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Earth is fighting to stay alive. Mass dieoffs, triggered by anthropogenic assault and fallout of planetary defense systems offsetting the impact, could begin anytime!

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FIRE-EARTH Presentation: Earth and Mars “Entangled Pair”

Posted by feww on October 9, 2018


  • TIA  [September 24, Confidential 10]
  • C&M [September 25, Confidential 6]

Nominated Groups:

  • CJ
  • UUT
  • OCT

FIRE-EARTH Presentation:

Mars’s Past, Earth’s Future

Report prepared by FIRE-EARTH Science (FSCT, FESC, TERG).







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Humans Plague Earth, Declare War on Plastics

Posted by feww on June 10, 2018

  • CJ
  • IGE
  • OCT
  • TML
  • TWM

FIRE-EARTH Presentation: Humans Must Be Stopped From Killing Life On Earth

Prepared and presented by FIRE-EARTH Science and affiliated scientists.

  • Details are available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.







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“Martians’ Greatest Regrets” (Part 1)

Posted by feww on May 6, 2018

  • CJ
  • EAC
  • OCT
  • TML

FIRE-EARTH Presentation:

“Thousands of Years of Harm and Plunder”

[Prepared by FIRE-EARTH Science Teams and affiliated scientists.]

  • Presentation available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.






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Calm Before Tectonics Storm?

Posted by feww on June 28, 2017

  • All Groups

Today is LSAE!

[Prepared by FIRE-EARTH Science Team.]

  • Details via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.


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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Slumlord Scorned

Posted by feww on June 2, 2017

  • All Groups

Which one could be deadlier, him or it?

Even the Martians so-called president wasn’t so criminally stupid!

  • Presentation is available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.


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FIRE-EARTH Presentation: The Cost to Humans – II

Posted by feww on May 25, 2017

  • CJ
  • EAC
  • OC/ TML

The Problem is “YOU”

[Prepared by an affiliated team of political scientists.]

Parts I and II are available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.


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FIRE-EARTH Presentation: The Cost to Humans

Posted by feww on March 30, 2017

  • CJ Members
  • EAC
  • OC Teams

The Problem is “YOU”

Prepared by an affiliated team of political scientists.]

  • Presentation available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.

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FIRE-EARTH Special: Interfacing with Earth – Part III

Posted by feww on October 14, 2016

  • CJ Members
  • EAC

FIRE-EARTH Special: Interfacing with Earth – Part III – DGPVRW

  • Parts I, II and III of the program are now available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.


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FIRE-EARTH Special: Interfacing with Earth – Part II

Posted by feww on October 11, 2016

  • CJ Members
  • EAC

FIRE-EARTH Special: Interfacing with Earth – Part II – TJBKSN

  • Parts I and II of the program are available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.



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FIRE-EARTH Special: Interfacing with Earth – Part I

Posted by feww on October 9, 2016

CJ Members

FIRE-EARTH Special: Interfacing with Earth – Part I – The Eyes and Ears

  • Part I of the program is available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.


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2014: Year Five of Human-Enhanced Natural Disasters

Posted by feww on January 1, 2014


Earth is fighting to stay alive. IF she loses the fight…

For every single step taken to restore the natural life support services, humans take 6,400 steps in the opposite direction, destroying the planet’s ability to maintain life.EDRO

How long did you think your world would last?

Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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The Thing “Stone Scientists” Can’t Understand

Posted by feww on October 10, 2013

Pressed for specific timelines in climate change, presumably due to the pressure exerted by the unparalleled FIRE-EARTH forecasts, a group of “stone-scientists” have come up with datelines of their own projecting “timing of climate departure from recent variability.”

RE: Climate shift to a “new normal”

In a yet another justifying-our-paychecks-n-grants study, yet another group of “stone-scientists” have predicted that:

  • Temperatures in an average year would be hotter by 2047 (give or take 14 years)  than those in the warmest year in  the 1860-2005 time period if the greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise.
  • The tropics would be affected first, including an early shift for Manokwari in Indonesia (2020), and Kingston, Jamaica (2023).
  • Up to 5 billion people would be living in regions outside the limits of historical variability.

The first part of the report’s abstract published by [who else but] Buy/Rent NOW nature.come reads:

The projected timing of climate departure from recent variability

Ecological and societal disruptions by modern climate change are critically determined by the time frame over which climates shift beyond historical analogues. Here we present a new index of the year when the projected mean climate of a given location moves to a state continuously outside the bounds of historical variability under alternative greenhouse gas emissions scenarios. Using 1860 to 2005 as the historical period, this index has a global mean of 2069 (±18years s.d.) for near-surface air temperature under an emissions stabilization scenario and 2047 (±14years s.d.) under a ‘business-as-usual’ scenario. Unprecedented climates will occur earliest in the tropics and among low-income countries…

The reality: Critical Overload Threatens Planetary Life Support Systems

FIRE-EARTH - HION Index - 1 JULY 2013 - hsc2
Diagram shows the exponential growth of Human Impact on Nature (HION) between 1960  and July 2013. Source: FIRE-EARTH Real-Time Earth Models. Copyright: FIRE-EARTH Blog Authors.

The Thing They Can See But Can’t Understand

So what’s the biggest false assumption, misunderstanding or otherwise abject failure to fathom the facts that the “stone-scientists” have made and continue to make?

They treat Earth like a pile of “unrelated,” “disinterested” [dead] rocks that has no impact in what’s happening on and around it. They see the planet as a film studio within which one or more of their scenarios would be bound to play out.

They can’t see Earth and its natural defense mechanisms as the major part of interactive forces in the climate change equation, and life.

They can “see” Mars and all the other “dead” planets that are out there to see, but evidently fail to understand the contrast between life and “non-life.”

Only a living planet can support life, and to continue doing so, Earth, wounded by wanton human impact, must go on fighting to stay alive.

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Symbolic Count- down: 884 Days Left

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Garbage Dump Space!

Posted by feww on February 16, 2009

You’d be wrong, of course, if you thought Earth was the only place transformed to a garbage dump by the planet’s most intelligent species!

This computer-generated image released by the European Space Agency (ESA) on April 15, 2008 shows trackable objects in Low Earth Orbit (LOE) around Earth. There are now more than 12,000 objects that are monitored in orbit, 11,500 pieces of which are in low Earth orbit, which is at an altitude of between 800 and 1,500 kilometres (500 and 950 miles), where there are many commercial, military, scientific and navigational satellites. In low orbit, debris can stay adrift for decades before they eventually burn up in Earth’s atmosphere. Another 1,147 pieces are in geostationary orbit, about satellite orbits in the direction of the Earth’s rotation, at an altitude of approximately 35,786 km (22,240 miles), where telecommunications satellites are typically deployed. Image: Getty Images by AFP/Getty Images. Caption: DayLife. Image may be subject to copyright.

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No End Seen to China Quake Aftershocks

Posted by feww on May 16, 2008

Another major earthquake in the making?

China Earthquake: Large Cluster of Powerful Shocks!

  • Mainshock: 7.9 Magnitude – Monday, May 12, 2008 at 02:28:01 [time at epicenter]
  • Latest aftershock: 5.5 Magnitude – Friday, May 16, 2008 at 01:25:48 PM [time at epicenter]
  • Total number of major aftershocks: 59 [and continuing]

The last 4 aftershocks have strengthened in magnitude from 4.3 to 5.5 Mw. Is there another major shock in the making?

This map shows the predicted (theoretical) travel times, in minutes, of the compressional (P) wave from the earthquake location to points around the globe. The heavy black lines shown are the approximate distances to the P-wave shadow zone (103 to 140 degrees). (Caption: USGS)

Shadow zone

The shadow zone is the area of the earth from angular distances of 104 to 140 degrees from a given earthquake that does not receive any direct P waves. The shadow zone results from S waves being stopped entirely by the liquid core and P waves being bent (refracted) by the liquid core.

Did you know?

Through measuring how P and S waves travel through the earth and out the other side, a seismic wave shadow zone was discovered in about 1910. From the lack of S waves and a great slowing of the P wave velocity (by about 40%) it was deduced that the outer core is made of liquid. The shadow zone also defined the diameter of the core.

[If the outer core was not made of liquid, Earth could probably breakup into several pieces as a result of a v. large earthquake! FEWW]

Text and image: USGS.

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Ich bin eine Coal Girl!

Posted by terres on May 15, 2008

How do you say you’re a “hypocrite” without calling yourself “hippo turd” in German?

Brazil biofuels must respect Amazon: Merkel

German coal-powered plants must respect Earth: The World

German Chancellor Merkel urged Brazil to adopt tougher environmental standards in biofuels production. [She added rich nations needed to pay up to help protect the rainforests’ biodiversity.]

“Biofuels are a way to replace traditional fossil fuels but only if they are produced sustainably,” Merkel said in Brasilia. [She could hardly hide her disgust at the fact that Germany couldn’t import “cheap” Brazilian ethanol anytime soon.]

Merkel and Sarkazy. Two turds of the EU powerhouse. (Credit: Gerald Herbert, AP) Image may be subject to copyright. See FEWW Fair Use Notice!

“There are statistics that raise concerns about deforestation, the process of displacement between soybeans, beef and the rain forest,” Merkel said at a joint news conference with Brazilian President Lula.

Merkel with the other one turd of the EU powerhouse. (Credit: global-metropolis) Image may be subject to copyright. See FEWW Fair Use Notice!

Meanwhile Lula made his statement of the year saying that “Brazil was the most interested of all countries in protecting the Amazon but that the millions of people living there also had a right to prosperity.” (Source)

So, remember children, Lula style “prosperity” first, ecosystems second! Because if you are prosperous, you can tell mother Earth to go F*ck herself!

Previously …

Dr Hansen at Columbia University Earth Institute wrote to Dr Merkel (April 2008 ):

Dear Chancellor Merkel,

Your leadership is needed on a matter concerning coal-fired power plants in your country, a
matter with global ramifications, as I will clarify.

For the sake of identification, I am a United States citizen, director of the NASA Goddard
Institute for Space Studies and Adjunct Professor at the Columbia University Earth Institute. I
write, however, as a private citizen, a resident of Kintnersville, Pennsylvania, on behalf of the
planet and life on Earth, including all species.

I recognize that you strongly support policies aimed at reducing the danger of global warming.
Also Germany has been a leader in pressing for appropriate international actions.

Yet there are plans for construction of new coal-fired power plants in Germany. Consummation
of those plans would contribute to foreseeable adverse consequences of global warming.
Conversely, a choice not to build could be a tipping point that seeds a transition that is needed to
solve the global warming problem. […] (Source)

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China Quake Death Toll Nearly 10,000

Posted by feww on May 12, 2008

UPDATE # 1 – China Quake


Most farmers’ homes in two townships have collapsed and there is no word from the three townships nearest the epicenter, which have a population of 24,000. (Source)

Local residents search for their belongings in the debris of a collapsed house after an earthquake in Dujiangyan, Sichuan province May 12, 2008, in this picture distributed by China’s official Xinhua News Agency. REUTERS/Xinhua/Chen Xie (Caption: Reuters)

Video: Powerful quake strikes China

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That’s Mars’ Sister!

Posted by feww on April 7, 2008


[Updated] Index of Human Impact on Nature (HIoN) March 2008

As of End March 2008, the MSRB-CASF Index of Human Impact on Nature (HIoN), an index for calculating the full impact of human consumption and activities on the Earth’s life support systems, stood at a terminally high level of 177.43, a rise of about 3.5 percent over the previous year. In other words, the full human impact including the ecological footprint and the damage inflicted on the living environment by his activities in the 12-month period ending March 2008 was 77.43 percent higher than the load which the planet’s ecosystems in their current state can cope with.

Components of HIoN
The HIoN Index integrates updated data and methodology used by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Synthesis Report for Global Status of Provisioning, Regulating, and Cultural Ecosystem services.

Before and After [Top : Blue Marble composite images generated by NASA. Bottom (left), Mars from Hubble Space Telescope, (right) “Late spring on Mars” portrait taken with the HST Wide Field Planetary Camera-2 by NASA. Final composite image by FEWW.]

According to HIoN projections, our cities and population centers would become almost entirely unsustainable by as early as 2015.


Source: Index of Human Impact on Nature

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How many are up there polluting our skies?

Posted by msrb on March 22, 2008

There’s a fundamental systemic problem. It’s called exponential growth economy and it’s degrading, polluting, tearing apart, destroying and otherwise killing off everything in its domain. In the absence of a ‘radical’ change to the economic system our world is rapidly falling apart.

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Worldwide Airport Traffic Summary [YE December 2007]

Passengers : 4,479,822,865 (Up 6.4% YoY)

Air Freight (Mt) : 80,342,643 (Up 2.5% YoY)

Aircraft Movements : 68,636,424 (Up 2.4% YoY)

Copyright Airports Councils International. See Fair Use Notice

Note: Total passengers are rounded off to the nearest 10,000
Source: Airports Councils International

“Thank God men cannot as yet fly and lay waste the sky as well as the earth!” ~ Henry David Thoreau


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