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Deep Focus Earthquake Occurs in South Fiji Basin

Posted by feww on September 17, 2018

PRN  – 091702

M6.5 Quake Strikes South of the Fiji Islands

Earthquake Details:

Magnitude: 6.5 mww
Location: 25.453°S, 178.220°E
Distances: Suva, Fiji 809.9 km (503.2 mi) S – Population: 77,366
Depth: 570.0 km
Time: 2018-09-16 @ 21:11:48.450 (UTC)


  • Diagnostics available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.


FIRE-EARTH Forecast for the region and nearby seismicity is available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.

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FIRE-EARTH Alert: M6.9 EQ Strikes Fiji Islands Region

Posted by feww on January 4, 2017

  • CJ Members
  • EAC
  • OC Teams

Powerful Earthquake  Strikes SW of Nadi, Fiji

Magnitude: 6.9Mww
Location: 19.326°S 176.053°E [ 221km SW of Nadi, Fiji]
Depth: 17.1 km
Time: 2017-01-03 21:52:31 (UTC)
Tsunami Threat: NO widespread tsunami threat.
Aftershocks: At least 10 significant aftershocks as of 00:09:42 (UTC)

  • Full analysis available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.


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Strong Earthquakes Strike Fiji Islands and Peru Regions

Posted by feww on January 2, 2017

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M6.2 EQ Strikes South of the Fiji Islands

Magnitude: 6.2Mw [emsc]
Location: 23.39 S, 179.31 E

Date time: 2017-01-02 13:14:02.7 UTC
Depth: 555 km

  • 588 km S of Suva, Fiji / pop: 77,400
  • 619 km SW of Nuku‘alofa, Tonga / pop: 22,400
  • 1,305 km SE of Port-Vila, Vanuatu / pop: 36,000

M 5.9 EQ Strikes N. PERU

Magnitude: 5.9Mw [emsc]
Location 4.83 S, 76.31 W
Depth: 111 km

  • 496 km SE of Guayaquil, Ecuador / pop: 1,953,000
  • 153 km NE of Moyobamba, Peru / pop: 44,300
  • 43 km E of Barranca, Peru / pop: 5,800
  • Full analysis available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.


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Cat. 5 Cyclone WINSTON Buffeting Fiji Islands

Posted by feww on February 20, 2016

Powerful Cyclone packing destructive winds moves towards Fiji capital, Suva

WINSTON, a category five storm packing destructive winds, is impacting Fiji’s biggest islands as it moves towards the capital, Suva.

Fijian authorities have issued a curfew for the entire Fiji, effective 6:00pm local time, said a report.

“This latest measure is designed to restrict movement and ensure the safety of all Fijians. Only essentials services will be permitted to travel,” the government said in broadcast.

The storm has already lashed the outer islands of Fiji after pummeling Tonga twice earlier in the week.

WINSTON, packing sustained winds of about 290 km/hr ( max. gusts of 330 km/hr) was located about 175km NNE of Suva at 04:00 UTC, moving west at 25 km/hr, and generating MSW of about 15m.

Check interactive Earth map at,-16.72,408/loc=179.047,-18.034

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M6.5 Strikes South of the Fiji Islands

Posted by feww on March 26, 2014

15 M7.5+ earthquakes recorded near New Zealand since 1900

Earthquake Details

Magnitude: 6.5Mw
Event Time: 2014-03-26 03:29:36 UTC
Location: 26.092°S 179.279°E depth=493.1km (306.4mi)
Nearby Cities:

  • 448km (278mi) NW of Raoul Island, New Zealand
  • 786km (488mi) SW of Nuku`alofa, Tonga
  • 884km (549mi) S of Suva, Fiji

Seismotectonics of the Eastern Margin of the Australia Plate

Excerpts from the Tectonic Summary [sourced from USGS]

Since 1900 there have been 15 M7.5+ earthquakes recorded near New Zealand. Nine of these, and the four largest, occurred along or near the Macquarie Ridge, including the 1989 M8.2 event on the ridge itself, and the 2004 M8.1 event 200 km to the west of the plate boundary, reflecting intraplate deformation. The largest recorded earthquake in New Zealand itself was the 1931 M7.8 Hawke’s Bay earthquake, which killed 256 people.

Large earthquakes are common along the North New Hebrides trench and have mechanisms associated with subduction tectonics, though occasional strike slip earthquakes occur near the subduction of the D’Entrecasteaux ridge. Within the subduction zone 34 M7.5+ earthquakes have been recorded since 1900. On October 7, 2009, a large interplate thrust fault earthquake (M7.6) in the northern North New Hebrides subduction zone was followed 15 minutes later by an even larger interplate event (M7.8) 60 km to the north. It is likely that the first event triggered the second of the so-called earthquake “doublet”.

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