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Earth is fighting to stay alive. Mass dieoffs, triggered by anthropogenic assault and fallout of planetary defense systems offsetting the impact, could begin anytime!

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The Cats that Kill the Birds…

Posted by feww on October 4, 2017

Submitted by a Reader in Sydney, Australia

Australian pussies kill more than one million birds each day –Report

Australian academics estimate cats kill about four percent of the population of about 11 billion native birds across the country each year.

“… the amount of predation is staggering, and is likely to be driving the ongoing decline of many species,” said a senior academic at Charles Darwin University.

“We found records of cats killing 338 species of native birds, of which 71 were threatened species… That’s about 60 per cent of the threatened species in Australia,” said another academic at Australian National University.

Study Highlights:

  • 377m birds killed by cats annually (or more than one million per day)
  • 99 pct of the victims, or 373m, are native Australian birds
  • 316m birds killed by feral cats; 61m killed by domestic cats
  • 338 species of native Australian birds had been killed, including 71 threatened species

Where did they get the idea from?

Our tally of bird deaths is comparable to similar estimates for other countries. Our figure is lower than a recent estimate for the United States, and slightly higher than in Canada. Overall, bird killings by cats seem to greatly outnumber those caused by humans,” the report authors say.

Bird Mortality Rates in the US

“[…] free-ranging domestic cats kill 1.4–3.7 billion birds and 6.9–20.7 billion mammals annually. Un-owned cats, as opposed to owned pets, cause the majority of this mortality.”
“Domestic cats (Felis catus) are predators that humans have introduced globally and that have been listed among the 100 worst non-native invasive species in the world. Free-ranging cats on islands have caused or contributed to 33 (14%) of the modern bird, mammal and reptile extinctions recorded by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List.”

“Numerous anthropogenic mortality sources directly kill birds. Cause-specific annual mortality in the United States varies from billions (cat predation) to hundreds of millions (building and automobile collisions), tens of millions (power line collisions), millions (power line electrocutions, communication tower collisions), and hundreds of thousands (wind turbine collisions).” [Deaths from disease, and culling, are NOT included.]


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This Hole in the Dinosaur Extinction Fable Actually Stinks

Posted by feww on June 13, 2017

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Ginkgo Biloba: A Living Fossil

Fossils of this unique tree are dated as far back as 270 million years ago.

Consisting of just one species, the ginkgo co-existed with the dinosaurs, and may have formed part of their diet.

[Prepared by affiliated researchers.]

  • Presentation via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.

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Giant Leap Towards Extinction

Posted by feww on December 27, 2016

Cheetah Numbers Crash Globally

  • Researchers confirm only 7,100 cheetahs remain.
  • Zimbabwe’s cheetah population has plummeted from 1,200 to a maximum of 170 animals in just 16 years – that’s a whopping loss of 85% of the country’s cheetahs.
  • Causes of crash: “Human-wildlife conflict, prey and habitat loss, wildlife trafficking, and pet trade have all contributed to crash.”

Details are available from the following sources:

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FIRE-EARTH Q&A DAY: How Hominids Played Chicken with Extinction

Posted by feww on August 2, 2015

CJ Members

How Hominids Played Chicken with Extinction and Cheated Life!

  • FIRE-EARTH Q&A TODAY will start @ 12:02 UTC.

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Suddenly, everyone and their aunts become extinction experts

Posted by feww on June 20, 2015

Was it something we said?!

[STOP FISHING FOR INFORMATION! You are regurgitating what we’ve said and throwing it back at us! We’ll tell you ONLY what we intend to, on the need to know basis, but NOT a word more. STOP trying so hard, you’re making it too obvious! Besides, we don’t care WHO claims the credit because they won’t be there to collect. Get it?]

Earth ‘entering new extinction phase’ – US study

The Earth has entered a new period of extinction, a study by three US universities has concluded, and humans could be among the first casualties.

The report, led by the universities of Stanford, Princeton and Berkeley, said vertebrates were disappearing at a rate 114 times faster than normal.

The findings echo those in a report published by Duke University last year.

One of the new study‘s authors said: “We are now entering the sixth great mass extinction event.”

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Posted by feww on March 10, 2015

Mass die-offs could begin by 2016 —FIRE-EARTH Models

Mass die-offs resulting from anthropogenic assault on Earth, and the additional stress caused by the planetary defense systems offsetting the human impact, could begin by 2016, according to FIRE-EARTH Models.

Symbolic Countdown:

365 days left.

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Posted by feww on February 3, 2015

Symbolic Countdown:

400 days left.

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State of Oceans Rapidly Deteriorating

Posted by feww on January 4, 2015

Ocean health is being destroyed fast

Health of the oceans is deteriorating even faster than had previously been thought, says a report.

The world’s oceans are facing multiple threats including:

  • Impacts of climate change
  • Acidification
  • Overfishing
  • Habitat destruction
  • Detrimental resource extractions
  • Marine pollution
  • Dead Zones
  • Alien species introduction
  • Loss of  Fisheries

The oceans are being heated by climate change, turned less alkaline (more acidic) by absorbing ever increasing volumes of CO2, made less habitable by pollution and depopulated of marine lifeforms due to overfishing.

The size of dead zones are increasing globally due to fertilizer run-off.

‘Biggest Threat’

“The biggest threat to our Ocean’s health is climate change, with its twin super-dangers of rising sea temperatures and acidification,” says a review released by the International Program on the State of the Ocean (IPSO).

Ocean’s Health

This affects everyone, because—just like the climate—the Ocean forms one of the key operating systems of our planet. It creates more than half our oxygen, drives weather systems and modulates the atmosphere, as well as providing us with vital resources. So the Ocean functions at a fundamental ‘Earth System’ level, transcending national borders to help maintain life everywhere on Earth.

‘Extinction Risk’

“The Ocean has already absorbed more than 80% of the heat added to the climate system and around 33% of the carbon dioxide emitted by humans. Ecosystems are collapsing as species are pushed to extinction and natural habitats are destroyed,” said IPSO.

There are growing concerns based on recent research that past extinctions had involved warming seas, acidification and low oxygen levels. All of which are on the rise today, the IPSO co-coordinator, Prof Alex Rogers, told BBC News.

We are taking about 80-90 million metric tons of fish from the Ocean each year (9,000-10,000 tons every hour), he said. “The fishing methods used – as well as the sheer scale of the plunder – are having devastating effects on both the fish targeted and virtually all other marine creatures, from seabirds to coral.”


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