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Volcano that Probably Caused LIA, Forces Closure of Bali Airport

Posted by feww on November 4, 2015

Latest: 692 flights cancelled, 100,000+ people stranded

Eruptions intensifying at Mt. Barujari, the volcano within a volcano

The Barujari volcano, a post-caldera cone situated within the Rinjani’s caldera lake (Segara Anak), has erupted multiple times since Tuesday morning, with the intensity of the eruptions and volcanic earthquakes increasing, the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) reported.

A large eruption occurred on Wednesday at 2.45 a.m. ejecting volcanic ash to an altitude of about 4km a.s.l., moving in the southwesterly and northwesterly directions, according to a report.

The Ngurah Rai airport in Bali was closed from 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday, with a total of 692 flights cancelled, as of posting.

Flights to Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, by carriers including Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Cathay Pacific and KLM were among those affected, with at least 100,000 passengers stranded, according to various reports.

BPBD has imposed a 3-km exclusion zone from Mt. Rinjani’s caldera.

“Little Ice Age”
According to a recent study, four massive tropical volcanic eruptions, lasting for 50 years, may have triggered the Little Ice Age between 1275 and 1300 A.D.

Mt Rinjani Volcanic Complex is believed to have produced the largest eruption in the past 7,000 years, which lead to global cooling and failed harvest, starting in 1257.

The following bulletin is the latest issued by BPBD (Internet translation) – 4 November 2015 9:27pm (sic.)

Continued eruption of Mount Rinjani, Ngurah Rai Airport Closed Again

LOMBOK – Eruption of Mount Barujari inside the caldera of Mount Rinjani, Lombok Island, NTB continues. Based on observations PVMBG Observation Post Mount Rinjani, seismicity and eruptions with higher intensity. On Wednesday (4/11) at 2:45 pm, the eruption. The distribution of ashes toward Southwestern up to the Northwest from the eruption center at a speed of 10 knots, the surface layer up to an altitude of 14,000 feet. On the morning of the eruption of reaching 3,800 meters above sea level dpal, or 1,500 m from the summit of Mount Barujari. High atop Mount Barujari 2,300 m dpal. Smoke inclines leading to the West following the direction of the wind. Eruption and amplitude at position 40 mm.

Himawari satellite observations show the volcanic ash towards the West until the Southwestern up to Banyuwangi, East Java. These conditions cause the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, Bali is closed again. Based on the Notice to Airman A2470 / 15, the closing force 4 November 2015 at 07:05 pm until 5 November 2015 at 07.45 pm.

Mount Rinjani is still Alert status (level II). Until now there should be no displacement. BNPB and BPBDs is coordinating contingency plan related to the eruption of Mount Rinjani. Number of people living in the area of ​​Disaster Prone (KRB. 33 700 inhabitants, the KRB I 13,800 inhabitants, KRB II 14,700 inhabitants, and KRB III 5,300 people. People are urged to remain calm. Prohibited no community activities within a radius of 3 km from the caldera of Mount Rinjani.

Mount Rinjani has two cone in the eastern part of the lake is Mount Barujari or Tenga mountain with an altitude of 2,376 m dpal, and Gunung Mas or mountain group with an altitude of 2,110 m dpal. PVMBG specify the name of the mountain at this time because of the eruption of Mount Rinjani is appropriate nomenclature of the 127 volcanoes in Indonesia. Mount Barujadi is one cone or a child of Mount Rinjani.

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho – Head of Data Information and Public Relations BNPB

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States of Emergency Declared in New York, Pennsylvania

Posted by feww on February 6, 2014



State of Emergency Declared for New York

“Mother Nature came and visited us again last night and this morning, and she’s going to visit us all throughout the day,” said Gov Cuomo [we’d almost forgotten that she even existed!!]

The Empire State was battered by the second of three snowstorms to strike within a week. The massive snow storm disrupted subway service and road travel on Wednesday. Meanwhile Gov. Cuomo revealed the Big Apple was running out of salt  and declared a state of emergency.

Pennsylvania Gov Corbett has declared a State of Emergency

The massive winter storm which battered two-thirds of the United States, knocked out power to more than 750,000 customers in the Coal State.

The massive storm system had dumped 6 to 12  inches of snow over portions of of Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine by Wednesday evening.

Thousands of people in New York and Long Island were also without power, as of posting.

[Note: According to the Office of Secretary of Transport for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Gov Corbett declared a state of emergency on February 3, 2014; however, there is no additional record of the Declaration available.]

Flight Cancellations and Delays

More than 6,600 flights into, within, or out of the United States have been canceled Monday through Wednesday, and at least 16,000 other flights  delayed, impacting an estimated 4 million air travelers.

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Deadly Storm Batters Southern U.K.

Posted by feww on October 28, 2013

Britain’s deadly storm unleashes wind gust of 159km/h

The strongest storm in a decade to hit U.K. battered the southern regions early Monday, uprooting scores of trees, cutting power lines and blocking roads and railroad tracks.

A wind gust of 159km/h (99mph ) was recorded at Needles Old Battery, Isle of Wight, at 05:00 GMT on Monday, Britain’s Met Office reported.

Up to  third of a million homes lost power, and two reactors in Dungeness nuclear power station were automatically shut down after power to the plant was cut off.

Roads and railroad tracks were blocked by scores of fallen trees severely disrupting travel plans for millions of commuters.

Authorities issued at least a dozen flood warnings in southwest England, East Anglia and the Midlands, as well as132 flood alerts across England and Wales.

  • The storm has claimed at least two lives.
  • At least 130 flights were cancelled at London’s Heathrow airport.
  • London’s both Heathrow  and Gatwick airports have warned of further flight delays and cancellations.
  • The damage was “worse than expected,” said UK’s Network Rail.

“While conditions were as forecast during the early part of the morning, the damage caused by the storm has been more severe than expected as it has tracked eastwards to the north of London and across to East Anglia,” said Network Rail, the owner-operator of most of the rail infrastructure in  Britain.

“As a result, the West Coast, East Coast and Midland main lines are all currently blocked at their southern ends as a result of fallen trees and damage to power lines and all services are currently suspended on the Anglia route, where the storm is currently.”

london storm damage
A fallen tree ruptured a gas main, leading to a gas explosion in Hounslow, west London. The London Fire Brigade said three houses had collapsed and two others damaged following the explosion. Photo credit London Fire Brigade.

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