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Volcano Eruption Alert: Mt Nyiragongo Could Explode Imminently

Posted by feww on March 25, 2016

Mount Nyiragongo Showing Signs of Imminent Eruption: Report

Rwanda Red Cross has warned Nyiragongo volcano could erupt at any time, according to a report.

Local researchers say the volcano has been showing increased signs of eruption since February 28, 2016.

The volcano is currently spewing lava and ejecting up to 50,000 tons of volcanic matter per day.

Mt Nyiragongo, a Decade Volcano, is a 3,470-meter high active stratovolcano in the Virunga Mountains. It is located in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, near the border with Rwanda. The two-kilometers-wide main crater usually contains a lava lake.

Nyiragongo 2002 Eruption

In a major eruption that began on January 17, 2002, lava flowed through the city of Goma, where some 400,000 residents had been evacuated.

However, the eruption killed about 150 people [the deaths occurred as a result of carbon dioxide poisoning and buildings collapsing due to volcanic earthquakes and the lava flow] and destroyed about a sixth of the city, leaving more than 120,000 people displaced.

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Etna Erupts Explosively

Posted by feww on April 14, 2012

Mt Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, erupted for the sixth time this year

Etna’s spectacular eruption, which began Thursday, is the 24th explosion since January 2011.

Etna erupted explosively for the 6th time so far this year. Freeze frame from an AP news video clip.

Mount Etna (37.734°N, 15.004°E) is Europe’s highest volcano, towering 3,330m above Catania, Sicily’s second largest city. Photo by Jean-Claude Tanguy, 1991 (University of Paris). Source: GVP.

  • News video clips show large volumes of lava and plumes of smoke and ash being ejected from a new crater on the volcano’s southeast flank.
  • The massive volcano is located about 15km from the village of Zafferana Etnea and 30km from Catania, Sicily’s second largest city.
  • Etna boasts  one of the world’s longest documented records of activity, with its historical volcanism dating back to 1500 BC.
  • The latest eruption which began on Thursday is the 24th in a series that started in January 2011. The last three eruption have occurred in 12-day intervals.
  • Also known as the “the Mountain of Fire,” the basaltic stratovolcano covers an area of about 1,200km2.
  • The Mongibello is in near constant state of activity.
  • More than a quarter of Sicily’s population lives on the slopes of Mount Etna.

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