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Guatemala Collapsing

Posted by feww on September 6, 2010

‘National Tragedy’ Devastates Guatemala

Guatemala Undergoing First Phase of Collapse

At least 22 people were killed with dozens more missing, feared dead, when a large landslide buried a crowd trying to dig out a bus from  mud.

Large areas of the country are flooded following the heaviest rains in living memory; many roads and bridges have been washed away.

About 500 bridges across Guatemala, including the main bridge that links the country to Honduras, have been destroyed or damaged.

Dozens of separate landslides, including several major occurrences have closed down at least 100km (65 miles) of the Inter-American Highway, killing dozens of people, with dozens more missing.

“A wall of earth fell on a bus and around 100 local people organized themselves to dig out the victims,” according to  fire department spokesman Sergio Vasquez. “Then another landslide came along and buried them.”

President Alvaro Colom declared a state of emergency and said: “It’s a national tragedy.”

The weekend death toll from about a dozen different landslides stands at 45, but it is expected to rise considerably.

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Giant Sinkholes Swallow Parts of Guatemala City

Posted by feww on June 2, 2010

A Triple Whammy for Guatemala City

At least 178 people have been killed and many others reported missing as a result of flooding, mudslides and landslides triggered by torrential rains from tropical storm Agatha, and compounded by the huge amount of volcanic ash from Pacaya volcano eruption, as giant sinkholes swallow parts of Guatemala City.

A giant sinkhole caused by the torrential rains from TS Agatha swallows a section of Guatemala City May 31, 2010. Source: Casa Presidencial handout (via Reuters).

Flooding has destroyed as many as 18 major road bridges and up to 60 smaller footbridges throughout the country, hampering aid efforts.

Flooding in Retalhuleu, Guatemala, caused by Tropical Storm Agatha  May 30, 2010. Source: Casa Presidencial handout (via Reuters).

“We’ve gone several days now without aid from the government and we don’t have enough water and food,” said a caller to Guatemalan radio from the town of Huehuetenango in the western highlands.

“At least 152 people were killed in Guatemala, either crushed in their homes or swept away by swollen rivers, and 100 others were missing, according to the government. Twelve people were killed in El Salvador and 14 in Honduras.” A report said.

Coffee trees in Guatemala could be severely affected as a result of the rain. And FEWW Moderators forecast more adverse weather and conditions in the region …

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