 135 mph. However, the tornado that passed through Clay, Alabama, which is just north of Birmingham has been rated an EF-3. This tornado produced significant damage and was capable of wind speeds between 136 and 165 mph. (Source: NWS)

  • The Storm Prediction Center received 23 tornado reports, 118 high wind reports and 35 large hail reports from Sunday’s outbreak:
  • Arkansas: 10 tornado reports
  • Alabama: 9
  • Mississippi:  2
  • Tennessee: 1
  • Kentucky: 1
  • Georgia: 2 tornadoes struck Macon and Dooly Counties Saturday, NWS said.

Tornadoes have destroyed or damaged about 500 homes throughout the region and uprooted/snapped thousands of trees.

Other Global Disasters

  • Papua New Guinea (PNG). A massive landslide has completely buried two villages in PNG.
    • “The landslide is about a kilometer long and about 300 meters wide. There are people buried underneath and a number of them are from what I have heard, children.” Local MP Francis Potape has told Radio Australia.
    • At least 40 people are reportedly missing, reports said.
    • The landslide occurred near Exxon-Mobil’s liquefied natural gas project in the new Hela Province, blocking the main road and stopping work at the site and a nearby airfield.

Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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Deadly Tornado Season 2012 Begins

Posted by feww on January 23, 2012

More than 21 tornadoes sweep across AR, TN, KY, MS and AL, killing at least 4 and destroying many homes

A line of strong storms swept across the Southeast spawning deadly tornadoes.

Disaster Calendar 2012 – January 23

[January 23, 2012]  Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.  SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,514 Days Left to the ‘Worst Day’ in Human History

  • US Southeast.  A line of strong storms swept across the Southeast spawning deadly tornadoes.
    • At least 21 tornadoes were reported in Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama, SPC said.
    • Twisters have killed at least 4 people in Alabama, destroying or damaging dozens of buildings, trapping residents in their homes and felling trees and power lines.
    • The storms also brought hail and damaging winds to the region.
    • Winds of up to 70mph struck both Memphis and Little Rock areas causing damage to building, and funnel clouds were spotted near Little Rock, NWS reported.
    • SPC received a total 173 reports of tornadoes, strong winds and hail, as of posting.

US Severe Weather Map. Source: SPC

  • Arkansas:
  • Alabama:
    • At least 4 people were killed and scores of others injured as storms pummeled Jefferson County, causing “significant damage.”

Other Global Disasters

  • Fiji.  About a 1,000 people have been evacuated amid severe flooding in Fiji.
    • The worst affected areas are the northern island of Vanua Levu, and parts of Viti Levu, the largest of Fiji islands and where the capital Suva is located.
    • “In Labasa most of the crops were damaged due to the flooding, they also experienced some strong winds. We have heard that a lot of families have moved to the evacuation centres. Most of the roads were flooded yesterday in Vanua Levu and Vitu Levu as well today. Some of the bridges were damaged, especially in Vanua Levu. And we have just received a report that the river level in Nadi town is rising,” a local meteorologist said.
    • The Fiji Meteorological Service forecast heavy rain to continue over much of Fiji until Wednesday, causing more flooding in low-lying areas throughout the country, a report said.
    • “People living along coastal areas that have been flooded will have to be very careful. During the high tide in the evening, water levels will rise. It they need assistance they should contact the authorities available. If they should move, I suggest they start moving now because the next high tide will be at 6 in the morning. Now both times for these high tides occur in the dark and it will be dangerous if they don’t start moving now.”

Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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Massachusetts Tornadoes Kill at least 4

Posted by feww on June 2, 2011

Deadly tornadoes spawned by extreme weather in western Massachusetts kill at least 4

Massachusetts Governor said one person was killed in Springfield (about 40 others were injured), two in Westfield and one in Brimfield, as he declared a state of emergency Wednesday evening and called for 1,000 National Guard to assist with cleanup.

The rare tornadoes left a trail of devastation across 24 towns, destroying roofs, damaging structure, uprooting trees and power lines.

At least 18 tornadoes were reported on Wednesday in Massachusetts, Kansas, Nebraska and California.

Tornado, Hail and Severe Weather Map for June 1 (Preliminary reports)

Some 364 severe weather reports received by SPC on June 1 included 17 tornado sightings in 4 states, as of posting.

A tornado watch is in effect in the Boston area until 11:00pm EDT June 1, with heavy showers and thunderstorms expected, NWS said, adding that the region was also under “threat of large hail and damaging wind.”

A child runs for cover  following a tornado touchdown in Springfield, Mass., Wednesday, June 1, 2011 (Photo Credit: Don Treeger/ via Springfield Republican)

GOES Eastern US SECTOR Infrared Image

Eastern Conus Sector (Infrared Channel)
Click image to enlarge.

Click image to enlarge. Animate this image (download size: about 3.5 MB). Source: SSEC.

Flooding News

North Dakota, Nebraska rivers reaching long-standing record stage levels

US Flood Map. Source: NWS

The Lower Mississippi River was still swollen on June 1, 2011, when MODIS on NASA’s Terra satellite captured this false-color image. Source: NASA-EO. Click image to enlarge. Download largest image (11 MB, JPEG)  

Weather Forecast Maps May 31 – June 2

Political Manipulation of Joplin Tornado Deaths Continue

Meanwhile, the Missouri Department of Public Safety, which has taken over the Joplin tornado deaths investigation, has once again diluted the fatality figures. The Department said on Wednesday that it had counted only 134 sets of human remains. “On Tuesday, the department reported that 146 sets of human remains, some from dismembered bodies, had been recovered.”

FIRE-EARTH believes that such heavy-handed political manipulation of the statistics by the government is a clear and desperate attempt to deny the human factor in the exponentially increasing impact of climate change by way of associating the worst disasters with the past.

However, looming Mega Disasters (forecasts are based on FIRE-EARTH and EDRO dynamic models) will shatter ALL historical records by such massive margins that the politicians could no longer fabricate or fiddle the stats.

Joplin Tornado Track. False-color Satellite image of the deadly EF-5 tornado track taken by ASTER on NASA’s Terra satellite on May 30, 2011. Click image to enlarge. Download largest image (2 MB, JPEG) 

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Update at 12:35UTC on June 2, 2011

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Tornado Death Toll Rises to 89 in Joplin, Missouri

Posted by feww on May 23, 2011

Officials expect to find more bodies

Summary of Tornado Damage in Joplin, Missouri

  • The deadly storm struck Joplin at 17:30 local time (22:30 UTC) on Sunday May 22, 2010.
  • The tornado has killed at least 89 people.
  •  Officials expect to find more bodies.
  • Some 2,000 other buildings have been destroyed.
  • As many as a thousand people have been injured.
  • The tornado that struck Joplin left an estimated path of destruction about 6 miles (10km) long a 3/4 mile (1 km) wide.
  • The death and destruction in Joplin far surpasses the devastation caused by the tornado that struck Tuscaloosa, Alabama in April.
  • In just 10 minutes the deadly tornado destroyed between 30 and 75 percent of the city, according to different reports.
  • St. John’s Regional Medical Center, the main local hospital, took a direct hit, which resulted in “extensive damage,” a hospital spokesman said. “The roof is gone. A lot of the windows are blown out.”
  • Debris from the hospital, including X-rays, were found as far as 45 miles (72km) away.

Joplin Tornado. Frame grab from a news video. Click HERE to view clip.

Extensive Damage, Incredible Loss of Life

  •  “The loss of life is incredible,” said Joplin Mayor Mike Woolston. “We’re still trying to find people. The outlook is pretty bleak.”
  • “We have reports of significant structural damage to strong buildings. Automobiles have been flipped, bark was stripped off trees.” A meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Springfield said.
  • Governor Nixon declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard to help deal with the disaster, stating that the storms “have caused extensive damage across Missouri.” He warned:  “[The storm] continue to pose significant risk to lives and property.”

US Tornado Alley


Tornado Alley is a nickname for an area that consistently experiences a high frequency of tornadoes each year. The area that has the most strong and violent tornadoes includes eastern SD, NE, KS, OK. Northern TX, and eastern Colorado. Source: NSSL/NOAA. Click image to enlarge.

Relative frequency of killer tornado events, 1950-2004. White area indicates area with greatest frequency of tornado-related fatalities during the period. Red area had the second greatest frequency of tornado-related fatalities. © Copyright [2007] American Meteorological Society (AMS).

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2011 Disasters

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Mile-wide Mega Tornado Devastates Alabama

Posted by feww on April 28, 2011

James Anglin, Hackleburg AL City Council member:

“Our town is just devastated”

Tornadoes Destroy Alabama Towns killing 25, Storms Kill 37 People in the South

Storm system is forecast to move into Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky later tonight and into the Carolinas by early Thursday.

Tuscaloosa Mega Tornado

“The city experienced widespread damage from a tornado that cut a path of destruction deep into the heart of the city,” Mayor Walter Maddox said.

Hazard Warnings

  • More than 125 tornadoes have been reported so far today in five states: Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee.
  • Large sections of Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama have been obliterated.
  • At least 25 people are confirmed dead in Alabama.
  • Storms have left 37 people dead in the South; hundreds of others have been injured.
  • Storms are expected to dump up to 7 inches of rain from Arkansas to Ohio.
  • The Black, Mississippi and Ohio rivers are flooding.
  • Widespread, severe flooding reported in Missouri, Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Wednesday reports.

Tuesday reports. Click image to enlarge.

Storm Death Toll [as of posting]

  • Alabama: 25
  •  Mississippi: 8
  • Georgia: 2
  • Arkansas: 1
  • Tennessee: 1

Click image to enter NWS Weather Hazards portal.

Click images to enlarge.

GOES Eastern US SECTOR Infrared Image

Click HERE to update.

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Deadly tornadoes, flooding claim 6 lives, destroy 100 homes

Posted by feww on April 26, 2011

State of emergency has been declared in Arkansas as deadly tornadoes, flooding claim 6 lives, destroy 100 homes

A deadly tornado touched sown in Vilonia, Arkansas (population3,200), north of Little Rock, killing at least one person, destroying up to 100 homes and leaving a half-mile wide path of destruction.

Elsewhere in the state up to five other people have reportedly been killed from drowning or flood related incidents.

About a dozen vehicles were blown off the road on Interstate 40, Arkansas State Police said.

Another tornado reportedly struck Little Rock Air Force Base, destroying/damaging at least four homes on the base, reports said.

A total of 389 reports including 38 tornadoes were received at SPC for Monday, as of posting.


County officials evacuated more than thousands of people in the city of Poplar Bluff and the town of Qulin, as water topped the Black River levee at multiple points.

At least 1,000 people have been evacuated in the states of Indiana, Kentucky and elsewhere in Missouri, as local rivers  crested above the flood stage.

Continued rain threatens to worsen the flooding in the region throughout the week.

Weather Forecast

Click images to enlarge.

GOES Eastern US SECTOR Infrared Image

Quad State Outlook

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Post updated on April 26, 2011 @ 12:09UTC

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