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Grímsvötn Eruption – May 25

Posted by feww on May 25, 2011

The worst is yet to come!

FIRE-EARTH Forecasts More Volcanic Activity in Iceland

Probability of volcanic eruptions in Iceland in the next 18 months [Calculated by FIRE-EARTH]

  • A major volcanic eruption: 86%
  • Grímsvötn [volcanic system] erupting: 79%
  • Two volcanoes erupting: 76%
  • Three separate volcanic activities: 65%
  • Four volcanic eruptions: 47%

Grímsvötn volcano status

Grímsvötn Volcano Eruption

Grímsvötn volcano satellite images show volcanic ash plume partially obscured by cloud cover: Top image taken by MODIS on Terra satellite at 11:10 UTC on May 24, 2011. Bottom image was acquired at 13:05 UTC, by the MODIS instrument on Aqua satellite.  Source: NASA-EO

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