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M6.3 ‘Explosion’ near Sungjibaegam, North Korea –USGS

Posted by feww on September 3, 2017


UPDATE: Japanese officials confirm the NK event as a nuclear test. [05:20UTC]

Powerful Seismic Shock Recorded 22km ENE of Sungjibaegam, North Korea

The shock is believed caused by N. Korea’s sixth nuclear test, a two-stage thermonuclear weapon.

The explosion was exactly 10 times more powerful than the previous nuclear test conducted by NK in 2016.

“Possible explosion, located near the site where North Korea has detonated nuclear explosions in the past. If this event was an explosion, the USGS National Earthquake Information Center cannot determine its type, whether nuclear or any other possible type.” –USGS

Event Details:

Magnitude: 6.3 mb [Possible Explosion]
Location: 41.343°N, 129.036°E;  depth = 0.0 km
Region: Hamgyong-bukto
Date-Time: 2017-09-03, 03:30:01 UTC
Nearby Places:

  • Sŭngjibaegam, North Korea | 22.8 km (14.1 mi) ENE | Population: 11,786
  • Hau-ri, North Korea | 39.7 km (24.7 mi) WNW | Population: 13,581
  • Kilju, North Korea | 48.7 km (30.2 mi) NNW | Population: 63,652
  • Hoemul-li, North Korea | 54.0 km (33.5 mi) W | Population: 11,681
  • Hyesan-si, North Korea | 72.1 km (44.8 mi) E | Population: 192,680


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Nuclear Power: Explosion Rocks Flamanville NPP in France

Posted by feww on February 9, 2017

Explosion and fire reported at Flamanville NPP, N. France

About a dozen people have been injured in an explosion that rocked Flamanville Nuclear Power Plant in Manche, Cotentin Peninsula, on France’s northern coast, according to local reports.

The power plant houses two pressurized water reactors (PWRs) that produce a total of 2.6 GWe. They came into service in 1986 and 1987, respectively. Their combined annual output of about 19 TWh is the equivalent of 4.5% of the fission-electricity production in France.

  • Additional information is available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.

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Ankara Blast a False Flag by Turkish President, Allies?

Posted by feww on February 18, 2016

Sent by a reader

Powerful explosion in Ankara leaves more than 100 dead or injured

Erdogan and his allies are inciting the Turkish military to cross the border into Syria to protect their assets, the terrorist groups that are losing the war to Syrian government forces. And what better way to realize  their evil plot than by bombing the military’s own!

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has vowed to retaliate against the perpetrators of a powerful explosion in the capital Ankara that killed about 30 people and injured more than 60 others, most of them soldiers.

“Turkey will not shy away from using its right to self-defense at any time, any place or any occasion,” Erdogan said.

“Our determination to retaliate to these attacks, in Turkey and abroad, which aim at our unity, togetherness and future, is increasing with such actions.”

A key to Turkish president’s state of mind is the phrase “any place,” which indicates the extent of his Machiavellian scheme.

Unsurprisingly, no group has so far claimed responsibility for the explosion. Any future claims of responsibility may well be a part of the false flag operation.

In a separate explosion in the Swedish capital Stockholm, a building housing a Turkish cultural center was damaged on Wednesday, officials said.

Double-suicide bombing at a Kurdish peace rally in Ankara

In October 2015, more than a hundred people were killed in a double-suicide bombing at a Kurdish peace rally in Ankara. That bombing was also sanctioned by Erdogan.

Eyewitnesses said the explosions were carried out by suicide bombers and that there were no police personnel present near the crime scene when the bombing occurred. The riot police arrived at the scene about 15 minutes later, according to HDP Foreign Affairs Commission.

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Explosion Destroys Chemical Plant in E China’s Shandong Province

Posted by feww on August 22, 2015

Powerful shockwave felt with 5-km radius of explosion

A large explosion has occurred at a chemical plant in eastern China’s Shandong province, reported the People’s Daily China. The site is reportedly less than a kilometer from residential areas.

The powerful blast destroyed the plant and shattered windows in nearby houses. It was felt within a five-kilometer radius of the explosion, local media reported.

Injuries have been reported. Residents in nearby communities are being evacuated.

Tianjin Blast Update

Meanwhile, death toll from north China’s Tianjin blast has risen to 121, including 67 fire crews and seven police officers, authorities said on Saturday.

A total of 54 people are still missing, including 37 fire crews and four police officers, ten days after the powerful blasts ripped through the plant in Tianjin Port on August 12, said the report

Some 640 people remain hospitalized, including 48 who were critically injured.

“Water samples from seven out of 27 locations within the [disaster] zone contained excessive levels of cyanide. The worst was up to 54.6 times higher than safe levels.”

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China Explosions: Dozens Dead, Hundreds Injured

Posted by feww on August 13, 2015

Powerful Tianjin blasts kills 44, injures 521

The death toll from powerful explosions in the northern Chinese port of Tianjin has climbed to 44, including 12 firecrews, reported the official Xinhua news agency.

At least 521 people have been hospitalized including 52 critically injured, said the report.

Up to 40 people are reported as missing, according to other reports.

A total of 3,500 people have been relocated to 10 nearby schools, Zhang Yong, head of the Binhai district government said [adding that] the number will reach to 6,000 by Thursday night…

The office building of Chinese supercomputer Tianhe-1, one of the world’s fastest supercomputers, suffered damage. Sources at Tianhe-1 told Xinhua the computer is not damaged, but they have shut down some of its operations as a precaution.

Tianhe-1 provides data services to more than 300 organizations across China, including several universities and banks.

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Two W Virginia Towns Evacuated after Derailed Train Explodes

Posted by feww on February 17, 2015

State of emergency declared in West Virginia after derailed train explodes

A freight train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded forcing the residents in two West Virginia towns to evacuate, 

At least 1,000 people were evacuated, said a state official.

The incident occurred in Fayette County in southern W Virginia at about 18:30UTC on Monday, as the two-locomotive, 109-car CSX-owned train carrying Bakken crude was traveling from North Dakota to Yorktown, Virginia.

As many as 15 tanker cars were involved in the derailment and fiery explosion, and some of the oil leaking into the Kanawha River had also caught fire after the incident, said officials.

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Disaster Diary: August 2, 2014

Posted by feww on August 2, 2014

SCENARIOS 911, 909, 888, 699, 606, 444, 201, 111, 070, , 09, 04, 02

Israel murders 107 Palestinians overnight searching for missing soldier

Israeli military murdered at least 107 Palestinians in Gaza overnight, while searching for a missing soldier, who may have been killed by friendly fire, said reports.

The renewed violence came after a tentative 72-hour ceasefire agreement on Friday broke down.

Israelis have murdered at least 1,655 Palestinians and wounded 8,900 others, said the health ministry in Gaza since July 8. Most of the victims have been civilian, according to the U.N.

Deadly landslide buries dozens of homes in Nepal

A massive landslide triggered by heavy rains in northeast Nepal has buried dozens of homes leaving dozens dead or missing, injuring dozens many more and forcing thousands to flee their homes.

“The landslide has blocked the Sunkoshi river, east of the capital Kathmandu, forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes and move to higher ground,” said Bbc.

China Factory Explosion Kills Dozens

A powerful factory blast killed at least 68 people and injured about 200 others in Kunshan City, east China’s Jiangsu Province, earlier today, said Xinhua.

Some 44 people were killed during the blast, while 24 others later. At least 137 of the injured have been transferred to hospitals in nearby cities of Suzhou, Wuxi, Nantong and Shanghai, said the report.

Indian landslide: Hopes for Survivors Fading

Rescuers say hopes of finding survivors in India landslide that buried more than 100 people are fading, as the confirmed death toll topped 50.

Wednesday’s landslide buried almost an entire village in India’s western state of Maharashtra, destroying dozens of homes. More than 100 people remain missing.

Japanese war criminal’s confession of torture and rape released

BEIJING, Aug. 2 (Xinhua)—The confession of Mitsuaki Kimura, a Japanese war criminal, detailing his involvement in the capture and torture of Chinese people during Japan’s war of aggression against China was published Saturday.

The confession is the latest in a series published on the website of China’s State Archives Administration (SAA).

According to his written confession, Kimura served as lieutenant captain of the Japanese Garrison Army in Handan, Hebei in January 1939 and as captain of Boli County Military Police Branch of the “Manchukuo” from 1944 to 1945.

In 1942, he led and instructed Gubeikou Military Police to arrest and interrogate about 30 soldiers of the Eighth Route Army in Shixia Township and arrested another 150 in April.

More than 150 soldiers were captured in 1943, with seven of them tortured to death during the interrogation.

Kimura said he accused a Chinese businessman in Jining County of being an agent of the Soviet Union, arrested his daughter aged about 20 for interrogation and forced her to become his servant in 1945.

“In July, when my wife was not at home I was sexually stimulated on seeing her. I raped her,” he said in the confession.

This is the 31st of 45 Japanese war criminal confessions the SAA plans to publish. It has been issuing one a day since July 3.

The move follows denials of war crimes by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Japanese right-wing politicians.

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Massive Explosions Destroy Power Station, Refineries, Oil Tanker

Posted by feww on June 9, 2014

4 Massive Explosions in 10 Days Destroy 2 Refineries, a Power Station, an oil Tanker

Fire crews extinguished a major fire after an explosion ripped through a refinery owned by Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical Co. in Nanjing, capital of east China’s Jiangsu Province, June 9, 2014.

refinery explosion - xinhua
“Crude oil tanks near the sulfur recovery facility at the refinery exploded Monday noon, and three of eight oil tanks at the site were on fire after the explosion toppled them down. It was not immediately known whether the blast and fire have caused casualties.” (Xinhua/Wang Wei)

Deadly blast destroys “Europe’s worst polluter”

A massive blast at a coal-fired power station outside Kosovo’s capital Pristina has left at least three people dead, and 14 others injured, officials say.

The explosion occurred on Friday at the Kosovo A plant , the country’s second largest, and was felt in the capital Pristina about 10km away.

Kosovo A and B power plants produce more than 90% of the country’s electricity.

The aging Kosovo A plant, the country’s second largest with the capacity of 450 MW, is cited as the worst single-point source of pollution in Europe. The plant was scheduled to be closed by 2017.

kosovo a power plant -s- AP photo
The 40-year-old Kosovo A power plant, said to be Europe’s worst polluter, sustained major damage and was shut down after a hydrogen tank exploded on Friday, June 6, 2014. Image credit: AP.

Massive explosion, fire at Shell plant in the Netherlands

A massive explosion at a Shell production plant in Moerdijk, Netherlands, occurred on June 3, 2014.

People living as far as 10 miles away from the plant reported several  enormously loud explosions, which shook the ground like  earthquakes, followed by a major fire.

The explosion and subsequent fire occurred in a reactor of the MSPO-2 installation, which produces styrene monomer and propylene oxide, disabled the unit, said Shell Nederland Chemie BV.

shell plant explosion
Explosion paralyzes Shell’s Netherlands Moerdijk plant. Image Credit: IlseAngel via Internet.

Japanese oil tanker explodes, sinks off SW Japan coast

A 998-ton Japanese oil tanker, Shoko Maru,  exploded off the coast of Hyogo prefecture, about 450km west of Tokyo, on May 29, 2014.

The vessel slowly listed and sank within hours, said the local coastguard.

Four crew severely burned and the tanker’s captain was reported missing.

Shoko Maru Oil Tanker-s - Reuters
Japanese oil tanker, Shoko Maru, is sinking off the SW coast of Japan after a large explosion and subsequent fire sent towering columns of of poisonous smoke into the air. Photo credit: Reuters

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Major Explosion and Fire Reported at Louisiana Chemical Plant

Posted by feww on June 13, 2013

Williams Olefins Chemical Plant Explodes

The explosion at the plant, located in the Geismar area, south of Baton Rouge was followed by a large fire. Injuries have been reported. 

The plant produces about 1.3 billion pounds of ethylene and 90 million pounds of polymer grade propylene, according to the Williams Olefine plant website.

Williams Olefins plant
Image: U.S. Environmental Services


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Global Disasters/ Significant Events – 9 May 2013

Posted by feww on May 9, 2013

Massive explosion derails Russian cargo train, forces mass evacuation

Dozens of people have been injured after a massive explosion derailed a cargo train in southern Russia sending more than 50 fuel tanks off the tracks and setting off a huge blaze, which forced about 3,000 people to evacuate nearby area.

  • “Over 50 rail cars of a 71-car-long cargo train derailed at the Belaya Kalitva station in Russia’s Rostov region at around 2 am local time,” said a report.
  • Interfax news agency quoted an official representative of the North Caucasian railway as saying the derailment had caused a propane gas leak, which engulfed the locomotive.
  • “According to preliminary information, there was no explosion, instead, the tank caught fire,” the source has said.

cargo train fire
Photo from via RT.

Meantime, another blast has ripped through a Moscow bus during the Victory Day, as Russia marks the 68th anniversary of World War II, RT said.


Other Global Disasters/ Significant Events

Severe Flooding in Inner Mongolia

Thousands have been forced to flee their homes amid severe flooding in Inner Mongolia. Yimin River overflowed inundating multiple towns and villages downstream.


Property Damage in northern and central Vietnam

Hailstorm and high winds have caused significant property damage in northern and central Vietnam since May 7, reports said.


Dhaka building collapse death toll reaches 921

Death toll from the collapse of Rana Plaza, the stricken factory building near the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, has climbed to 921, after 55 additional bodies were recovered on Thursday, officials said.



1,038 Days Left 

Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.

  • SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,038 Days Left to ‘Worst Day’ in the brief Human  History
  • The countdown began on May 15, 2011 …


Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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Massive Explosion at Texas Plant ‘Kills Many,’ Injures Hundreds, Levels 5-Block Radius

Posted by feww on April 18, 2013

Deadly explosion at fertilizer plant rocks Texas town

A massive explosion at a Texas fertilizer plant 20 miles north of Waco has caused “many fatalities,” injuring  hundreds of others and destroying scores of homes and businesses, emergency official reported.

The fire officials fear as many as 70 fatalities may have occurred, and Texas Department of Public Safety says more than 200 others have been injured in the explosion, 48 critically.

At least 100 houses and business were completely destroyed near the plant, which is located in the small town of West (Population:  ~ 2,700), officials said.

west texas explosion
Inferno at West Fertilizer Plant – Freeze frame from an aerial news clip possibly by WFAA.

The West Fertilizer Plant exploded about 8:00 p.m. Wednesday local time, sending a massive plume of hazardous gas into the air, and prompting the authorities to evacuate the area.  Two subsequent explosions occurred about 10 p.m., according to local reports.

Buildings in a five-block radius from the plant were destroyed or severely damaged by the explosions, said West’s mayor.

At least a dozen buildings were still on fire, but the cause of the explosion, which was described as being like “an atom bomb” where  was unconfirmed, as of posting.

“It was a small fire and then water got sprayed on the ammonia nitrate, and it exploded just like the Oklahoma City bomb,” said a clerk at the Czech Best Western Hotel in West. “I live about a thousand feet from it and it blew my screen door off and my back windows. There’s houses leveled that were right next to it. We’ve got people injured and possibly dead.”

west fertilizer
Photo credit:  Brandon Bird, volunteer firefighter in West.

“A shock wave from the explosion may have been felt in parts of North Texas and mistaken for an earthquake,” according to WFAA.

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French oil giant Total pleads guilty

Posted by feww on November 13, 2009

Total UK, a subsidiary of French oil giant Total SA, pleads guilty to 2005 UK explosion charges

Total UK pleaded guilty to two charges of breaching the UK’s Health and Safety Act and one of causing pollution.

A major explosion at the Buncefield oil storage facility in Hertfordshire on December 11, 2005 devastated the area, injuring 43 people and forcing more than 2,000 others to evacuate their homes.

The Buncefield explosion measured 2.4 on the Richter scale and could be heard 200 km away. Photo: AFP. Image may be subject to copyright.

In what was said to be the largest explosions in Europe since after World War 2, a vapor cloud formed after 300 tons of petrol was spilled, ignited resulting in an explosion with an intensity  equivalent to a Magnitude 2.4 earthquake.

The oil terminal was jointly owned by two of the world’s giant oil companies: the French company Total,  and the US company Chevron.

“Buildings on the surrounding industrial estate – and some homes up to three miles from the scene – suffered severe structural damage. The depot held massive stocks of not only oil and petrol but also the aviation fuel kerosene, used to supply airports across the region including Heathrow and Luton.” UKPA reported.

The High Court in the UK ruled in March 2009 that Total should pay £750m [$1.24billion] in damages to the individuals and businesses who sustained losses as a result of the explosion.  Total UK will appeal the ruling next year, the report said.

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