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Exxon Pays Peanuts to the Monkeys

Posted by feww on August 14, 2009

Exxon Killing Fields in 5 States

ExxonMobil Corp pays $600,000 for killing migratory birds in five states

Exxon Mobil  Corp killed some 85 protected birds, including hawks, owls and waterfowl at Exxon drilling and production facilities in Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, Oklahoma and Texas.

Rex WTillerson Exxon
ExxonMobil Corporation CEO, Rex W. Tillerson, shows how Exxon is planning on pushing the birds away before they could come into contact with the corporation’s filthy facilities in the five states in the US. Image may be subject to copyright.

The U.S. Justice Department said on Thursday that “Exxon, the world’s largest publicly traded oil and gas company, had agreed to pay $400,000 in fines and $200,000 in community service payments as part of the plea deal.” Reuters reported.

Exxon reportedly pleaded guilty in Denver federal court to violating a federal law designed to protect migratory birds.

“According to court documents, most of the birds died after exposure to hydrocarbons in uncovered natural gas well reserve pits and waste water storage facilities.”

tailing pond
Tailing Ponds are responsible for killing thousands of birds, including endangeerd species each year. Source of the photo. Image may be subject to copyright.

Texas-based Exxon must now protect the birds by preventing them  from coming into contact with tailing ponds in the five states, DOJ said.

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