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Drought Devastating Mongolia

Posted by feww on July 28, 2017

Severe drought plagues more than 30 percent of Mongolia

Mongolia has suspended grain exports as a severe drought plagues more than 30 percent of its agricultural land, with temperatures reaching record levels, according to authorities.

The drought follows a severe winter, with a dzud affecting much of the country.

“With nearly a third of the population made up of herders, the autumn harvest is crucial to the Mongolian economy,” said a report.

Drought impacts Inner Mongolia

Severe drought has also impacted Inner Mongolia, damaging crop yields and causing economic losses.

“According to the regional civil affairs department, Inner Mongolia has seen less rainfall and higher temperatures than normal this year. Since the beginning of July, more than half of the region has experienced temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. In the central and western areas, temperatures at 17 monitored sites have exceeded 35 degrees Celsius,” a report said.

As of July 14, more than four million people in 10 cities were affected by the drought, with at least two million requiring disaster relief. “About 2.7 million hectares of crops and 34.3 million hectares of grassland have been affected, leading to a direct economic loss of 5 billion yuan (737 million U.S. dollars).”

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