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Google’s Top 10 List of ‘Holy Cows’

Posted by feww on January 15, 2010

Google Censorship Continues

Google’s censorship of Fire-Earth and affiliated blogs listed below goes from strength to strength

Any of our blog entries that criticizes a public figure, corporation, faulty product, or advises our readers against something deemed to be harmful,  is automatically filtered out and buried by the Internet mafia’s search engines.

So far, even a mere mention of the following names in the blogs’ entries has resulted in those posts receiving up to 100 times fewer hits than the average entries do on the respective blogs.

Example: When Google “disliked” Sarah Palin, Hilarious Polar Bear News! received about 550 hits per day.

This Week: Sarah Palin Joins TV Network for Mentally Challenged has received less than 7 hits per day.

OK, she is no longer running for the No. 2 job in the country, but she is still a high profile figure. Further, there are numerous other examples that verify our findings.

Google’s Top 10 List of “Holy Cows”

1. President Obama

2. Rahm Israel Emanuel, Nancy Plosi, and all other high profile politicians

3. Sarah Palin [also: Dick Cheney, George W Bush, Colin Powell, especially John McCain]

4. Pat Robertson [Judeo-Christianity, Zionism, 9/11 issues, War in Afghanistan, War in Iraq, Gaza Occupation …]

5. Fox News, CNN and All Google partners (Fire-Earth believes that Google delays listing of many blog posts on the internet, thereby allowing its partners to duplicate and broadcast the topic/concept before the bloggers’ messages become searchable.

6. American Airlines (as well as Air New Zealand and all other airlines listed on FEWW Top 10 Most Dangerous Airlines list.)

7. The United Nations, Nato, Red Cross, FBI, the Church, Wall Street …

8. The Pope, Ban ki Moon (and other highly paid UN employees),  Ben [NOT Benjamin] Shalom Bernanke, Bernard Madoff

9. The Royal families [including the King of Saudi Arabia, their herd of princes and more princes, Emir of Dubai and their offspring, king of Thailand, as well as Presidents/PMs and high profile politicians in Israel, France, UK …]

10.  Any corporation, organization, product or concept that Google or its partners have a stake in, or could be affected by the adverse publicity through association. See also The Suckers List of ‘Ethical Companies’

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This post was hacked. Correct information was reinstated on January 22, 2010. FEWW

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