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Google, Apple, Intel and Adobe to Pay $324m to Settle Conspiracy Lawsuit

Posted by feww on April 25, 2014

We Told You Schmitt was a Pathological Liar and Jobs a …

This is how they treat their workers?

Four leading tech companies headed by Google and Apple have agreed to pay a total of $324 million to settle a lawsuit accusing them of conspiring to hold down salaries in Silicon Valley, just weeks before a trial had been scheduled to begin, Reuters quoted “sources familiar with the deal” as saying.

“Tech workers filed a class action lawsuit against Apple Inc, Google Inc, Intel Inc and Adobe Systems Inc in 2011, alleging they conspired to refrain from soliciting one another’s employees in order to avert a salary war. They planned to ask for $3 billion in damages at trial, according to court filings. That could have tripled to $9 billion under antitrust law,” said a report by Reuters posted HERE.

Note: The above image incorporates the Google logo, which is a trade mark of that evil corporation.

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Super Typhoon HAIYAN’S Arm Battering the Philippines

Posted by feww on November 7, 2013

UPDATED AT 07:00UTC – November 7, 2013

Eric Schmidt you’re a LIAR!


Search term “Super Typhoon HAIYAN” does not list FIRE-EARTH on Google (we tried the first 12 pages), even though FEWW was the first source in the world to forecast Super Typhoon status for HAIYAN.


“Extraterrestrial” Typhoon HAIYAN, the most powerful storm of 2013, continues to intensify

At 5:30UTC on November 7, 2013 Super Typhoon HAIYAN was located about 690km ESE (106 degrees) of Homonhon Island (Eastern Samar, Philippines), moving WNW (285 degrees) at an average speed of about 30 km/hr.

Super Typhoon HAIYAN could cause large-scale destruction along its path, according to FIRE-EARTH Models.

HAIYAN is forecast to dump up to 500mm of rain on some parts of the Philippines.

Super Typhoon HAIYAN  (TY 1330)

  • Time: 05:30UTC – November 7, 2013
  • Movement: WNW (285 degrees) at 30 km/hr
  • Position: Near 8.9ºN, 132.0ºE
  • Location: About 690km ESE (106 degrees) of Homonhon Island (Eastern Samar, Philippines)
  • Max Sustained Winds: 290km/hr [increasing to about 300 km/hr —FIRE-EARTH Forecast]
  • Max Wind Gusts: 340km/hr [increasing to about 350 km/hr —FIRE-EARTH Forecast]
  • Significant Wave Height: 16m [Expected to rise —FIRE-EARTH Forecast]
  • Source: FIRE-EARTH and others

Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated in the Philippines ahead of the Super Typhoon’s arrival. The typhoon, locally named “YOLANDA,” is expected to make landfall as a Cat. 4C storm force in eastern Visayas, Philippines on Friday.

google logo of the day 2
Super Typhoon HAIYAN Special Message.

haiyan 7nov13
VISIBLE/INFRARED  [FIRE-EARTH Enhancement] satellite image  – recorded at 04:30UTC on November 7, 2013. Original image sourced from: CIMSS/SSEC/WISC.

Since 2011, several typhoons including WASHI, BOPHA and KROSA have affected millions of people in the Philippines, flattening coastal towns, killing more than 3,000 people, destroying crops, razing tens of thousands of homes, and causing up to $2billion worth of damage to public infrastructure.

Details of the most destructive typhoons to strike the Philippines can be found on this blog.

More details to follow…

Typhoon List 2013 – Stats for NW Pacific Basin

typhoon list 2013 4-11-2013

  • The 60 year average (1951-2010) No of Typhoons by 4 November: 23
  • No of typhoons so far this year: 30
  • Percent Increase: 30.4 [Calculated by FIRE-EARTH blog]

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GOOGLE: ‘The Search Engine from Hell’

Posted by feww on July 1, 2011

Another Memo to Google

Here’s why some of our colleagues have dubbed Google ‘The Search Engine from Hell’

To : Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and the rest of Google management and staff

Subject : Once again your immoral earnings prevailed over lives.

Starting May 9, 2009 FIRE-EARTH and Apartheid New Zealand Blog posted several travel warning messages, including the following, in order to warn would-be travelers about the dangers of visiting New Zealand:

A Warning to Visitors to New Zealand [message dated May 9, 2009:]

Climatological and Geological Warning!

The New Zealand region is about to experience significant climatological events and large-scale geological and tectonic activity. Would be visitors are advised to stay out of the area for the foreseeable future.

On July 16, 2009 FIRE-EARTH posted Global Travel Warning!


FEWW is re-posting the WARNING with renewed urgency:

Seismic, Volcanic and Climatological Warning!

The New Zealand region is undergoing large-scale tectonic [seismological and volcanic] activities and significant climatological events. Would be visitors are well advised to stay clear of the area for the foreseeable future.

The Evil of Google

Unfortunately, Google blocked or buried the above messages as well as other warnings that could have saved lives.

In 2010, WordPress disabled blog features including tags and categories which drastically reduced Internet traffic to Apartheid Fort New Zealand blog.

On February 22, 2011, the devastating Christchurch earthquake destroyed most of the city and killed at least 181 people, most of whom were foreign visitors. (See below for a gov list of victims names.)

FIRE-EARTH and  Apartheid Fort New Zealand blog Moderators have no doubt whatever that some of the Christchurch quake victims would have still been alive had the contents of the two blogs not been censored by Google. [The Moderators also hold the NZ  gov., WordPress and others involved in the censorship partially responsible for these deaths.]

Once again your immoral earnings prevailed over lives. YOU pose an ever-growing existential threat to the world.

Reproduced with the permission of Apartheid Fort New Zealand

A Partial List of Christchurch Earthquake Victims

Posted by te2ataria on June 28, 2011

Victims of the World’s Top Tourist Deathtrap

… many more people may have died in the Chch quake, but the truth may never be revealed

The following names were released by NZ Police

[Names of at least a half dozen Aussies that were killed in the quake remain a state secret.]


  • Dr Maysoon Mahdi ABBAS, age 61 (from Iraq)
  • Lalaine Collado AGATEP, age 38 (female) from the Philippines
  • Dr Husam Sabar AL-ANI, age 55 of Christchurch (a NZ citizen from Iraq)
  • Jane-Marie ALBERTS, age 44 of Christchurch
  • Mary Louise Anne Bantillo AMANTILLO, age 23 (female) of the Philippines
  • Emmabelle Cabahug ANOBA, age 26 (female) of the Philippines
  • Jayden Brytane ANDREWS-HOWLAND, age 15 of Aranui, Christchurch
  • Marina ARAI, age 19 (female) of Japan
  • Linda Isobel ARNOLD,  age 57 of Christchurch


  • Dr Dominic Joseph Gerard BELL,  age 45 of Christchurch
  • Valquin Descalsota BENSURTO, age 23 (male) of the Philippines
  • Heidi Julie BERG, age 36 (female) of Christchurch
  • Matthew Lyle BEAUMONT, age 31 (male), of Christchurch
  • Carey Stuart BIRD, age 48, a NZ citizen resident in Australia
  • Andrew James Llewellyn BISHOP, age 33 of Christchurch
  • Nina Jane BISHOP, age 32 of Christchurch
  • Pamela (Pam) Maree BRIEN, age 54 (female) of Christchurch
  • Rhys Frank BROOKBANKS, age 25 of Christchurch
  • Melanie Jane BROWN, age 54 of Christchurch
  • Henry Ross BUSH, age 75 of Christchurch


  • Ivy Jane CABUNILAS, age 33 of the Philippines
  • Yu CAI, age 31 (female) of China
  • Ian Neville CALDWELL, age 47 of Christchurch
  • Cristiano CARAZO-CHANDLER, age 35 (male) of Christchurch
  • Helen Margaret CHAMBERS, age 44 of Christchurch
  • Yang CHEN, Age 29 (female) of China
  • John Kristoffer Villegas CHUA, age 24 (male) of the Philippines
  • Susan Patricia CHUTER, age 52 of Christchurch
  • Stephen COCHRANE,  aged 43 of Bromley, Christchurch
  • Rachel Elizabeth CONLEY, age 27 of the United States of America
  • Philip Graeme Reeve COPPEARD, age 41 of Christchurch
  • Patrick John COUPE, age 46 of Christchurch
  • Donald Ashby COWEY,  age 82 of Christchurch
  • Andrew Christian Ross CRAIG, age 46 of Christchurch
  • John Barry CRAIG (known as Barry), age 67 of Christchurch
  • Estelle Marie CULLEN, age 32 of Christchurch
  • Dr Tamara CVETANOVA, age 42 (female) of Serbia, resident in Christchurch


  • Betty Irene DICKSON, age 82 of Christchurch
  • Joanna Clare DIDHAM, age 35 of Christchurch
  • Jennifer Ann DONALDSON, age 55 of Christchurch
  • Paul Clarence DUNLOP, age 67 of Rolleston Selwyn District


  • Marielle FALARDEAU, age 60 of Canada
  • Dian Mary FALCONER, age 54 of Christchurch
  • Adam Stephen FISHER, age 27 of Belfast, Christchurch
  • Maureen Valerie FLETCHER, age 75 of Christchurch
  • Ian FOLDESI, age 64 (male) of Christchurch
  • Jewel Jose FRANCISCO, age 26 of the Philippines


  • Samuel Reese GIBB, age 27 of Christchurch
  • Jaime Robert McDowell GILBERT, age 22 of Christchurch
  • Joanne May GILES, age 60 of Christchurch
  • Baxtor GOWLAND, age 5 months of Christchurch
  • Elizabeth Jane GRANT (known as Jane) age 51 (female) of Belfast, Christchurch


  • Natasha Sarah HADFIELD, age 38 of Kaiapoi
  • Yuki HAMASAKI, age 23 (female) of Japan
  • Xiling HAN, age 25 (female) of China
  • Tamara Lia HARCA, age 59 (female) from Romania, resident in Christchurch
  • Jayden HARRIS, age 8 months of Christchurch
  • Yuki HASUMOTO, age 22 (female) of Japan
  • Yumiko HATA (female), age 29 of Japan
  • Miki HAYASAKA, age 37 female) from Japan
  • Wen HE, age 25 (female) of China
  • Jen/Jin HII, age 34 (female) of Malaysia
  • Yuko HIRABAYASHI, age 28 (female) from Japan
  • Yoshiko HIRAUCHI, age 61 of Japan
  • Marion Isabella McKirdy HILBERS, age 49 of Christchurch
  • Christopher Grant HOMAN, age 34 of Christchurch
  • Amanda Jane HOOPER, age 30 of Rolleston, Christchurch
  • Megumi HORITA (female), age 19 of Japan
  • Hifumi HOSHIBA, age 41 (female) from Japan
  • Siwen HUO (female), age 28 of China
  • Haruki HYAKUMAN (male), age 27 of Japan
  • Rika HYUGA, age 30 (female) of Japan


  • Toshiko IMAOKA, age 34 (female), of Japan
  • Gabi INGEL, age 22 of Israel
  • Thanydha INTARANGKUN, age 36 (female), of Thailand
  • Tomoki ISHIKURO, age 19 (male) of Japan


  • Kyle Brandon JACK-MIDGLEY, age 27 from Christchurch
  • Man JIN, age 26 (female) of China


  • Kayo KANAMARU, age 19 (female) of Japan
  • Kyoko KAWAHATA, age 20 of Japan
  • Beverley Faye KENNEDY, age 60 of Christchurch
  • Saori KIKUDA, age 19 (female) of Japan
  • Yasuhiro KITAGAWA (male), age 39 of Japan


  • Chang LAI, age 27 (female) of China
  • Wai Fong LAU, age 87 of Christchurch
  • Hsin Hung LEE, age 32 (female) of Taiwan
  • Normand LEE, age 25 of Christchurch
  • Jin-Yan LENG, age 30 (female), of China
  • Ofer LEVY, age 22 of Israel
  • De LI, age 18 (male) of China
  • Wanju LI, age 44 (female) of China
  • Xia LI (female), age 42 of China
  • Phimphorn LIANGCHUEA (female), age 41 of Thailand
  • Adrienne Isobel LINDSAY, age 54 of Christchurch
  • Haruthaya LUANGSURAPEESAKUL, age 32 of Thailand
  • Scott William Emerson LUCY, age 38
  • Catherine McNicol LUNNEY, age 62 of Christchurch


  • Donna Merrie MANNING, age 43 of Christchurch
  • Kelly Lynn MAYNARD, age 43 of Christchurch
  • Philip John McDONALD, age 57 of Ashburton
  • Matthew Stuart McEACHEN, age 25
  • Owen Thomas McKENNA, age 40 of Christchurch
  • Teresa MCLEAN (nee ELMS) age 40 (female) a NZ Citizen from Great Britain, resident in Kaiapoi
  • Heather Marilyn MEADOWS, age 66 (female) of Christchurch
  • Ezra Mae Sabayton MEDALLE, age 24 (female) of Philippines
  • Janet Dawn MELLER, age 58, of Christchurch
  • Adrienne MEREDITH, age 36 of Christchurch
  • Ofer Binyamin MIZRAHI, age 22 of Israel
  • Kelsey Sinitta MOORE, age 18 of Christchurch
  • Emi MURAKAMI, age 19 (female) of Japan
  • Jillian Lesley MURPHY, age 48 of Christchurch


  • Melissa Ann NEALE, age 41 of Wellington
  • Erica Avir Reyes NORA, age 20 (female) of Phillipines


  • Blair James O’CONNOR, age 34 of Christchurch
  • John Joseph O’CONNOR, age 40 of Ireland
  • Noriko OTSUBO, age 41 (female) of Japan


  • Linda Rosemary PARKER, age 50 of Christchurch
  • Joseph Tehau POHIO, age 40 of Christchurch
  • Taneysha Gail PRATTLEY, age 5 weeks of Christchurch
  • Wanpen PREEKLANG, age 45 (female), of Thailand


  • Jessie Lloyd REDOBLE, age 30 (male) of the Philippines
  • Deborah Ann ROBERTS, age 39 of Christchurch
  • Joseph Stuart ROUTLEDGE (known as Stuart), age 74 of Christchurch
  • Lucy ROUTLEDGE, age 74 of Christchurch


  • Saya SAKUDA, age 19 (female) of Japan
  • Yoko SAKURAI, age 27 (female) of Japan
  • Jeff Pelesa SANFT, age 32 of Christchurch
  • Gillian SAYERS, age 43 of Christchurch (UK citizen)
  • Susan Lyn SELWAY, age 50 (female) of Christchurch
  • Emma SHAHARUDIN, age 35 of Lincoln, Christchurch
  • Dr Allan Alexander SINCLAIR, age 45 of Christchurch
  • Christopher Patrick SMITH, age 48 of Selwyn
  • Christine Patricia (Trish) STEPHENSON, age 61 of Christchurch
  • Reta STEWART, age 81 (female) of Christchurch (This is one of four deaths that may have been earthquake related and has been referred to the Corner)
  • Beverley May STICK, age 71 of Christchurch
  • Earl Nicholas STICK, age 78 of Christchurch
  • Neil Glyn STOCKER, age 58
  • Michael Stuart Coulter STYANT, age 41 of Christchurch
  • Yoko SUZUKI, 31 (female), of Japan


  • Te Taki (Wally) TAIRAKENA, age 60 of Christchurch
  • Hiroko TAMANO, age 43 (female), from Japan
  • Brian Warrington TAYLOR, age 66 (male) of Christchurch
  • Isaac James THOMPSON, age 21, of Rangiora
  • Desley Ann THOMSON, age 32 of Christchurch
  • Lesley Jane THOMSON, age 55 of Christchurch
  • Gregory James TOBIN, age 25 of Christchurch
  • Shane Robert TOMLIN, age 42 of Christchurch
  • Asuka TSUCHIHASHI (female), age 28 of Japan
  • Hui Yun TU (female), age 22 of China


  • Yurika UCHIHIRA, age 19 (female) of Japan
  • Amanda Jayne (Mandy) URIAO, age 38 of Christchurch


  • Jittra WAITHAYATADAPONG (female), age 40 of Thailand
  • Limin WANG, age 32 (female) of China
  • Tao WANG, age 29 (female) of China
  • Graham WEILD, age 77
  • Joan Dorothy WEILD, age 76
  • Lisa Patricia WILLEMS, age 43 of Christchurch
  • Julie Kathryn WONG, age 37 of Christchurch (dual UK and NZ citizenship)
  • Siriphan WONGBUNNGAM, age 27 of Thailand
  • Murray John WOOD, age 56 of Christchurch
  • Owen Morris WRIGHT, age 40 of Lyttelton
  • Stephen Robert WRIGHT, age 46 of Christchurch
  • Paul Khye Soon WU, age 60 of Christchurch (NZ citizen from Malaysia)


  • Sisi XIN, age 28 (female) of China
  • Linlin XU, age 26 (female) of China
  • Xiujuan XU, age 47 (female), of China


  • Ayako YAMAGUCHI, age 30 (female) of Japan
  • Mina YAMATANI, age 19 (female) of Japan
  • Didem YAMAN, age 31 (female) of Turkey
  • Caiying YE, age 27 (female) of China
  • Saki YOKOTA, age 19 (female) of Japan
  • Gilhwan YU, age 23 of Korea
  • Naon YU, age 21 (female) of South Korea


  • Hui ZHANG (female), age 34 of China
  • Weiyu ZHANG, age 30 (female) of China
  • Di-Di ZHANG, age 23 (female), of China
  • Yantao ZHONG, age 31 (female) of China
  •  Xioa-Li ZHOU, age 26 (female), of China

Unidentified Victims

  • Shawn LUCAS, age 40 (male) of Christchurch
  • Rhea Mae SUMALPONG, age 25 (female) of the Philipines
  • Elsa TORRES DE FROOD, age 53 (female) of Peru (NZ resident)
  • Valeri VOLNOV, age 41 (male) of Russia (NZ resident)

To Google/WordPress: Some of these victims might have still been alive, if YOU hadn’t censored/buried warnings posted on this blog.

Shame on YOU Eric Schmidt et al!

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An Open Letter to Google Management, Employees

Posted by feww on May 16, 2010

YOU Stand Accused of Complicity in Mass Homicide

An Open Letter to Google Management and Employees Including

Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Nikesh Arora, Laszlo Bock, Shona L. Brown, W. M. Coughran, Jr., Alan Eustace, Urs Hölzle, Jeff Huber, Omid Kordestani, Patrick Pichette, Jonathan Rosenberg, Rachel Whetstone, Susan Wojcicki, Vinton G. Cerf, Stuart Feldman, Jen Fitzpatrick, Ben Fried, Vic Gundotra, Udi Manber, Nelson Mattos, Brian McClendon, Cosmos Nicolaou, Sridhar Ramaswamy, Andy Rubin, Alfred Spector, Benjamin Sloss Treynor, Linus Upson, Jeff Dean, Sanjay Ghemawat, Amit Singhal, John Hanke, Bradley Horowitz, Salar Kamangar, Marissa Mayer, Neal Mohan, Sundar Pichai,  Mario Queiroz, Stephanie Tilenius, Daniel Alegre, Carlo d’Asaro Biondo, Francoise Brougher, Henrique de Castro, Margo Georgiadis, Dave Girouard, John Herlihy, Claire Hughes Johnson, Sanjay Kapoor, Dr. John Liu, Michael Lock, Norio Murakami, Penry Price, Philipp Schindler, Amit Singh, Lorraine Twohill, Dennis Woodside, David Lawee, Megan Smith, Matt Sucherman, Kent Walker, Nicole Wong, Kristen Gil, Brent Callinicos, Mark Fuchs, David Radcliffe,  Jason Wheeler, Liane Hornsey and all others employees of Google, Inc. whose names are not listed here.

YOU ARE proactively censoring, blocking and hiding vital information that could otherwise save lives!

Thousands of people are dying and many more receiving serious injuries throughout the world as a result of your corporate policies and censorship practice.

YOU ARE  suppressing important information from the public. By filtering, blocking and burying vital safety information posted on this and other blogs, YOU and YOUR COMPANY, Google, Inc.,  are preventing the potential victims from making informed decisions concerning their travel plans, modes of travel, activities, and where to visit or live. As a result, thousands of people are losing their lives and many more sustaining serious injuries.

How do you sleep at night knowing your corporation is responsible, at least implicated, for so many deaths and injuries

Ruben Van Assouw, 9, was the sole survivor of plane crash in Libya. His parents Patrick, 40, Trudy, 41, and his brother Enzo were among 103 people who were killed in the crash.  Image taken from TV on Wednesday. Image may be subject to copyright. Click image to enlarge.

Bree O’Mara, a South African award-winning author was one of at least 10 South Africans who died in the plane crash in Libya. Source BBC. Image may be subject to copyright. See FEWW Fair USE Notice.

How do you live with yourselves knowing that you could have saved the lives of at least some of the people listed below, and many other dead victims who are not listed here, as well as preventing thousands more from receiving serious injuries?

How can you justify to your kids or family, if you have any, that by simply doing nothing to suppress information posted on this and other blogs, you could have allowed the parents of now orphaned kids to make  informed decisions concerning the safety of their travel plans, places they visit and activities they carry out?

How many are there amongst you who can find the courage and integrity to reply to this open letter, acknowledging your complicity in so many deaths and injuries, apologizing to the victims’ families and undertaking to NO longer censor information that could save lives, regardless of your monetary interests?


Libby Templeman … her body was found in undergrowth. She may have still been alive today, if her parents could have make an informed decision concerning their immigration based on all the information that should have been available, but Google suppressed.

emily jordan
British tourist Emily Jordan was killed tragically, though avoidably.  later she became the laughing stock of the people whose negligence led to her death.

There are hundreds of other people who died unnecessarily, at least some of whom could have still been alive, if Google had not prevented the safety information posted on this and other blogs from reaching them.

See listing at :

A Token List of Some of the Injury Victims:

There are many hundreds of people who needlessly receive life-threatening injuries, at least some of which could have been prevented had Google allowed vital safety information posted on this and other blogs to reach them.

This blog posts important information that could help save the lives of many Americans and other nationalities. However, Google prevents the vital news and analysis from reaching the potential victims.

Related Links:


Serial No 1,734. Starting April 2010, each entry on this blog has a unique serial number. If any of the numbers are missing, it may mean that the corresponding entry has been blocked by Google/the authorities in your country. Please drop us a line if you detect any anomaly/missing number(s).

65bullets, 5 photos, 10 paragraphs

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