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Taiwan Typhoon Disaster Warning

Posted by feww on September 27, 2015


21W continues strengthening – almost a Super Typhoon

Typhoon 21W (DUJUAN) threatens Taiwan region with major disasters  –

 –    FIRE-EARTH Models forecast with high probability large scale devastation caused by destructive winds, high waves, torrential rain, flash flooding, mudflows and landslides for the region.

At 13:30UTC – Sunday,  September 27, 2015

  • Position: Near 22.8N, 125.7E
  • Max Wind Speed: ~ 245 km/hr
  • Max Wind Gusts: ~ 295 km/hr
  • Forward Speed and Direction: 14 km/hr – WNW
  • Max Significant Wave Height: ~ 15 meters
    • [Source: Various]

Image Source: Taiwan Central Weather Bureau

Latest Images

Predicted Path

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Flood Disaster Warnings Issued in Central Europe

Posted by feww on June 3, 2013

Czech government declares a state of emergency in most of the country

Flooding in Czech Republic threatens the historic center of capital Prague, forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes.

Levels on the Vltava river that runs through Prague’s center continued to rise Monday. Flood-related incidents have left a dozen people dead or missing, and forced thousands of people to flee their homes in low-lying areas of Prague and western half of the country.

  • The Czech Prime Minister has declared a state of emergency in seven of the country’s 14 administrative regions.
  • Authorities have shut a dozen subway stations in the capital.
  • Many roads and train routes are also closed.
  • All schools in the capital Prague will be closed Monday.

Flooding has also wreaked havoc across Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland.

Severe Flooding in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Dresden, Passau, Rosenheim and several other German cities have declared states of emergency due to severe flooding, with Passau requesting help from the federal army.

At least a dozen people were killed, several others reported missing and hundreds evacuated from their homes as floodwaters continue rising in Germany, Austria and Switzerland following days of torrential rain.

Major Flood Warning in Slovakia

Slovak authorities have issued the highest level of flood warning for the length of the Danube River in the country, as   water level on the river at the confluence with the Morava River topped 7.20 meters and continued rising.

  • Slovakia’s State Shipping Administration has banned all traffic on the Danube River in the country until further notice.

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Australia Disaster Warning

Posted by feww on March 27, 2013

This post has been withheld to prevent Google and its partners making financial gains. —FIRE-EARTH

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